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May, 1919 "Winds of Change" Cont.

  • [Depicted in Winds of Change, the 19th episode from the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, produced by George Lucas - released in 1999 -  it’s original edit is from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles; Episode: Princeton, 1919 - that was never aired.]

  • Disillusioned by his experiences in Europe, Indiana returns to America on a steamboat where he courts a young lady from New York named Amy. Once he makes it to the Princeton however, he runs into his old high school sweetheart Nancy Stratemeyer, who much to his chagrin is pushing a stroller with her newborn inside. 

  • To make matters worse, Indiana gets a cold reception from his father who was still angry that he went to Europe to enlist in the war, and separate from hello and goodbye the Jones boys barely speak a word to one another through those first exchanges. 

  • Henry Sr. does however help Indy get a summer job at the university, where he’s assigned to be an assistant to Professor Robert Goddard, a scientist who’s determined to make space travel possible. 

  • During this time, Indiana also reunites with his old friend Paul Robeson, who introduces him to the ugliness of racism that had been prevalent in America already for far too long. At one point Indiana introduces Amy to Paul without incident, yet later they are ambushed by a group of thugs who took exception to their friendship amongst mixed races. 

  • Later that evening, Indiana decides to let out his frustration on his father, who he proclaims he hasn’t felt close to since their trip to Athens when he was 10 years old. For his part, Henry Sr. does very little to calm the tension and instead leaves the table in disgust, thus leaving their relationship even more strained than it had been before.

  • The next morning Indiana apologized to his father for his actions the night before, yet just as it seemed their rapport was improving Indiana reveals that he’s chosen the University of Chicago over Princeton, which further dismays his father who tells him to close the door on his way out. 

  • Coming to grips with the fact that he will never be able to please his father, Indiana leaves for Chicago with Amy (who has decided to study medicine), all the while Robeson is elected the valedictorian of Rutgers, where during graduation he gave a speech to his peers that is still remembered to this day.   

  • Thus during his brief time back home in New Jersey, Indiana has close encounters with:

  • Robert H. Goddard - American engineer, professor, physicist, and inventor credited with creating the world’s first liquid fueled rocket, which he successfully launched in 1926 ushering in the subsequent Space Age that captivated the entire world. Although he was a revolutionary in the field, he received very little support for his efforts during his lifetime, and only years after of his death was he recognized as one of the founding fathers of modern rocketry. 

  • Paul Robeson - American singer and actor who was heavily involved in the Civil Rights movement, which along with his advocacy of anti-imperialism and criticism of the government led to his blacklisting during the McCarthy era. Prior to his life in entertainment and politics he was a star at Rutgers both on and off the field, where he was elected in the College Football Hall of Fame and was voted valedictorian for his academics. He then received his law degree from Columbia University while playing in the NFL, followed by becoming a celebrated artist during the Harlem Renaissance.


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