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May 16, 1912 "The Death of Anna Mary Jones"

[Depicted in the "Lost Journal of Indiana Jones," a reference book released on May 1, 2008 to coincide with the theatrical release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull]

  • The following month after Indiana’s return from the Titanic, more tragedy struck and this time on the Jones family directly.

  • On May 16th, 1912, Indiana Jones mother, Anna Jones, died from scarlet fever at the tender age of 34, an illness that she kept hidden from both her husband and son.

  • Although they already had a tumultuous relationship beforehand, Indiana and Henry’s relationship worsened after Anna’s death, as Indiana believed his mother kept the illness as a secret because at the time his father was too preoccupied with obtaining the Holy Grail.

  • Henry, however, disagreed and remained adamant that Anna was equally as invested in the Holy Grail, yet never fully understood why his wife didn’t confide in him. Henry later tells Indiana that by the time he was aware of the illness “all he could do for her was mourn her.”

  • This grief created a divide between Henry and Indiana that wasn’t resolved until many years later.


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