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December 15-22, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Cam’ron ft Jim Jones & Shooter - Straight Harlem

“I, I-I had to beg the big homie Reg not to rob Steph Marbury (Never told you, Steph)/ this the same year that he got drafted/ I said, ‘That's my man’/ He say, ‘He got that Rollie on and that's my shit, tell him to leave or I'ma start snatching’ (Crazy)/ ‘You got it, OG, I don't want no problems big or small’ (None at all)/ I knew they was wilding when ****** robbed Biggie Smalls” Like stated previously, there is nobody like Cam’ron in hip-hop, and I’m sure Marbury appreciates the assist (as seen on the new Netflix documentary A Kid From Coney Island)


Cam’ron - Medellin

“Nowadays you might see me with a Barbie/ was gon' take my ex back, seen her with Safaree (Psh)/ had her with the work in the car, that was my down bitch/ but you joined the circus with ya clown shit” Classic Cam’ron bars on the lead single for his seventh studio album, Purple Haze 2, that was criminally overlooked as quality as it is.


Cam’ron - Losin’ Weight 3

“I was 14, just startin' a dream/ all grandma wanted was a washing machine/ couldn't afford it, left me with a heart full of steam/ felt like coffee, let me borrow some cream… apologized to the couple I had to victimize/ week later, told nana, ‘Look, I got a big surprise’/ she was happy, but listen, she ain't no dumb-dumb/ ‘Where the money for this washer and dryer come from?’/ Won it playin' basketball, man, a lump sum/ gave her a kiss and a hug, that's where I come from” Storytellin’ Cam, or anyone from Dipset for that matter, rarely ever disappoints.


Cam’ron - K.O.P.

“I like to thank I-80 though (I-80, though?)/ that interstate made me rich, boy (Rich, boy)/ I had coke and weed/ but then I threw some D on it way before Rich Boy” Nobody has better, and more detailed, interstate travel drug dealing bars than Killa Cam.


Cam’ron ft Max B - This Is My City

“Been solidified way before Dipset/ no disrespect to the brotherhood/ they're my brothers, but brother I'm from another hood/ where it ain't fair, like Blair they leave you under wood/ old money go missin', shots where ya mother stood” Cam x Max x Harlem 🔥 🔥 🔥


Cam’ron ft Max B - Keep Rising

“That's why I think things should go my way/ I was driving on that highway (all night long)” Clever production from Rek and Cam who use the same Max feature from the previous track and stretch it out to two completely different songs.


Cam’ron ft Mimi - The Get Back

“I mean it really don't matter 'cause the bread gon' come and I'm still one stylish guy (Fly as hell)/ but I still get foul, you remember that night I almost made Bill O'Reilly cry? (You mad, doggy?)/ Yeah, yeah, he can't live with that, his ego can't get it back/ sure, you're Republican, but I'm a Diplomat (Yup)” 🔥🔥🔥 One of the greatest moments in the history of politics.


Cam’ron - Ride the Wave

“Yeah, baby, grab the Birkin (Birkin)/ told her man, ‘This ain't workin’/ Came to my house, started twerkin' (Wait)/ Opened my pants and went surfin'” In the spirit of a hood comedy there is nothing like Cam’ron in hip-hop.


Curren$y - Money Machine 3

“Jet Life commandments/ Thou should not rest until I make my whole fam rich/ Fuck you take me for?” Produced by Jean Lephare this is a solid introduction to Curren$y’s 9th studio album, Back at Bernies, one of his most complete compositions to date.


Curren$y ft Young Dolph - All Work

"My first ride in a Phantom was with my homie Lil Wayne/ now I got one myself and I'm ridin' in my own lane/ me and my brother got labels and got 'em both on my chain/ Jet Life, *****, Taylor Gang, yeah, it's all the same/ then I flew out to Memphis with a pound and some champagne/ I poured it with Dolph, then flew home to my vault/ smoking one in celebration, Fendi P just bought a Porsche/ Spitta never fallin' off, he'll forever be a boss/ and I never switched the sauce, been myself from square one” 🔥🔥🔥 maybe the best Curren$y the Hot Spitta verse to date


Curren$y ft Jean Lephare - Bimmer

“Homie reported his bitch stolen/ she not a hostage and he know it/ she tryna stay where she at, homie/ swimming pool, I bought with rap money” I’ve never Curren$y as focused as he is on Back at Burnies.


Curren$y ft Rick Ross - Miami Vice

“Shoe gallery got the Jordans, Prime 112, that's for dinner/ I got the black Testarossa, Double M, we the trillest” Rozay with some summertime heat during the coldest winter.


Curren$y - Money Is A Drug

“'Cause this money is a drug, and I'm so in love” Harry Fraud with the saxophone vibes


Curren$y ft Madeintyo - Nautica

“I talked a mermaid out of the water the other day/ all on my yacht, we lit up the pot, floated away” That’s one of the coldest bars I’ve ever heard.


Gucci Mane - Mr. Wop

“You changed on me, Mr. Wop/ you're not the same Gucci Mane from the block/ and you're so mean to the meanest/ and your bling is the cleanest/ and your chains must be worth a lot” Produced by J. White Did It off Gucci Mane’s latest mixtape, East Atlanta Santa 3, this is one of the coldest adaptations of the Grinch ever presented on screen.


Gucci Mane ft Jason Derulo - More

“Got 23 Jordans, one to match each Lambo (Skrrt, skrrt, yeah, ho)/ got a condo on the beach that I paid for with one show (Yeah, ho)/ I'm the new King of Pop, moonwalk, no cap though, oh (Yeah, ho)/ Came from the mud, now a ***** up/ I don't give a fuck” Big money talk from Jason Derulo but he’s definitely not the King of Pop in any way, that title respectfully still goes to C Breezy (or Bruno Mars when he’s active).


Gucci Mane - Snow

“It's cold outside, they wanna warm me (Haa)/ I brought an army case a ***** wanna harm me (Bam)/ for Christmas, mom got me the London Fog/ so many felonies, I still can't go to London (Damn)’ More production from J. White Did It who this time samples the Boys II Men holiday classic “Let It Snow,” and this makes me want to run back all the East Atlanta Santas 🎅


Too $hort ft Mike Epps - Me and Ya Momma

“If your homies find out/ I be fuckin' on ya momma, I be all up in your house/ when you go to bed at night I fuck yo' mama on the couch/ I wake up in the morning in her bed smokin' loud/ It's just me and ya momma” Too $hort is hilarious as is Mike Epps and this is one of the highlight’s of Short Dog’s 21st studio album, The Vault.


Too $hort ft Gin Gin - Bigger Than The Both of Us

“I wanna have fun, I don't want no drama/ fuckin' with the next ****** baby mama” Produced by Raphael Saadiq!


Sean Price, M.O.P. - Big Gun vs Lil Gun

“Shake suckers that be shaking they sauce shaker/ not conducive to big words spoken by Walt Fraizer” Sean Price x Lil Fame off their collaborative tape, Price of Fame.


Sean Price, Lil Fame - Center Stage

“****** said that I was wack on my last song/ I said ‘shut the fuck up, don't get slapped over rap song’” There’s some questionable rape bars from P on this track, but overall the record produced by Rock of Heltah Skeltah is one of the highlights on the tape.


Sean Price, Lil Fame ft Rim, Teflon, I-Fresh - Peter Pop Off

“Shit cost twelve, retail is seven/ see you in hell, details at eleven” RIP Sean P 🙏, his debut album Monkey Barz (Heartburn, I Love You Bitch, Bye Bye) was a timeless masterpiece.


Sean Price, Lil Fame ft Conway & Guilty Simpson - Enemy of the State

“Snub, with the granulated gloves and a ski mask/ snatch a clown out his E class/ for thinking life is a Dreamcast” Guilty Simpson with one of the hardest bars of the year.


Popcaan - Numbers Don’t Lie

“I am way up (Way up)/ high like di 4th of July/ from ah pretty girl roll up (Roll up)/ Shootin' mi shot like Kawhi” Jamaica’s own Popcaan sets the tone with the intro off his third studio album, Vanquish, his first official release on Drake’s OVO record label.


Popcaan - Elevate

“So, celebrate life one time/ man ah elevate from war and crime/ Mi nuh wan’ see nuh jail time/ Mi ah dream fi rich long before Grade 9” I’m getting some Damian Marley vibes from this one 🇯🇲


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