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October, 1922 "Peril at Delphi"

[Depicted in Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi, the first novel in the series published by Bantam Books, written by author Rob MacGregor - released in 1991]

  • By 1922, Indy was enrolled in a graduate program at the Sorbonne in Paris, where he meets another aspiring archaeologist by the name of René Belloq.

  • While majoring in linguistics he also chooses to take additional courses in Greek archaeology, where he develops a strong attraction towards his professor Dorian Belecamus, whom also invites Indiana on an archaeological dig in Greece. 

  • The prize would be evidence related to the sacred knowledge once bestowed to the highest priestess known as the Pythia or 'Oracle of Delphi,' which had possibly now returned due to a recent earthquake. 

  • Under her spell Indiana does not realize that Belecamus has all the wrong intentions, and is seducing him so he can find the oracle which the professor will then use to seize control and power. 

  • Her plan is to ultimately assassinate and overthrow King Constantine and have Indiana blamed for her crimes, yet she is inadvertently killed by a bullet intended for her student, whom as a result is able to spare the life of the King.

  • Thus while ‘studying abroad’ Indiana is able to prevent the assassination of: 

  • Constantine I of Greece - King of Greece from 1913-17 & 1920-22, who led the Hellenic Army (Greek Military) during the successful Balkan Wars where Greece was able to take over Thessaloniki, which is today it’s second largest city with over one million inhabitants. 

  • Famous mythology that inspires in this adventure are:

  • Pythia aka Oracle of Delphi - highest priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, who were renowned for their prophecies that were given to them directly by the spirit of God (in this case Apollo). From 7th century BC to 4th century AD the Pythian priestess was considered the most distinguished and prominent oracle amongst the Greeks, and by many was considered to be the most powerful woman of the classical world.  

  • Locations in this adventure are:

  • Sorbonne - aka Collège de Sorbonne -  originally the historic house of the University of Paris, that is still used today for high education and research institutions.

  • Delphi - ancient sanctuary that held the seat of Pythia, considered to be the center of the world and is now recognized as a World Heritage Site.


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