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May, 1914 "Gypsy Revenge"

[Depicted in Young Indiana Jones and the Gypsy Revenge, the sixth novel in the series published by Random House, fourth written by author Les Martin - released in 1991.]

  • Louis XIV - King of France and Navarre also known as Louis The Great and the Sun King, his reign over 72 years and 110 days (1642-1715) is the longest that’s been recorded for any monarch of a country in European history. During his reign France was the leading European power and fought in three major wars, and ultimately Louis XIV was defined by his foreign policies.

  • The Man in the Iron Mask - an unidentified prisoner who was arrested in either 1669 or 1670 for reasons unknown, and was forced to wear a mask thus making his identity forever unknown. Over time it’s been rumored that the mysterious man was the illegitimate brother of Louis XIV, whom some suggested should have been the rightful heir to the throne.


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