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December 22-29, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Big Ghost Ltd., Rigz, Mooch - Summer School

“First I read I’m a slave/ then I’m told to behave” These ‘summer school’ verses are lowkey incredible over this jazzy instrumental, don’t sleep on this record at all.


Big Ghost Ltd., Rigz, Mooch, & M.A.V. - 3AM

“This weed I’m smoking is potent/ I’m tired at the wheel this sour D got me dozin” I’ve been familiar with Big Ghost Ltd. but this is my first time hearing Rigz and Mooch, and together they put together a very Griselda-like-mixtape with The Only Way Out.


Big Ghost Ltd., Rigz, Mooch - Fall Outs

“I don’t never stress nothing that’s gone, cause all in all/ your actions gonna prove if you cherish the bond” This one hits home and that’s facts.


NLE Choppa ft Meek Mill - Cruze

“I just be keeping that Glock on my hip and I wear it for fashion (Keepin' the strap)/ I really be ballin' and poppin' that shit like I do in my captions (***** be cap)” Meek Mill with the guest feature on NLE Choppa’s debut mixtape, Cottonwood (Deluxe).


Smino ft Monte Booker & Masego - Sleigh

“Baby (Y'all feel that)/ It's getting cold, diffrent hoes, keep 'em close/ looking for bae, for bae (For)/ Santa Clause, do you got, adderall and kush on your sleigh?” One of two holiday tracks released by Smino on High 4 Da Highladays.


Your Old Droog ft Tha God Fahim - Stoop Kid

“Remember sitting in class the first thing they ask is ‘who you wanna be/ They tell us be the change you want to see” Your Old Droog continues to impress on his latest album, Jewelry.


Trust Army ft 38 Spesh, Fred the Godson, Planet Asia & Che Noir - Army of Trust

“I pen and pad my sins you can’t spite me/ comparisons is unlikely” RIP Fred Da Godson, this was one of the last features of his career.


Trust Army ft 38 Spesh & Street Justice - Extra

“The dope lines that I crafted wasn’t made from rappin/ no co-sign was established so I made it happen” 38 Spesh and Street Justice are lowkey two of my favorite rappers at the moment.


Trust Army ft 38 Spesh & Rain910 - Against The Odds

“Against the odds/ feed the children and bless the gods” Rain910 is also lowkey nice aside from his role in NWX with URLTV, on that stage he needs to relax but he undoubtedly has skills as an emcee.


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