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December 1-8, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Max B - Take My Time

“Take a swig, light up a blunt/ soon as I'm comin' down, do another one/ dancin' 'til the sun come up/ overlookin' the city all night/ baby, I'm feelin' alright” Max B sounds real good over this Paul Couture instrumental off the House Money EP, although it’s still unclear to me when/how these records were recorded (including Max’s verses on Cam’ron’s new album).


Max B ft French Montana - Super Bad

“Anybody can get it (Yeah), nobody exempt (Yeah)/ all my ****** is rich but nobody content/ all my ****** is thorough (Yeah), nobody pretends (Yeah)/ don't trust them bitches, nobody your friends” No cap and this was previously released on French Montana’s Coke Wave 4 earlier in the year.


Max B ft Jadakiss - Ride on Em

“I forgot to bring the baby a juice box/ ridin' on a ***** like 2Pac/ three bitches at one time, two shots/ ridin' on a ***** like 2Pac” Not familiar with Paul Couture but he produced a very good Max B project in 2019.


Max B ft A Boogie Wit da Hoodie - So Cold

“Knowing they can send me back, drama coke cleared out/ now that she can hear me rap, mama want a big house” More of an introspective Max B on this one, and I never usually do this, but Free the Wave 🌊


Max B ft Cam’ron & Dave East - Goodbye

“There Cam go, me and Charlie Rambo/ 40th and Lenox, we play human commando/ we needed Luchini, no Camp Lo/ yo Max, I don't think they understand though (Tell 'em)” Harlem!


French Montana ft Belly - Say Goodbye

“Ayy, glimpse in the matrix/ needle in a haystack with fire in my fragrance/ started from the pavement/ no elevator, took the steps from the basement” French Montana bars with Belly on the hook over Mally Mall, Harry Fraud, and Scorp production.


French Montana ft Chinx & Max B - Coke Wave Boys

“Yeah, they tried to throw the book at a *****/ baby mama, she won't even look at a *****/ waste of talent, uh, never that/ any time he ace in the deuce, ***** bet it back” RIP Chinx and Free Max B 🌊


Fat Joe, Dre - Projects

“Forgive me, I'm a nigga out the projects/ from where they pick out all the NFL prospects” One of the highlights off Fat Joe and Dre’s Family Ties album.


Fat Joe, Dre - Heaven & Hell

“Back when Bobby Brown was fucking bitches in his trailer” Joey! #BX


Fat Joe, Dre ft Remy Ma - Big Splash

“Ayo we really the real in the Zion era (Zion)/ ten toes down, pray my ****** live forever” Always good to hear Joe and Remy on a track together #TerrorSquad


Fat Joe, Dre ft Eminem & Mary J Blige - Lord Above

“I'm sittin' here reminiscin'/ think I just got a light bulb/ somethin' I'd like to mention, this is just on a side note/ word to the Terror Squad, Joe, this is all puns aside though/ I know me and Mariah didn't end on a high note” A solid collaboration here where Eminem takes some shots at Nick Cannon.


Fat Joe, Dre ft Ty Dolla $ign & Jeremih - Drive

“And all I really want in this life of sin/ is a hunnid mil' times ten and somebody to share it with” More flame over Cardiak and Hitmaka production.


Fat Joe, Dre - Deep

“I took this bitch to the Amalfi Coast/ back to Mexico packed her bags like vamanos/ used to play the 'jects, used to serve some drinks/ now she drip Brioni with the Persian minks” Joey Crack raps about these backstabbing b*****.


XXXTentacion ft Lil Wayne - School Shooters

“Triple X, I just popped a triple X, uh/ a school shooter, I just need attention, yeah, uh/ tell the principal, I ain't got no principles/ I don't need no school, I got internet, yeah” Originally recorded in 2018 after the Parkland, Florida school shooting, this is now being released on XXXTentacion’s fourth and final album, Bad Vibes Forever, the second posthumous album since his death that occurred a few months after this recording.


XXXTentacion ft Joey Badass & Kemba - Daemons

“I can't trust nobody/ I'll put that on my mind, soul, and my whole body/ I see demons, and there's nothin' they don't know about me” Joey Badass marks his third collaboration with his late close friend, XXXTentaction, who were rumored to be working on a joint album together.


Sauce Walka - Each 1 Teach 1

“Have you ever spent three hundred thousand cash on your team/ turned ****** worst nightmares to their fondest dreams/ still remember jumping fences falling over trampolines/ breaking through the back window trying to take the TV screens” Sauce Walka over Sauce Miyagi production on Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2.


Roddy Ricch ft Meek Mill - Peta

“I used to fuck up my re-up/ now, it's the jet with my feet up/ I got the money and power/ now none of these ***** can see us/ I'm rocking furs on furs (Furs)/ I'm probably beefing with PETA/ I gotta pay her to leave her/ It's probably cheaper to keep her” A solid hook from Meek Milly off Roddy Ricch’s debut studio album, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial.


Roddy Ricch ft Ty Dolla $ign - Bacc Seat

“She want Celine, she want the Gucci/ I ride with some hundreds on me, I got the blue cheese” Ty Dolla is one of the most highly utilized hitmakers in the business.


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