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May 5-12, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Logic ft Eminem - Homicide

“Fuck rap/ bustin' like an addict with a semi-automatic/ who done had it, and he ready for anybody to buck back/ hold up, catch a vibe, ain't no way in hell we leavin' nobody alive/ leave a suicide note, fuck that/ Bobby feelin' villainous, he killin' this/ I'm comin' for your man and his lady and even the baby/ I'm feelin' like I'm, chika-chika-chika-chika/ chika-chika-chika-chika-chika, Slim Shady” Produced by SHROOM & BREGMA, the Logic and Eminem collaboration is full of energy and does not disappoint.


Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

“These are the comments I'm reading on Twitter right now/ that make me depressed and they pulling me down/ I'm trying to swim but I think I'ma drown/ so I'ma turn that feeling into a sound” The title track and second single off Logic’s sixth solo lp, this one is a good enough listen but ultimately a clear step down from his three previous albums, not including the Supermarket soundtrack that to its credit was decent as well.


Logic ft YBN Cordae - Mama/Show Love

“Shoutout that boy YG, Nat King Cole and JID/ everybody know I be in the club V.I.P, huh/ sike, not me” Mama is the first collaboration between the DMV natives, but truthfully it’s the second part of the track that has the most replay value.


Logic ft Gucci Mane - Icy

“I had a plot as a kid to get rich/ hah, listen, lil' bitch/ got the game in my hand like a Switch/ it's just me and my clique” Similar to the Logic and Eminem collaboration, the Logic and Gucci collaboration also does not disappoint. For the record Logic is seemingly good with just about all of his collaborations.


Logic - Keanu Reeves

“Yeah, you know you made it when they make a meme for ya/ haters that never made it, I'm livin' the dream for ya” A promotional single released in 2018, he smokes this 6ix production 🔥🔥🔥


Shaggy - When She Loves Me

“You have me going round in circles/ girl I can’t think straight/ and when you love me like you do/ I can’t concentrate” One of the best records off the Jamaican dancehall legend’s 12th studio album, Wah Gwaan?!


Shaggy - Use Me

“So just use me baby/ or I ain’t got no use” A sugar daddy anthem from the legend who gave us a cheater anthem that still goes to this day.


Ciara - Level Up

“Thank God I never settled, this view is so much better/ I’m chilling, I’m winning, like on another level” The lead single off Ciara’s seventh studio album, Beauty Marks, that plays like a Beyonce record and is a clear reference to her marriage to Russell Westbrook and her split from Future.


Ciara - Thinkin Bout You

I've been thinkin' 'bout you/ wondering who's stuck in your head at night/ wonder if I ever cross your mind/ keeping you up in your bed at night” Produced by Space Primates, this is clearly the best record on the Beauty Marks album.


Ciara - Greatest Love

“You're the greatest love I ever seen/ where you are, I'm gonna be/ to top it off, you been there for me/ never change your energy” Ciara is still a major player in R&B and I enjoy finding all the jewels in her albums.


Jamila Woods - BETTY

“I am not your typical girl/ throw away that picture in your head” The Chicago-based singer released her sophomore appropriately titled Legacy! Legacy!, inspired by various Black artists who shape the theme of the album, as is the case here with funk and soul singer, Betty Davis.


Jamila Woods ft Saba - BASQUIAT

“They wanna see me angry/ they wanna see me bear my teeth, yeah” Also produced by Slot-A, that man went off, this one is inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat and also features another Chicago artist on the rise in Saba (w/ Dreamville credits to his name), in addition to an outro that makes the record complete.


Jamila Woods - ZORA

“You will never know everything, everything/ I will never know everything, everything/ you will never know everything, everything/ and you don't know me so you up the creek” Inspired by writer Zora Neale Hurston, this is another smooth vibe that happens to be produced by Slot-A out of Columbia College of Chicago. Salute to that man I was on campus with him at the same time, walking down Wabash and State Street all trying to make a name for ourselves, and I definitely saw his grind back then.


Jamila Woods ft Nico Segal - BALDWIN

“You don't know a thing about our story/ tell it wrong all the time” Inspired by James Baldwin and also produced by Slot-A, who apparently produced ALL of the Legacy! Legacy! album aside from the aforementioned Betty (produced by the Odd Couple), and on that note this is one of the best albums of the year.


Ari Lennox - BMO

“Break me off/ and gitchi gitchi yaya, when the lights is out/ I'm summertime crushin', put that game on pause/ and do it how I like it, baby, nice and slow” Dreamville’s official First Lady finally released her debut album in 2019, a follow-up from her 2016 EP, Pho, and this 90’s inspired single is one of the best records on the tape - mainly in thanks to Omen, Elite, and Ron Gilmore’s production that flips Galt MacDermot’s 1969 track “Space” that was memorably sampled on Busta Rhymes “Woo-Haa! Got You All In Check.”


Ari Lennox ft JID - Broke

“I've been low before/ yeah, you know I've been low before/ I'll bring cups, you bring the smoke” Produced by Christo, Deputy, Elite, and Ron Gilmore, this is a strong album cut off Shea Butter Baby that’s complemented by another memorable J.I.D. verse for the catalogue.


Ari Lennox ft J Cole - Shea Butter Baby

“You lost in the shape of my hips/ hope there is a move/ if you really down, we can find it/ lost in an alley, make love by a trash can” The title track was also the single off the Creed II soundtrack, and complete with a J. Cole feature that was a great look for the SHROOM and Elite-produced track. Allowing it to grow on you with time, this is actually one of the best Dreamville records to date.


Ari Lennox - New Apartment

“I just got a new apartment/ I'm gon’ leave the floor wet/ walk around this bitch naked (Woo)/ and nobody can tell me shit” Produced by DJ Grumble and Elite, this is a vibe that complements Ari Lennox’ style perfectly.


Smoke DZA ft Steven Young - Red Eye

“Before the steak meals/ butter, asparagus/ having respect was more imperative” Not sure why Smoke DZA is still overlooked enough to not even have his lyrics posted on RapGenius, yet nonetheless he’s respected by those that know he’s probably been the best emcee out of Harlem for the last five years and counting.


Smoke DZA - All Green

“Everybody with real money I know, don’t want fame/ was dark then the sun came/ underground King” By my count this release is DZA’s 22nd official mixtape, not including his 7 albums, and per usual his flow and delivery makes Prime Location, Vol. 2 a must listen.


Smoke DZA - Flowers

“Tell me you love me when I can say it back/ streets is a myth/ ain’t no love in that” DZA 🔥🔥🔥 good vibes only.


Suga Free ft Kokane - Hole In My Heart

“My momma/ she use to say why settle for an apple when you can have a peach” I was working for VladTV when Suga Free did an interview and I saw firsthand how interesting of a personality he was, and sure enough, my introduction to the West Coast legend was right on time for his 7th solo album, and his first in 10 years, appropriately titled The Resurrection. The credits aren’t listed, on either RapGenius or Tidal, but for what it’s worth this track is all energy.


Suga Free ft Deuce Mack, Big Joe West, Daeone - Can’t Lie to Yourself

“Everything fake on the bitch and she saying that she don’t lie/ I’m sorry to tell you that bitch you is the lie” 🔥🔥🔥 who would have thought that in 2020 pimp rap was still way better than mumble rap, as honestly the production behind this record surprised me.


Suga Free - Aye Toonz

“Aye Toonz/ why the DA making me pay child support and y’all live with me” Aye Toonz… a vibe.


Suga Free ft Pomona M Drey, Deuce Mack, Blacktovan - For My ******

“Double ups played out we trying to triple somethin’/ the wrong wiggle, this McGriddle, will cripple somethin’” 🔥🔥🔥 truth be told Suga Free’s Resurrection was one of the surprises of the year, and overall a good representation of that vintage West Coast flavor.


Berner - Get Rich or Die Smokin

“Yeah, when doorbell rings, I have flashbacks/ the feds want my assets, I'm thumbin' through my last checks/ I bought a bunch of turkey bags with my rap check/ and told her run her bank account number and an address” The acclaimed artist and weed entrepreneur continues to build his brand and legacy one project at a time, as is the case with his 13th solo album, El Chivo.


Berner ft Wiz Khalifa - Do What We Want

“Smell like that skunk, soon as I came in/I roll me one up/ don't care what they say, I don't give no fucks/ I get my paper, and everything add up/ fuck about no hater” Produced by Southside this is a nice Taylor Gang collaboration.


Berner - Patient

“The flower sets in, yeah, it't fuckin' with your eyesight/ you turn the leaf flawless, yeah, all my jewelry shine bright/ we took a trip in '09, it got my mind right/ the Midwest held me down before I learned to rhyme right” Two things for sure is that Berner is consistent and has an ear for good production.


Curren$y, LNDN DRGS, Jay Worthy - Payback (Extended Version)

“Don't you know it's dangerous, hunting season/ squares is ducks and deers you stranded and you stranger” A single off the collaborative tape between all three of these artists, this one is as smooth as the Stylistics record it samples.


Rob Markman - Grown Man Gossip

“Fuck around with the fuck arounds/ chief rock I'm protected by the lords of the underground” Successful media personality and now an accomplished artist, Rob Markman released his sophomore entitled It’s Too Late at the Wake, and overall it’s solid hip-hop front to back.


Rob Markman - I Think We Lost the Culture Too

“I really think we lost the culture/ I wish that we could start it over/ take it back from these heartless vultures/ and give it back to these righteous soldiers” An all first verse type of record, and not a bad effort at all, despite the clear internet influence (instagram this/twitter that) in the bars that he needs to scale back on.


Rob Markman ft Komi - For the Money

"I ain’t ever trap a day in my life/ but I ain’t sayin' I’m right/ cause shit gettin' tight and I gotta provide/ so I’m just sayin' I might/ my man gotta plug and for the right price/ he’ll introduce me tonight/ he said if you really want it then you gotta be a hundred/ ain’t no time to think twice… Feelin' like I lost all my consciousness/ here I am with all this fake confidence/ but goddamn my babies gotta eat/ and I can’t do shit with this college degree” Produced by DviousMindz, this is clearly Rob Markman’s best record to date.


Young Nudy, Pi’erre Bourne ft Megan Thee Stallion - Shotta

Broke ***** take a look at me/ and understand he can't afford that” Megan Thee Stallion does her numbers on one of the only notable tracks off Young Nudy and Pi’erre Bourne’s debut collaboration, Sli-merre.


Hopsin - Picasso

“They tell me I'm too hostile, I am Picasso/ bitches like, ‘remember me from high school?’ Nah, hoe” I can’t recall ever enjoying a Hopsin record before, yet in fairness I never fully indulged, and this record is actually a work of art true to its name.


Quando Rondo - Imperfect Flower

"Sunshine gon' come with rainy days, codiene take the pain away/ Kobe at the three, while down by two, Dwyane gon' fade away” RIP Kobe Bryant, this is the best record off Quando Rondo’s From the Neighborhood to the Stage.


Stunna 4 Vegas - Double D’s

“My name ring bells, tambourine/ drop an opp and then go have a jamboree”


Stunna 4 Vegas ft DaBaby - Ashley

“My bitch like Yvette, mmh, lil' ghetto thing (Huh?)/ fuck 'round and get her wedding ring/ she know I ain't nothing like Jody/ she ride my dick like a pony” DaBaby smokes not one but two verses on this track for Stunna’s latest project, Big 4x.


Stunna 4 Vegas ft Lil Durk - Durkio

“I feel like Durkio (Uh-huh), why? 'Cause I signed to the streets” A nice closer off Stunna 4 Vegas’ latest project, who is in a real nice position as the Memphis Bleek to DaBaby’s newfound superstar status.


DJ Paul ft Yelawolf & Seed of 6ix - The Easy Way

“I was down on my luck/ I was fucked up/ I just needed something just to make it through the day/ nobody gave me nothing/ nobody gave a fuck/ so I had to get the glock and do that shit the easy way” This is 🔥🔥🔥 off the 3 6 Mafia vet’s latest project, Power, Pleasure, and Painful Things.


A$AP Ferg ft A$AP Rocky - Pups

“Had the whole Harlem World wearin' Under Armours/ under the armors, I'm a pretty mothafuckin,' comma/ gorgeous, comma/ pretty much about to fuck your mama/ kinda runnin' late for this meetin' with Obama” Produced by Frankie P, this collaboration is nothing but energy 🔥🔥🔥


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