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November 17-24, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Coldplay - Daddy

“Daddy, are you out there? Daddy, won't you come and play? Daddy, do you not care? Is there nothing that you wanna say?” A piano ballad that hits home and showcases Coldplay at their finest, making this Everyday Life album collectively one of the best gifts of music to be released this year.


Coldplay - Sunrise

[Instrumental] Coldplay opens up their eighth studio album, Everyday Life, with an orchestra composed by the Italian musician David Rossi.


Coldplay - Church

“And when you're riding a wave/ Oh, won't you ride that wave to me? When you're setting your sail/ Oh, can I be your seventh sea? When you're riding a wave” Produced by the “Dream Team” compiled of musicians Rik Simpson, Daniel Green, and Bill Rahko, this is Coldplay at their best and I’m thoroughly shocked this wasn’t a single.


Coldplay - BrokEn

“Lord, when I'm broken (when I'm broken)/ and I'm in need (I'm in need)/ feel that ocean (feel that ocean)/ swallowing me (swallowing me)” Produced by the same Dream Team referenced above, this track has Chris Martin singing gospel with a church choir in tribute to another English musician (and former producer for U2 and Coldplay), Brian Eno.


Coldplay - When I Need A Friend

“Holy, Holy/ dark defend/ shield me, show me/ when I need a friend” From an orchestra, to gospel, to a church hymn, Volume 1 of Coldplay’s Everyday Life album is a breath of fresh air.


Paul McCartney - Home Tonight

“I read the bad news everyday/ It's getting harder to cry/ sometimes I'd like to look away/ but I can't close my eyes” Paul McCartney is still releasing meaningful music in 2019 and that’s a blessing.


Beck - Uneventful Days

“Uneventful days, uneventful nights/ living in that dark, waiting for the light/ caught up in these never-mending battle lines/ everything has changed, nothing here feels right” Produced by Pharrell this is one of the highlights off Beck’s fourteenth studio album, Hyperspace.


Beck - Everlasting Nothing

“I woke up in a movie/ didn't know if it was my whole life/ when it ended, I laughed before I cried/ in the everlasting nothing” This is pure poetry from Hyperspace, that’s been described as “Beck’s guitar-laden folk-pop with some quirky Pharrell additions.”


Eric Bellinger - Material

“Look, ayy, girl, I know when you upset/ yeah, I could tell when you hit me up/ you need love and some drunk sex/ this is more than material” Produced by Hitmaka, this is some smooth R&B off Bellinger’s Cuffing Season 3.


Eric Bellinger - Drive By

“I can't get you off of my, out of my mind/ I'm sayin' stop playin', girl, you out of line/ couldn't erase these feelings even if I tried/ you stay on my mind” Originally released in 2016 on Bellinger’s Eric B. For President: Term 1, and now re-released on his latest project Cuffing Season 3.


Tinashe - Hopscotch

“Hopscotch, block's hot, pop rocks, off top/ like I know it/ non-stop, bop-bop, bop, drop top/ 'cause I own it” Tinashe has had an interesting career thus far to say the least, yet unfortunately this is one of the only highlights off her fourth studio album, Songs For You.


Tinashe - Save Room for Us

“Oh, you know it's not the end/ we'll fall in love again/ 'cause we were built in dreams of gold/ just save room for us/ and it may not be today/ true love will find a way/ just save a space for me” Produced by Electro House DJ MAKJ along with Connor McDonough, this is another smooth bop from the pop star that hits home.


Trippie Redd ft DaBaby - Death

“Let's go, let's go/ have you ever seen a ***** die? (Yeah)/ When I did, went home and smoked a blunt/ no, a ***** didn't cry (Let's go)” DaBaby does his numbers on this DJ Paul production off Trippie Redd’s A Love Letter to You 4.


Mozzy, Tsu Surf ft C Glizzy & FS Kell - Any Second

“I’m on my knees, please forgive me/ this life that I live I know that I’m sinning/ while I’m in these streets, just keep me protected/ because I can lose my life in any second” On paper, the Mozzy x Tsu Surf tape would be a hood certified classic from Newark to Sacramento, yet in reality, it’s a lot of filler despite this sole highlight off the cleverly named mixtape Blood Cuzzins.


03 Greedo, Kenny Beats ft Buddy - Soul Food

“Told lil' momma she the butter on my rice/ told lil' momma she the sugar on my grits/ told lil' momma she my candy-coated ice/ told lil' momma she the Kool-Aid on my bitch” 03 Greedo and Kenny Beats released their collaborative tape, Netflix and Deal, and honestly Buddy makes every song better.


03 Greedo, Kenny Beats - Dead Presidents

“Dead presidents, hop out with the facepaint/ we was chasin' cake, we was tryna rob a bank” Another highlight off 03 Greedo and Kenny Beats collaborative tape Netflix and Deal.


YNW Melly ft Tonk Wit Da Gift - Waitin on You

“Can you hear me, Jesus? I need to hear your voice again” An interesting track off YNW Melly’s highly anticipated debut studio album, after much-publicized controversy, Melly vs Melvin.


Fredo Bang - Cap A Lot

“Yeah, these days, ****** like to cap a lot (Cap a lot)/ Bandana wrapped around the Glock, I call it 'Pac (Call it 'Pac)” A good vibe off Fredo Bang’s latest mixtape Pain Made Me Numb.


DJ Muggs, Tha God Fahim - Phantom Nights

“Burning bridges falling down/ underground with bloodhounds/ weak ****** all drown/ see the evil all around” West Coast legend DJ Muggs of Soul Assassins and Cypress Hill fame released his latest project with Tha God Fahim, entitled Dump Assassins.


DJ Muggs, Tha God Fahim ft Your Old Droog - Tales from the Firehouse

“Went from Swedish to swordfishes” crazy wordplay from Your Old Droog on this


DaVido - Intro

“Yeah, Jah be my savior oh God/ badman keep me on guard” DaVido released his third studio album, A Good Time, which overall solidifies his current status as one of the best artists out of Africa.


DaVido - If

“If I tell you say I love you o/ my money my body na your own o baby” Initially released back in 2017, this track has bodied the charts from Nigeria to America ever since.


DaVido - Fall

“Money fall on you, banana fall on you, Prada fall on you oh, 'cause, I'm in love with you oh, eeh” More 🔥🔥🔥 see above.


Kxng Crooked - Legend

“In Seattle murder rapping like the Grim Reaper/ in one day the homie Ryan got me ten features” More bars from the Weeklys sessions.


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