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May 12-19, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: DJ Khaled ft Nas & Cee-Lo Green - Won’t Take My Soul

“I had no Damon Dash as my partner/ just maniacs, wish I had a Damon/ I woulda been straighter with that shit” Produced by STREETRUNNER & Tarik Azzouz, who also produced the Nipsey record above, this is a dope collaboration between Nas and Cee-Lo, the former who provides a number of jewels including “silencin' all the noise/ pray for the day I bust a nina on that bitch who shot Selena/ then I rejoice” 💎


DJ Khaled ft Meek Mill, J Balvin, Lil Baby & Jeremih - You Stay

“Why, oh why? You stay, you stay…” Produced by Tumblin’ Dice and Ben Billions, this single off Father of Asahd did crazy numbers and is still in radio rotation to this day. [Truth be told it’s mid tho, but I still let it ride]


DJ Khaled ft Nipsey Hussle & John Legend - Higher

“Emptied out the clip, it was broad day/ fuck ****** always gotta learn the hard way/ we gon' tape it off if we ball play/ put a half a moon crescent on your bald fade/ police hit the lights, that's a car chase/ lookin' back at my life make my heart race/ dance with the devil and test our faith/ I was thinkin' chess moves but it was God's grace/ crooked ass whoever 'til we all straight/ with no shame, I peeped game and it's all fake/ South Central state of mind, high crime rate/ Homicide, hate, gang banging'll get you all day/ and look at my fate” I was working at VladTV when Nipsey was tragically gunned down in his neighborhood, making this second verse all the more eerie as it would seem he had predicted his fate. Sure enough, I covered that story for the months that followed, and from my vantage point Nipsey’s legacy was honored across the globe like never seen before.


DJ Khaled ft JAY-Z. Future, & B - Top Off

“V12, see ya, 12 (Bye)/ I do the whole dash with no seatbelt/ screamin', ‘free my ***** Meek Mill’/ ****** can't wheelie in this free world” Although the overall record comes off uninspired, thanks to the lackluster hook provided by Future, both Jay and Beyonce do their numbers on this.


Tyler, the Creator ft Playboi Carti & Charlie Wilson - EARFQUAKE

“'Cause you make my earth quake/ oh, you make my earth quake/ riding around, your love be shaking me up/ and it's making my heart break” Tyler, the Creator’s fifth solo album became his signature moment to date, earning him Best Rap Album at the 2020 Grammy Awards, where he also performed this record in all it’s cinematic glory.


Tyler, the Creator - A BOY IS A GUN*

“How come you're the best to me? I know you're the worst for me/ boy, you're sweet as sugar, diabetic to the first degree” Another one of the more creative and memorable tracks off Igor, that like all of Tyler’s creations, is probably best left open to interpretation.


Chevy Woods - Voicemails

“Jokes with your friends in your brand new Benz/ I played the fool can’t do it again/ you was a 7 when you was with him/ I upgraded you made you a 10/ just a hit a 3 like Dion Waiters/ I can’t help you now I”m out of all favors” The Pittsburgh native and Taylor Gang veteran released his 16th mixtape, New 90’s, and clocking in at under 2 minutes and 30 seconds this is one of the better records on the tape.


Chevy Woods - New 90’s

“We got to think about the game smarter/ I’m trying to raise me a daughter/ send my seed to Harvard/ work smarter not harder” Facts only…


Bow Wow - Suge Freestyle

“I'm all on the news/ with scars on my face/ and my mug shot they made it a meme/ and because I'm young/ and I'm rich and I'm black/ and I'm famous they blame it on me (shit)/ I'm trynna beat the case/ so fighting this shit to this day (true)/ I got on my knees and I pray/ wishing this bitch go away” For the record, Bow Wow always was talented, evident in a few of these records that can’t be denied, and by no surprise he showcases that talent once more on the sixth edition to his Greenlight series.


Bow Wow - Lamborghini Moss Freestyle

“Big gas no unleaded (big smoke)/ and I still eat fish with spaghetti/ that’s the Midwest in me” A reference to one of his previous Jermain Dupri / Bryan-Michael Cox singles during his So So Def run, and over 20 years later Bow Wow is still making moves to this day.


Bow Wow - Let It Breath Freestyle

“Tryna mack on Jordyn Woods, slid into her DM twice/ tryna see what that be like, told her I could change her life” 🔥🔥🔥 No cap Bow Wow still got that flame.


Bow Wow - Big Ole Freak Freestyle

“She want to fuck in the kitchen/ all of that ass knocking over the dishes/ don’t tell nobody this is our business/ I’m blessing that pussy like I am religious” SMH More 🔥🔥🔥 and with all seriousness Bow Wow does this lane better than most.


Megan Thee Stallion ft DaBaby - Ca$h Shit

“I be cool on 'em, bitch, ain't no pressure/ til I met this lil' freak, her name Megan/ this lil' thing here a stallion, look how she walk/ look how she talk, she sexy/ I like when they pretty and ghetto/ type of bitch that don't even say hello” A single off Megan Thee Stallion’s fourth mixtape, Fever, that helped spark her career and made her one of the breakthrough artists of 2019. Of course, DaBaby, also shares that distinction as well, as both of their career trajectories skyrocketed this year more than anyone else in the industry - thanks in part to moments like this record, where DaBaby absolutely smokes his featured verse.


Curren$y, Statik Selektah ft Jadakiss - Clear (part 2)

“Laser fields, motion detectors/ still, we slid through when they didn't expect us/ Ocean's 11, top-shelf jet shit/ only higher ranks get privileged information, you could be killed for this” The third of seven collaborative tapes that Curren$y has done since 2018, this is a follow-up to their 2013 collaboration on New Jet City.


Curren$y, Statik Selektah ft YBN Cordae - Nothin Less

“I feel the pressure collapsin’, no question what happens/ if I ever quit rapping, know it never was passion/ lead by all my vices, struggled to live it righteous” The hype and Grammy performances might have came too soon for YBN Cordae, yet with that said he definitely has some flame.


Curren$y, Statik Selektah ft Termanology - Gran Turismo

“Let's keep it real, my steering wheel is my realest homie/ my wheels are chromey, I'm on the go but my children know me.... Now that's a don, they crowned me for how I rap on songs/ Google my catalog, thirty-five atom bombs/ my pen fire, that's how I built me an empire/ Mass' legend, Reggie Lewis, Len Bias” Termanology still 🔥🔥🔥


Curren$y, Statik Selektah - Friend or Foe

“Uh, friend or foe, you may never know/ until you let 'em get to close, they memorize your codes” A light up a joint type of record on a rainy day, always here for this.


Wu-Tang Clan ft Nas - Project Kids ((Skit))

“Out of those housing projects come some brilliant people…” A skit of Nas reminiscing on hearing about Wu-Tang for the first time in the early 90’s, and even when Nas is just talking he’s filled with quotables. #timeless


Wu-Tang Clan (RZA) - Do The Same as My Brother Do

“Life is a puzzle and every day is a struggle/ and we ignore the ones who truly loves you/ as we do foolish things we see that others do/ I try to do the same things my big brother do” RZA laces this record off the Of Mics and Men soundtrack for the Showtime documentary series of the same name.


Buckethead - Romero One Mind Any Weapon

[Instrumental] The masked man and electric guitar playing musician (that was even once an official member of Guns N’ Roses) created a soundtrack for a new release of the DOOM video game, and that’s just about the best combination I could ever imagine.

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