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July 28 - Aug 4, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Sunz of Man - Food for the Soul

“GPS over the projects to follow our flesh/ I know you’re chased by the angels of death/ but keep your wings up” The Wu-Tang Clan affiliated group comprised of Prodigal Sunn, Hell Razah, 60 Second Assassin, Shabazz the Disciple, and Killah Priest, released their first credited album in almost 15 years (since 2006’s The Old Testament) and honestly this track is a breath of fresh air and true its name.


The Alchemist ft ScHoolboy Q - W.Y.G.D.T.N.S.

“"’Q! When you gonna drop that new shit?’/ Guess what, *****? I dropped this!

Between my life, my fame, my body, my daughter/ be happy, I'm focused” ScHoolboy over Alchemist production 🔥🔥🔥


Drake ft Beyonce - Can I

“Can I call instead of text you on the hotline? Sometimes a nigga wanna hear your voice” Drake released his first compilation album of miscellaneous records that never found a home, and included in the Care Package is his second collaboration with Beyonce (following “Mine” from Beyonce’s XO album), and truth be told this track that leaked in 2015 still feels unfinished.


Drake ft J. Cole - Jodeci Freestyle

"Gave you heart and soul, stories of my pain/ felt naked 'cause I laid out all my glory and my shame/ caught fire just to have ****** ignore me and my flame/ ‘bout to burn down the house, they tryna put me in the rain, no/ fuck your list you lame ****** and doubters/ I'm undoubtedly the hottest and that's just me being modest….🔥🔥🔥…. "No false gods, young Mike playin' against the Monstars/ tappin' into '94 Nas/ or that '96 Jay, or that Chronic shit, Dre/ which is really just Slim Shady, I'm silly, my pen crazy…. Flow dumber than your projections/ this makes twice now, I doubled what you expected, yet/ your covers keep perplexing' me/ maybe it's too complex for me/ but is this 'bout skills or is this 'bout sales? 'Cause either fuckin' way, man all them ****** is less than me… you legends know that we rap/ bitches screaming' like Jodeci's back” Included in the Care Package is one of the best J. Cole verses of all time 🙏


Drake - Heat Of The Moment

“All the school kids are so sick of books and learnin'/ they don't read anymore, they don't even read anymore/ they just wanna be like all the rappers that I can't stand/ ****** we don't need anymore/ all the ****** we don't need any more” Also included in the Care Package is this 💎 that was previously recorded for Nothing Was the Same.


Ariana Grande ft Social House - Boyfriend

“You ain't my boyfriend (Boyfriend)/ and I ain't your girlfriend (Girlfriend)/ but you don't want me to see nobody else/ and I don't want you to see nobody” The duo from Pennsylvania has gone on tour with Ariana Grande and has co-produced some of her hit records like “7 Rings” and “thank u next,” and together they collaborate for this smooth bop that at this point is still unreleased (aside from the So Fresh: The Hits of Spring 2019 album)


Black Milk ft Sam Austins - Black NASA

"Why you still mad at your boy? (Boy)/ yeah, I hustle 'cause I had no choice/ they rather that I had no voice, voice, but instead/ my pen’s a perspective for the mislead” Detroit’s own Black Milk released his fourth EP, DiVe, and this track is a prime example of why one of hip-hop’s best-kept secrets is so critically acclaimed.


Black Milk ft BJ The Chicago Kid - If U Say

“I be on a plane lookin' in the daze/ I be on stage lookin’ in amaze/ granddad couldn't talk back in the days/ so I say a lot of things that he couldn't say” An emcee has to get additional props for producing his own music, and sure enough Black Milk’s talent has led him to work with everyone from Black Thought to J Dilla.


Black Milk - Blame

“Together like planets to the stars/ love is/ love was/ love ain't/ capable to give love, some can't/ misfortune and missed fortune/ a love that you can't get often/ a love you would love to get lost in/ nowadays you would rather use caution” I love when hip-hop is poetry at its purest form.


Lil Durk ft King Von - Like That

“I got my pipe in here, I won't think twice in here/ I'm shootin' everybody, even the…” Lil Durk released his fourth lp, Love Songs 4 the Streets 2, and apparently, these Chicago boys live what they rap about.


Rich The Kid ft Jay Critch - Speed Racing

“I was 17, flexing with an AP (Huh?)/ Bitch, I had the blueprint, no Jay-Z (What?)/ Pull up in a 'Rari like I'm racing (Skrrt, skrrt)” Rich Forever released another compilation album, Rich Forever 4, and this track produced by T-Minus is one of the few highlights on the tape.


Rich The Kid ft Airi - Tell Me

“Tell me you love me, baby/ Ooh, that's the sweetest sound/ tell me how much you need me/ make my world go 'round” Produced by EC3, the blend of hip-hop and R&B will always be a perfect marriage.


Raz Simone, Mozzy - Give You Time

“She chosed up and paid a fee/ solid when she came to me/ keep that shit a K my G, love her like my Bay my G” Sacramento’s Mozzy teamed up with Seattle’s Raz Simone for their compilation tape, Members By All Movements, and clearly there’s a lot of talent coming up out of the West.


Raz Simone, Mozzy - Cross Colors

“Ash to ash/ dust to dust/ everyone bleeds red just like us/ red and blue/ black and white/ killing over colors ain’t too bright” I’m just getting familiar with Raz Simone who once opened up for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, yet off first listen he’s as musically inclined as any ‘gangsta’ rapper since Death Row… meaning he’s an actual artist in a sea of mumble rappers.


Teyana Taylor ft King Combs - How You Want It?

“Tell me what you want from me?” Cardiak, Boogz, and Hitmaka flip Total and Mase’s “What You Want” and the rest is history, although these flips from Hitmaka are starting to get all too predictable.


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