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June 2-9, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: The HamiLtones ft Phonte & Rico Barrino - MCBYL (Remix)

“Baby please don’t leave me was your last words/ you held it down while she got her Masters/ such an unnatural disaster/ cause she’s taking the kids, the dogs, and the Netflix passwords” Phontigallo smokes this HamiLtones remix like only he could.


The HamiLtones ft Rico Barrino - MCBYL

“It can buy you cars, it can buy you clothes (Money can't buy you love, you love)/ Can buy you tools, it can buy you gold/ but it can't buy love/ It can buy you furs, it can buy you rings (Money can't buy you love, you love)/ Designer names, all kind of things/ but it can't buy love” The North Carolina trio were originally known as the backup singers for Anthony Hamilton, and then became popularized as the vocalists behind Charlamagne’s ‘Donkey of the Day” on the Breakfast Club, and now they’ve finally released their debut EP, Watch the Ton3s, that at it’s best is filled with harmony.


GoldLink ft Ari PenSmith - Joke Ting

“We ain't on a joke ting/ oh no, we ain't on a joke ting” British artist Ari PenSmith absolutely smokes this hook on Goldlink’s long-awaited debut album, Diaspora, that was overall worth the wait.


GoldLink - Maniac

“Better watch your back, I'm a maniac/ better watch your back, I’m a maniac/ 'bout to make a million for all my children (All my children, oh yeah)/ 'bout to make a million for all my, all my” More vibes from one of the most consistent talents out of the DMV.


GoldLink ft Lola Rae - More

“You always wanted more, more, more, more, more” This one is all about the Weeknd vibes provided by the producer, P2J.


GoldLink ft Pusha T - Cokewhite / Moscow

“The luggage is the new collab duffle by Rimowa/ the leather shoulder straps makes it easier for chauffeurs/ the PJ's for six, you better hope one is not your bitch/ and drug dealers never been her niche/ we compare wrists by the watch complication/ we compare rich by who's more ostentatious/ diamonds lined up make a star constellation/ and never talk numbers via phone conversations/ I mix and match 'em, platinum and gold links/ a perfect combination like when Pusha and Gold link” Push 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Casey Veggies - Dream$

“Life changed so fast, got my chance, I had to spaz/ sand falling through the glass, got my foot up on the gas” The LA product released his sophomore album, Organic, that overall has more than a few redeemable records.


Casey Veggies - The Ceiling

“As I stare at the ceiling, I'm plotting in my room like/ ‘young ***** get out your feelings, get out and go get it’” Big Facts, this is good motivation music.


Casey Veggies - Mirage

“On my own wave I go/ I can't lose faith no more/ the devil wanna take my soul/ it's scars in them lines I wrote/ my swag, yeah, it can't be sold/ I just had to find my gold” Casey Veggies is spittin on this Mike N Keys production.


Casey Veggies ft BJ The Chicago Kid - Take It Slow

“Why they make it so hard for the starving artists/ that’s going hard for the culture and love it regardless” More good production from Mike N Keys and this is a dope outro off Casey Veggies’ Organic album.


Salaam Remi, Joell Ortiz - Shake Dat Je’llo

Come on, shake that Jell-O/ baby, let me see you move that Jell-O/ Ooh, so soft, that Jell-O/ sometimes I wanna bite that Jell-O” One of the highlights off Salaam Remi’s and Joell Ortiz’ collaborative tape, Box Talk, this one is full of raw, comedic energy.


Salaam Remi, Joell Ortiz - Box Talk

“Ovengold turkey and cheese, bag of Funyuns, jeez/ can a ***** eat what he wanna eat? I ain't sexy, I'm street/ fuck bitches with my Timbs on my feet/ and a toothpick in my teeth while we listen to Sheek” Bars 🔥🔥🔥the title track is the essence of hip-hop.


Vado - Ha

“The only thing it be that dude that you move with/ hand to hand, split it equal, went to school with/ but you don’t love her it’s your ego that she fooled with” Vado released his 19th mixtape, Crime Square, and the cinematic intro is a nice tone-setter.


Vado ft Smoke DZA - Swipe Swipe

“She know about playing with no money/ Damon Wayans in Mo Money/ bad chick what’s her name? She’s always go for me” Vado damn near outraps Smoke DZA on this and that’s no easy task 🔥🔥🔥 both went in.


Tyga - Lightskin Lil Wayne

“Hello, motherfucker, what's my name? (What's my name?)/ in the Rolls, asking bitches how I came (How I came)/ got a king size bed on the plane (On the plane)/ she'll get deplaned if she complain (Don't complain)” Tyga skates on this Boi-1da production that’s one of the best records off his seventh solo album, Legendary.


Tyga ft Chris Brown - February Love

“My baby, how you fine/ you give me a vibe, oh yeah (Shoot it, aim, cock back)/ Oh-oh-oh-oh/ that's why I need you in my life” More flame from the Fan of a Fan duo over d.a. got that dope production.


Tyga ft Offset - Taste

“Slide on it pimp game with my pinky ring/ lotta gang, lotta bitches, and a icy chain/ why you claim that you rich? That's a false claim/ I be straight to the whip, no baggage claim” Both Tyga and Offset do their numbers on a d.a. got that dope production that’s one of the best instrumentals of the year.


Jonas Brothers - Sucker

“I'm a sucker for you/ you say the word and I'll go anywhere blindly” Shoutout the Jonas Brothers, one of the most successful entertainment acts to ever come out of Bergen County.


Avicii - Heaven

“Step out into the dawn/ you pray 'til, you pray 'til the lights come on/ and then you feel like you've just been born” Originally recorded in 2014, the record was scratched from Avicii’s sophomore album, Stories, a year later, and then only after the Swedish producer’s sudden death in 2018, was this smash hit finally released on his posthumous album TIM, complete with Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin’s vocals that gives the record its timeless feel. RIP Avicii 🙏


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