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April, 1916 "Mid-Atlantic"

[Depicted in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Magazine, published by Dark Horse Comics, released in 1992 - the first and last edition to the series]

  • As Indy & Remy reach Veracruz they manage to smuggle their way onto a ship by hiding in the rescue boats, yet ultimately they are found and forced to work as deckhands to pay for their journey.

  • During this journey, Indiana overhears a German spy trying to create mutiny amongst the Mexican crew, thus he intervenes before any conflict or unrest.

  • Veracruz - one of the 31 states that along with the Federal District, comprises the 32 federative entities of Mexico. The state is well known for it’s mixed ethnic and indigenous populations, and its cuisine reflects the many cultural influences that have passed through the state due to the importance of the shipping port.


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