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Aug 25 - Sept 1, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: SiR - John Redcorn

“Alone, every night alone/ why am I alone when I know that you want me too? Am I wrong? Tell me that I'm wrong/ tell me I deserve all the pain that you put me through, oh” 🔥🔥🔥 beautiful music inspired by the fictionalized character of the same name from King of the Hill, a connection that I never imagined would be this good.


SiR ft Kendrick Lamar - Hair Down

“Psychedelic views and infinity pools, yeah, checking out/ once I sweat them edges out” SiR released his third studio album (his second on TDE), Chasing Summer, that kicks off with his first collaboration with label-mate Kendrick Lamar, who essentially does what he always does.


SiR - You Can’t Save Me

“Now you think you're tryna help/ but you can't save me from myself, ooh” More beautiful music that the Inglewood, California native says is his favorite song on the album, written about a love interest that he couldn’t have 💔


SiR - Fire

“'Cause I ain't about to roll it if I ain't rollin' that fire/ yeah the sun is goin' down but I'm tryna take you higher” More 🔥🔥🔥 off Chasing Summer.


SiR ft Sabrina Claudio - That’s Why I Love You

“Couldn’t you picture us givin' into love? Breakin’ down all of my walls/ you would be faithful, honest, and grateful/ probably answer whenever I call” A beautiful (and rather risque) duet with the sensual Sabrina Claudio who now has my attention.


SiR - The Recipe

“Let it go, let it go/ girl, this ain't what you want and you know/ we could never be” SiR pens the perfect melodies for TDE and I’d love to hear more collaborations in 2020 and beyond.


SiR - LA

“Now take me back to LA/ where the weather is good” An ode to his hometown, where he’s quietly maybe the best R&B singer on the entire west coast.


Rapsody - Cleo

“Now they say I ain't elite (who are they?)/ on to the next/ I don't take time to address opinions that ain't 9th, Dre, or Jay-Z” Rapsody released her third studio album, Eve, and this 9th Wonder-produced cut samples Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” in all its glory.


Rapsody ft K. Roosevelt - Maya

“I can't be no bird in a cage/ my bad, I don't wanna wait, no/ we got the juice, we got the proof/ mama always told me don't waste your time” On Eve every track is named after an influential black woman in history, and this 9th Wonder production is no different in its tribute to Maya Angelou.


Rapsody - Reyna’s Interlude

“I'm tired of sharing your body between the world and me/ so, won't you promise this time, your body will make it home to me/ to this love, to this unity/ to this journey we're supposed to be on together/ yesterday, tomorrow and forever, today/ I'll be waiting for our forever after” Poetry from Reyna Bitty over more 9th Wonder production, who produced the majority of the album in addition to Khrysis, Eric G, Nottz, and Mark Byrd.


Rapsody ft SiR & JID - Iman

“See I ain't okay with the way they tryna portray over the media/ Alexandria, Egypt in Africa/ Nefertiti was probably black as Roberta Flack back with the 'fro/ checkin' all my facts 'cause I be wrong but I'm passionate though” On yet another 9th Wonder production, this was a solid collaboration all the way around.


Rapsody ft PJ Morton - Afeni

“It ain't complex to be emotional or affectionate/ to my brothers that do, I hope my sisters don't think less of 'em” On the outro 9th samples both Deniece Williams’ “Free” with 2Pac’s “Keep Ya Head Up,” and it plays to miraculous results. It should also be noted that Eve is also the album where we get to hear J. Cole over 9th production on “Sojourner,” a legendary N.C. connection for the hip-hop history books, that was the track-of-the-week upon its release last year.


Common ft Daniel Caesar - HER Love

“I see you in L.A., I see you in N.Y/ I see you in the A, I see you in the Chi/ I hear you when JAY still make the song cry/ truthfully, I wanna rhyme like common sense/ you the one that gave me that confidence/ you the one that told me 'bout consciousness/ and said see beyond my metropolis” Over J Dilla production Common pens yet another ode to the love of his life, a sequel of sorts to his 1995 classic “I Used to Lover H.E.R.” and 2013’s “The Next Chapter (Still Lover H.E.R.)”, that by no surprise serves as one of the highlights on his 12th studio album, Let Love.


Common ft BJ The Chicago Kid - Forever Your Love

“They say we don't get to choose our mothers/ somehow I know our souls chose each other” 🔥🔥🔥 a beautiful ode to his mother, Common is still a treasure to hip-hop music, further evident in his pre-game introductions for the 2020 NBA All-Star Game.


Common ft BJ The Chicago Kid & Samora Pinderhughes - Memories of Home

“As I kept building there were cranes in the sky/ certain memories my brain would deny” Not entirely sure if Common is speaking from personal experience when he raps about being molested as a child, yet all the same this record is deep and he pushed his pen to another level.


Common ft Jill Scott & Samora Pinderhughes - Show Me That You Love

“She said I did things that a dad doesn't, and that she had questions/ if I'm a good father, why all the bad judgment?” A song for his daughter, these are grown man raps from one of the best who ever did it.


Big Sean ft A$AP Ferg & Hit-Boy - Bezerk

“Okay, back out the hearse, they trapped out the church (Woo!)/ ****** say my name, okay they asked for the worst (Come on!)/ Me and A$AP Ferg preaching back to back on the verse (Damn!)/ Hit-Boy on the beat so, bitch, you gotta go berserk (That’s right!)” Sean and Ferg trade verses on another promotional single for Detroit 2.


Pusha T ft Ms. Lauryn Hill - Coming Home

“Uh, ah, fuck it, we all poor/ even if you got money, still lookin' for more 🔥🔥🔥 With no Js on, I'm still lookin' to score/ you see they gave us crack, then started wagin' a war/ uh, all these lies, they steady tellin' me/ before Obama, we had Eric B. (Woo) 🔥🔥🔥 Uh, I do it for my big Benz drivers (drivers)/ for my street-corner survivors (survivors)/ for my ****** that miss The Wire (Woo)/ and throwback mamis, that won't retire” 🔥🔥🔥 Originally in recorded in 2015 and produced by Charlie Heat, MIKE DEAN, and Kanye West, this track went through multiple renditions and was never officially released until now as a miscellaneous track, one that happens to be one of Pusha T’s best of his career. (Lauryn smoked this as well 🔥🔥🔥.


Pusha T - Sociopath

“I got a bitch that'll master your card/ nice with the Visas, passports is art/ every page inked up, her and the bitches link up/ they think they hear the drum and the machine when it syncs up” Produced by Kanye and co-written by Pharrell, this is another promo single off Pusha’s upcoming album PT4.


Lana Del Rey - Norman fucking Rockwell

“'Cause you're just a man, it's just what you do/ your head in your hands, as you color me blue” The title track of the “Summertime Sadness” singer’s sixth studio album is one of the highlights.


The Alchemist - Exclusive Vibe (Intro)

[Instrumental] New Alchemist with the Fuck That’s Delicious crew and friends 🔥🔥🔥


Joell Ortiz - Captain

“That's what y'all think? Y'all think I lost my step? Was on the run, but had to stop and never caught my breath/I'm drenched, I'm on the bench with, like, four more reps/ in other words, I got shit left to get off my chest” Joell Ortiz released his fifth solo album, Monday, and over Heatmakerz production the Slaughterhouse vet sounds hungry as ever.


Joell Ortiz - Same Time

“Yo, who controllin' these phones? I gotta dial back home/ how you write a letter? Where you get the paper? How much is a stamp? How you mail it out, playa?... I'm finna hit the yard, lift the entire rack/ today, I'm doin' chest and back/ extra pack of sticks on the juggle from a Redskin fumble/ how wild is that? When it come to the playoffs, the Giants snap” A concept record produced by Apollo Brown that finds Joell behind bars contemplating where his life went wrong.


Joell Ortiz ft Big K.R.I.T. - Learn You

“My two lil' boys, two pieces of me/ my two looks in the mirror, my two reasons to be/ sorry I didn't go them places I needed to be/ trips that I missed with your school/ games I ain't root for your team” Produced by Big K.R.I.T. this letter to Joell’s children is the hip-hop that I’m here for.


Joell Ortiz - Screens

“Red quarter water, ask your man to have a sip/ pack of Now & Laters and a quarter bag of chips/ never would I ever thought a game of catch a kiss'll be/ somethin' that these kids would have to miss, imagine this” Joell with an amazing record that draws attention with an ongoing problem in today’s social media era, most accurately described in the hook where he raps “Phone screen, tablet screen, computer screen/ eighty-inch TV screen, I never seen/ so many ways to look away from the world/ these screens raisin' ya sons, babysittin' your girls” #Facts


Joell Ortiz - Jamaican Food

“Weakness is them feminine creatures wit symmetrical features/ that hourglass, a hour wit that ass it’ll keep us/ occupied, satisfied, gratified, thank you” The Heatmakerz flip the “Pure Imagination” melody from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and “make it hot just like Jamaican food” 🔥🔥🔥


Shy Glizzy - Ohana

"I ain't had nobody teach me right, streets took my father/ the judge gave my cousin life, the fuck you mean, your honor? Yeah, I love my granny so much, she had my mama/ and my auntie super supportive, that’s my Ohana” Like they say in Disney World, “Ohana means family,” and this is one of the best records off Shy Glizzy’s Aloha EP.


Maino - Motivation

“My ****** need motivation/ for the pain and the struggle we grew up facing/ scary nights saw more horror than Jason/ living fast our lives we end up wasting” This is good energy off Maino’s latest project On Everything I Love.


Maino ft Kaycyy Pluto - Free at Last

“Give thanks to the most high/ red carpet I was so fly/ scars deep but I won’t cry/ I’m just trying to die multi” Do remember that Maino did go Platinum with “Hi Hater” and “All the Above.”


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