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April 21-28, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Bun B & Statik Selektah ft Fat Joe, Smoke DZA - Basquiat

“These ****** cappin', that's a different facade/ shit my livin' is art/ the sour diesel is my business card… I pay mines and my mother bills/ that privilege alone is worth a hunnid mill/ street ***** gettin' a lil' money still/ gotta watch out for the Fredos and the Henry Hills (right) DZA and Joey Crack bless this Statik Selektah production, one of the many highlights off Bun B’s collaborative album with the super producer, appropriately titled TrillStatic.


Bun B & Statik Selektah ft Westside Gunn, Termanology - Concrete

“Before the live streams, it was crime scenes/ Mercedes Benz with the rims since I was 19/ greatest Puerto-Rican rapper since Joe and Pun/ you could line up a hundred and couldn’t show me one” Termanology has the best verse on this one.


Bun B & Statik Selektah ft Lil Fame, Wais P - Money

“Loved by few/ everybody want to be a drug tycoon/ I don’t do fake daps and hugs by dudes/ cause next day/ catch a couple of slugs by dude” Lil Fame from M.O.P. fame blesses this track that’s all about the Statik Selektah production.


Bun B & Statik Selektah ft Big K.R.I.T. & Talib Kweli - Time Flies

“Still working on the wheel, pinky ring and grill/ liquid courage chill, country boy for real/ mom and pops, they know what it is/ pull up where we used to live/ hang outside of grammy's spot wishing she was at the crib” As the hook says… time flies but I stay the same… this one is a breath of fresh air and honestly it’s debatable who has the best verse, as they all come with it but arguably it’s Bun himself.


ScHoolboy Q - Tales

“I could’ve went D1 but like, I wasn't with it/ my SATs and grades was high enough but I wasn't with it/ I couldn’t bring my dawgs with me so I wasn't with it… My baby mama paid the bills/ I ain't have shit on the smoke/ the homies tell me I'm a burden but never threw me a rope/ they left me hanging on the corner, my whole life is my stash/ one more strike, I'm with the lifers, split the fifty in half” ScHoolboy released his fifth solo album in 2019 entitled CrasH Talk, and to his credit his unorthodox style has kept him one of the more interesting artists out of the West.


ScHoolboy Q - Numb Numb Juice

Two-door coupe, hoppin' out like Jack-in-the-Box, *****/ I'm gon' shoot if this 30's all that I got, *****/ y'all on mute, ain't no back-talk on my block, *****/ numb numb juice to the head, fuck up the opps, *****” The lead single off the album is a certain type of energy.


ScHoolboy Q - Attention

“Front row at the Grammys, I'm getting praises from Jay/ fuck about this award, I'm happy he know my name/ favorite rapper Nas been told me that I'm the best/ had a couple sessions with Dre, knew I would win/ Alchemist my favorite producer, and he my friend/ all this love from the greats put my passion in pen” For my money ScHoolboy is the second best emcee out of TDE, and I’m sure that probably the popular consensus as well.


OMB Peezy - Try So Hard

“All this shit breakin' me apart/ want to get down on my knees and pray to God/ but I don’t know where to start/ guess I’ll start by askin'/ why the fuck I gotta play with these cards? But these the ones that I was dealt/ way too much pride to ask for help” The Mobile, Alabama native released his debut album, Preacher to the Streets, in 2019 and this heartfelt record made me a fan.


OMB Peezy ft Boosie - The Struggle

“You don't feel my struggle/ killers after me, police, they tryna capture me/ this still my struggle/ ***** killed my brother/ now it's casualties/ swinging, and bitch, we charged up like batteries” Boosie blesses this Cassius Jay-produced track that honestly should’ve been the single.


Pete Rock - Harps of Heaven

[Instrumental] The legendary Pete Rock was very active in 2019, releasing full collaborative tapes with Skyzoo, Smoke DZA and Benny the Butcher, [in addition to seeing older tracks released with Nas on The Lost Tapes 2], as well as his fourth instrumental album titled Return of the SP1200, containing 15 tracks that were produced between 1990-98.


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