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March - April, 1926 "The Seven Veils"

[Depicted in Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils, the third novel in the series published by Bantam Books, written by author Rob MacGregor - released in 1991]

  • The following year Indy & Deidre were off on another adventure, this time in search of the missing British explorer Percy Fawcett who had recently vanished in Brazil.

  • Old family friend Marcus Brody had given Indy an important journal that Fawcett had left behind, in which the contents inside could have enormous scientific ramifications.

  • Elsewhere in the journal, Fawcett describes a lost city within the Brazilian jungle that is inhabited by a mythical race that could be descendants of the ancient Celtic druids

  • Intent on finding the explorer Indiana & Deirdre aboard a ship enroute to Rio de Janeiro, where during the journey the two love birds are actually married. 

  • Ultimately they are captured by the same tribe that apprehended Fawcett, yet all three are able to escape the native sacrifice by way of an airplane, which tragically crashes over South America and costs Fawcett and Deidre Campbell their lives. 

  • Indiana was the lone survivor of the plane crash and the loss of his first wife affected him deeply, though years later when asked about his past relations he said he’d never been married. 

  • Thus during this adventure Indiana is initially able to rescue:

  • Percy Fawcett - British geographer, archaeologist, and explorer of South America who disappeared in 1925 while trying to find an ancient lost civilization in the jungles of Brazil. During that final journey he was accompanied by his son Jack as well as his son’s closest friend Raleigh Rimmel, whom all perished together after being seen crossing the Amazon River in search of that lost city of “Z”. It’s long been suspected that Fawcett and his young companions were either killed by the natives or simply succumbed to exhaustion and illness, yet neither theory has ever been confirmed.

  • Mystery around this adventure involved:

  • Druids - existed during ancient Celtic culture and were members of a high-ranking professional class made up of religious leaders, legal authorities, and political advisors to name a few, who strictly prevented themselves from recording their knowledge or work in written form, thus no written account of themselves exists. Instead it was the Romans and Greeks who documented their significance which dates back to 400 BC. 

  • The main location in this adventure is:

  • Rio de Janeiro - translated to River of January - previous capital and second most populated city in Brazil, founded in 1565 and one of the most visited destinations below the equator. 


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