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October 13-20, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Black Moon ft Method Man & General Steele - Ease Back

“Method Man, I’m with Buckshot now buck shots/ who got the props like Buck, here’s where the buck stops” Method Man and Buckshot together for the first time and they both sound incredible.


Black Moon - Creep Wit Me

“Yeah it’s been a long time/ since I’ve been in the game spitting raw rhymes” Buckshot, 5 ft, and DJ Evil Dee are back for Black Moon’s fourth studio album, Rise of Da Moon, their first release in over 15 years.


Black Moon - Children of the Night

“Within the night there’s a light, and I’m here to make it bright” Shoutout Black Moon, Boot Camp Clik, and Duck Down Records still representing Brooklyn and classic hip-hop music.


Black Moon - Da Don Flow

“The main man of the show/ lil Buckshot, I branded the flow” Buckshot really does have a legendary sound that dates all the way back to Black Moon’s debut in 1993.


Smoke DZA, Benny The Butcher - Drug Rap

“Stay on point, hope you cover your hand (Uh)/ I don't question the unknowns, it was all in the plans/ ****** morals be fucked up, they blaming' the Xans/ you told on a ***** who told on a ***** who told on your mans” Produced by Pete Rock, this is one of the highlights off Smoke DZA and Benny The Butcher’s collaborative tape Statue of Limitations.


Smoke DZA, Benny The Butcher - Toast

“Middleman, nobody jacking your links/ you an internet ***** nobody care what you actually think” DZA


Kash Doll ft Big Sean - Ready Set

“Ready set, better yet/ got this bitch rocking like we never left” A highlight off Kash Doll’s debut album, Stacked, featuring fellow Detriot native Big Sean.


Gucci Mane ft Youngboy Never Broke Again & DaBaby - Richer Than Errybody

“Drive the McLaren, I'm bendin' corners (Skrrt)/ I ride through the six with that burner on me” A Lex Luger production off Gucci’s 14th studio album, Woptober II.


Gucci Mane ft Megan The Stallion - Big Booty

“Big old ass is heavy, shake that shit like jelly/ put me on your plate and slurp that shit up like spaghetti” Gucci & The Stallion


Gucci Mane - Highly Recommended

“I'm 'bout them racks like Venus (Racks), but I don't play no tennis (Venus)/ my smile done brought me millions (Smile), so shoutout to my dentist (Shoutout)” Gucci!


Lil Zay Osama - Talk to Me Crazy

“I feel every kiss, every hug/ you I can't let go of/ I see you, I just want some (just want some)/ wrap my arms 'round you and make love” A highlight off Chicago artist Lil Zay Osama’s Hood Bible album.


Wretch 32 - Winning

“Distinctive, brother, I don't even look like me anymore/ it's just fish for the brother, I don't even like the sight of meat anymore” British emcee Wretch 32 released his fifth studio album, Upon Reflection, and this track produced by Sons of Sonix is one of the highlights.


Wretch 32 - Spin Around

“From the circle, I'm circlin' the Benz/ late nights, we were circling' the ends/ doin’ donuts in the circle with my friends/ tryna make the kings meal, that's how you circulate the bread” More flame out of the UK.


Katy Perry - Harleys in Hawaii

“Boy, tell me, can you take my breath away? Cruisin' down a heart-shaped highway” A promotional single off Katy Perry’s upcoming fifth studio album.


Russ ft Bia - BEST ON EARTH

“I might have to fly her out to Mykonos/ or maybe to Japan so I can hit her like I'm Ichiro” A promotional single off Russ’ third studio album, Shake the Snow Globe.


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