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August 4-11, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Rick Ross ft Dej Loaf - White Lines

“I know you see and smell the smoke (smell the smoke)/ but that's the way I choose to float/ but you could do just what you want” One of the best windows down feel-good records of the year, this CAMEone & Rowan production is a BIG MOOD when the summer weather calls for it.


Rick Ross - Turnpike Ike

“I told her that she can't fuck me like a king no more/ I told her she gotta make love to me like I'm an emperor” Ross released his tenth studio album, Port of Miami 2, and produced by Jake One this is the energy the Boss is known for.


Rick Ross ft Gunplay - Nobody’s Favorite

“All the jewelers give me watches 'cause they wanna take a picture/ I be moving all the product, my new house is on the river/ So I had to buy a boat, better yet, it's called a yacht/ I was then labeled a boss for the yayo that I cop” Produced by Trop, this flow is hypnotic…


Rick Ross ft Meek Mill - Bogus Charms

“I only remember nights that was post-traumatic/ so I'm never actin' bougie like I was supposed to have it” Produced by Tarik Azzouz and Streetrunner, this is another solid collaboration between one of the best duo’s in hip-hop.


Rick Ross ft Jeezy - Born to Kill

“So many hundreds in my pocket like some Hammer pants (Hammer pants)/ shit be funny 'til you ridin' in that ambulance (Woo)/ say my name three times, I'm the Candy Man (Snow)/ so many verts outside, call it Candy Land (Dope)/ Pussy ***** turned to owls, they like, "Who *****?" (Who *****?)/ Brought them bananas for the monkeys at the zoo, *****” Jeezy honestly out-rapped Ross on his own joint, yet the real winner is Trop who has some of the best production on the tape.


Rick Ross - Vegas Residency

“I really needed Doctor Sebi dealin' with these seizures/ Junior Seau, concussion, suicidal every season/ go to hell and that's exactly where I'm going to/ give my people game in this Port of Miami 2/ I lost some weight, and now designers wanna get to know me/ Givenchy poster boy, Naomi tryna get up on me” A strong album cut with production from Noc & J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and honestly nobody can touch Rozay in his lane, nobody…


Rick Ross ft Drake - Gold Roses

“Ten years in and y'all yet to hear my most impressive verses/ paid the cost to be the boss wasn't even my most expensive purchase” Recorded sometime around their Top 40 hit “Money in the Grave,” these decorated artists do not disappoint.


Smoke DZA, Green R Fieldz ft Andre Nickatina - Highs & Lows

“Cash me out- I’m coming with a bulk of trees/ 16 like I bring it you vocally/ no smoking in the V while you chauffeur me/ lets make it home safe/ stay focused g/ no con man a ***** selling potpourri/ had to clean up the mess I had OCD/ got treacherous had to take OPP/ I live life ***** I don’t watch no TV/ I got highs/ I’m talking ends is good/ I got lows/ you want to buy some more/ I got house known only for the pocket dough/ ***** get it how you get it can’t know your flow/ everything lit it’s a rocket show” 🔥🔥🔥 Smoke DZA is one of the best emcees in the world period.


Smoke DZA, Green R Fieldz - Hallways

“Hallway loiterer/ picking the package up a ***** might end up in Florida/ bubble like mattresses/ hustle is active your energy is fucking my aura up” I’m just getting familiar with Green R Fieldz who appears to be the executive producer and inspiration behind the ZOUR mixtape, and honestly Smoke DZA just keeps getting better with time.


Smoke DZA, Green R Fieldz - Smoke Too Much

“Maybe I smoke too much/ underrated maybe I flow too much/ it’s the Harlem in me maybe I boast too much/ who am I to stop tradition, I’m ‘sposed to stunt/ as I fold this blunt/ .5 seconds it’s almost done” DZA


DRAM ft H.E.R. & WATT - The Lay Down

“Bad vibrations from my phone/ can't blow my high on airplane mode/ my services belong to you/ the signal's strong, we set the mood” This is a dope collaboration complete with the guitar solo that takes you to another dimension.


Bas ft J.I.D. - Fried Rice

“I'm p-p-passionate, d-d-damagin' my anatomy/ don't get mad at me if I pass out while I'm ramblin'/ I'm an animal, an anomaly/ mari-mari-marijuana, it's the God in me, gotta be” Originally intended to be on Bas’ third album, Milky Way, and then later scrapped for Revenge of the Dreamers III, this Dreamville collaboration eventually appeared on the Spilled Milk 1 EP, and J.I.D. is a different species indeed.


Bas ft Falcons & B. Lewis - Nirvana

“I just gotta know/ can we do this on the low/ take it fast or take it slow/ really doesn't matter anymore” More flame from the Dreamville general, who has been steady collaborating with all kinds of musicians from around the globe, many of whom he connects through sample clearances which leads to networking and then brand new flavors in your ear.


Murs, 9th Wonder, The Social Council - The Hulk

“The beat changed me into a beast/ I started knocking' out teeth so other rappers can't eat” Murs released his 7th collaborative album with 9th Wonder, The Iliad is Dead and the Odyssey Is Over, and ever since Murs 3:16 they’ve been one of best collaborations in hip-hop.


Murs, 9th Wonder, The Social Council ft Pookie Blow & $ilk Money - Cancun ‘08

“I said we just don't give a fuck/ my ***** in this bitch sippin' lean out a sippy cup” Murs continues to be one of the best underground emcees on Earth.


Murs, 9th Wonder, The Social Council ft Heather Victoria - My Hero

“Women, they judge you, they hate you, reject you/ the oldest profession, yet no one respects you” Shoutout 9th Wonder, The Social Council, and Jamla Records.


Murs, 9th Wonder, The Social Council - Night Shift

“Engaged to the stage at an early age/ and it was years before I started getting paid” 🔥🔥🔥 The best record off The Iliad is Dead and the Odyssey Is Over.


Murs, 9th Wonder, The Social Council - Tony Robbins Pocketbook

“I can't sleep when a Tarantino flick's on/ I can't eat with a new pair of kicks on” One of the best hip-hop artists from L.A. period.


Megan Thee Stallion ft Nicki Minaj - Hot Girl Summer

“Real ass bitch, know she got it lit/ Hot Girl Summer so you know she got it lit” With an entire culture of social media behind her, this song is mid and barely luke-warm.


Dame D.O.L.L.A. ft Mozzy - Baggage Claim

“Flights across the country getting to a bag (Luggage)/ pledge allegiance to the squad, never to a flag” Damian Lilliard released his third studio album, BIG D.O.L.L.A., and the 5x NBA All-Star throws an alley-oop to Mozzy for the slam dunk.


Dame D.O.L.L.A. - Ricky Bobby

“Look me up and down (Choosin'), I'm really from the town (Town)/ Got the bloody shoes (Shoes), diamond flooded crown” Dame almost sounds like Slim Thug on this new album, yet on another note, it’s rarely mentioned how the Portland Trailblazer has already worked with Lil Wayne (three times), 2 Chainz, Jadakiss, Mozzy, Benny the Butcher, Juvenile, Jamie Foxx, Jeremih, BJ The Chicago Kid, Marsha Ambrosius, Adrien Marcel, and the legendary Raphael Saadiq over the last few years.


Dame D.O.L.L.A. ft Jeremih, Danny from Sobrante & Derrick Milano - Money Ball

“I been countin' hunnids since the blue face (Ooh)/ Boy, I got that water, Bobby Boucher (Ayy)/ I can keep it simple, just like lemonade (No)/ I been gettin' paid since Minute Maid (No) Ohh/ what we doin'? (Throwin' money at the rim, ooh)” This whole album is a flex and it works but, honestly, I think Dame is even better in introspective mode.


Sauce Walka - I’m Workin On It

“I lost my brain, I lost my mind, I lost my focus/ some ****** touched my skin, they disappeared, Hocus Pocus” I got familiar with Sauce Walka when I was working at VladTV and he was trading shots with Young Thug, yet honestly the music on New Sauce City is the real story.


Sauce Walka ft Maino - From a City

“Now he looking for a doctor, making noises like Chewbacca/ Meanwhile I’m riding in a black tank like Silk the Shocker/ riding through New Orleans in the 7th Ward to buy some choppers” From what I’ve heard Sauce Walka is one of the best emcees out of H Town.


Stack Bundles ft Gravy - Dirty Money

“I guess ****** is selling a lot of records/ runnin’ round a hundred thousand dollar necklace/ bentley this ferrari that/ living the good life/ whole team eating, the ***** still come to the hood, right?/ Sike!” RIP Stack Bundles this is one of the best records off Library of a Rockstar: Chapter 5, Mr. Monday Night Pt. 2


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