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November 10-17, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Action Bronson, Alchemist - DMTri

“Bitch I'm a superhero, I wasn't born with dinero/ somehow I turned into Deniro/ Just give me one shot at the lead role/ you'll be amazed, like the first time you seen snow/ down in Georgia on the Peach Grove/ I shoot ninety-five percent from the free throw/ sixty from the field, strange sex appeal” As Bronson promised the first verse off the Alchemist produced EP is a spiritual experience, inspired by the psychedelic drug DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) that is also responsible for the artwork seen on this Lamb Over Rice project, as well as his previous offering White Bronco.


Action Bronson, Alchemist - Descendant of the Stars

“They tried to sign your boy to a deal like a Japanese pitcher (Uh)/ I heard Barkley bought a Mazda for a stripper/ yo, what a shitty tipper, that's where we differ (Yes)/ I hand her the keys to the Bimmer to uplift her” More 🔥🔥🔥 off the Lamb Over Rice EP, that also serves as the theme song to Bronson’s new TV show, Traveling the Stars.


Styles P - Blood, Sweat & Tears

“Plan is expand and travel throughout the land/ some scam, some blam, some ****** go hand in hand” One of the standout cuts off Styles P’s 12th solo album, PRESENCE, you can feel the pain in this Fortes-produced record.


Styles P - Numbers Don’t Lie

“I'm on the offense, you can see the paw prints/ you fucking with a wolf, is this making more sense?” The Ghost..


Capone ft N.O.R.E., Musaliny & Maze - Thugmania

“To my partners, get dollars/ break and blaze bud/ drama, Im’a make it hotter chase em with slugs” CNN is back on Capone’s new project Capone Bone, and over Neptunes production that LeFrak City sound is as energized as ever.


Capone ft Tony Sunshine & N.O.R.E. - T.O.N.Y.

“If the squad involved on strength I’ma come, man years done passed and we still miss Pun” CNN over Cool and Dre production with Tony Sunshine on the hook, a blast from the past that’s still a mean combination.


Capone - Ghetto Fame

“It was all good when we was younger/ chasing Mister Softee, a bag of chips a quarter water/ fifty cents bought me/ remember catch a kiss, manhunt, and freeze tag/ frontin’ like we high, oregano and weed bags” Capone reminisces on the golden age of hip-hop and the glory days of New York City over Alchemist production.


Fred the Godson - Picture Bars

“When P came home, I spoke to Prodigy (Rest in peace)/ he told me I was dope, he wouldn't lie to me/ all the legends are gone, my bars are prophecy (Facts)/ might write in the cemetery for privacy” Fred the Godson over Heatmakerz production produces predictable results that you can always count on, RIP Prodigy and Fred the Godson 🙏


Fred the Godson - Retaliation

“Fifth and a clip in the Nina/ thought I was Mexican, the way I pay chicken for heaters/ at ya army, 2 K's wettin'/ knock ya fatigues off like we fuckin' with the 2K settings (Damn!)” I once lost a c note when I bet on NBA2K6 and my opponent messed with the sliders before I ever knew that was an option, back when I was hustled in the mean streets of Chicago, the only time I ever took a loss in the Windy City.


Fred the Godson ft Bobbi Storm - Smoking Gun

“Get Fred a spoon just to mix it/ I'm from the era where Weatherspoon was on the Sixers (Damn!)” 🔥 this Heatmakerz production is perfect for the Godson, RIP Gordo 🙏


Berner ft Cozmo - Level Up

“Twenty-three acres by the freeway/ my phone ringin' crazy, Cali dry and we need weight (Need it)/ Diplomat, yeah, I'm good everywhere I go (Everywhere)/ bosses greet me with gold watches and an envelope (Thank you)” Big money talk from Berner off his latest project, La Plaza.


Berner - Weed Man

“So I'm moving a little differently/ let 'em shoot their shots (*Gunshot*), they keep missing me/ out of town is mad, they complaining about their shipping fees/ my competition is sick, put 'em out their misery” Berner over the classic Bizzy Bone sample of the same name, two things that’s true about Berner is that he’s 1) cornered the weed hip-hop market and 2) has a great ear for music.


Mumford & Sons - Guiding Light

“Well I know I had it all on the line/ but don't just sit with folded hands and become blind/ 'cause even when there is no star in sight/ you'll always be my only guiding light” The lead single off Mumford & Sons fourth studio album, Delta, is sure to satisfy their fans across the pond and around the globe.


Mumford & Sons - Slip Away

“You'll find me holding my breath for you/ come and suffer here” This is all about the instrumental produced by Paul Epworth, an English musician who also has Paul McCartney, Adele, Coldplay and U2 credits.


Joss Stone - Love Me - cinematrik remix

“Love me from your heart/ love me from your soul/ take me as the one you chose” A highlight off Your Remixes of Water For Your Soul, a remix compilation of Joss Stone’s album from 2015.


Tory Lanez ft Chris Brown - The Take

“Take you down/ I really wanna take you down/ and show you what I'm about” Lanez flips the 2007 classic with CB on the track for the Chixtape 5.


Tory Lanez ft Fabolous - If You Gotta…

“They can't leave us alone, they either thieves or they clones/ I got VVS stones, they look like TVs that's on” Lanez flips the 2003 classic with Fabolous on the track (and Lil Mo on the hook) for the Chixtape 5.


Tory Lanez ft Slim & Nyce - Room 112

“Tonight's the night, girl/ I'ma do it all, what you like, I like, girl” Tory flips the 2005 classic with Slim on the track for the Chixtape 5.


Rockie Fresh - Maria

“Baby, you has made it out of school/ you got the crib with the swimming pool/ you wanna dive in it/ vibe with it, ride with it, get high with it/ how you so down to earth, but you fly with it?” Following his departure from Maybach Music, Chicago’s own Rockie Fresh released his long-awaited debut album, Destination, which collectively doesn’t showcase the talent that Rick Ross once signed him for.


Rockie Fresh ft Chris Brown - Must Be

“No more lyin', no more cheatin'/ no more spyin' for no reason” despite CB appearing to give an honest feature as far as vocals go, this song is mid all the way around.


Akevius ft DaBaby - 1+1

“It's just me and you, baby, 'bout to pull up/ one plus one equals you, baby, you already know/ give you my love, you drive me crazy/ (Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy)/ you're my only lady (Lady)/ my lil' baby (Ah, yeah)” I’m just getting familiar with Akevius, but the North Carolina native made major waves with this record that features the current hometown hero.


Dram - Litmas

“'Cause we can deck the halls (Every day, every day, every day)/ and hang the mistletoe (Every day, every day, every day)” Dram is perfect for the Christmas spirit.


Ms. Lauryn Hill - Guarding the Gates (From “Queen & Slim”)

“What a tragedy, you can laugh at me (You can laugh at me)/ you can laugh at me (You can laugh at me)/ but I'm in love/ yes, I'm in love” Ms. Lauryn Hill off the Queen & Slim soundtrack, and I’m honored to have seen the legend perform at Citi Field a few months prior.


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