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October 20-27, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Tank ft Keith Sweat & Candice Boyd - Do You

“Do you like the way that I make you scream?/ Do you like the way that it make you sing?/ Do you like the size of this diamond ring?/ Do you like that I can give you anything?” 🔥🔥🔥 R&B music in 2019, this one is even giving me LSG vibes 🔥🔥🔥


Tank ft JoJo - Somebody Else

“I'm not myself when I'm with you/ I'm somebody else” A nice duet off Tank’s ninth studio album, ELEVATION.


Tank ft Chris Brown - Dirty (Remix)

“You know I love when you do me dirty, babe” Lowkey Chris Brown and Tank have collaborated often in recent years, and with a sample of Keith Sweat’s “Twisted” this is probably their best track to date.


Kanye West - Follow God

“Lookin' for a bright light, Sigel, what your life like/ riding on a white bike, feeling like Excitebike (Stretch my hands to You)” Kanye samples Whole Truth’s 1974 track, “Can You Lose By Following God” for one of the highlights off his ninth studio album, JESUS IS KING.


Kanye West - On God

“In '03, they told me not to drive/ I bleached my hair for every time I could've died/ but I survived, that's on God/ I've been tellin' y'all since '05/ the greatest artist restin' or alive/ that's on L.A. Reid, that's on Clive/ that's no Jive, that's on God” Produced by Pi’erre Bourne, CAMEone, Boogz, and Kanye himself, this instrumental is ridiculous and I love all 2 minutes and 16 seconds of it, this is post-Graduation Kanye at his finest.


Logic, Dwn2earth - OCD

“New Prada shoes, no shoestrings (Skrrt, skrrt)/ closet full of kicks like Liu Kang/ we was just dreamers, broken leaders/ on the low, rollin' weed up, now they see us/ in that drop-top Beamer (Skrrt, skrrt!)/ feel like ODB, feeling OCD” Thought to be a promotional single off Logic’s sixth studio album, No Pressure, the real story here is the contributions from Atlanta artist Dwn2earth, who from my research is an apprentice of Madeintyo.


Apollo Brown ft Chris Orrick, Magestik Legend - Thoughts in Mind

“I'm trying to find that moment to rewind back/ tell me where the time went/ show me where my mind's at'” Detroit’s Apollo Brown released his 24th credited project, Sincerely, Detroit, and this self-produced track is a breath of fresh air.


Victoria Monet - Ass Like That

“He wanna know how she get that ass like that/ how she get that ass like that” The first time I heard Victoria Monet was on her featured chorus with Nas on “You Wouldn’t Understand” off the Life is Good album, and ever since then she’s officially made her mark as Ariana Grande’s main songwriter and hitmaker, leading up to this single set to be released off her debut album.


Xavier Omar, Sango - Deep End

“You can depend on me/ you can depend on me/ girl, you can depend on me in the deep end/ I won't let us drown, I won't let you down” San Antonio-based singer Xavier Omar and Seattle producer Sango team up for their debut collaborative project, Moments Spent Loving You, and from start to finish it’s pure soul music.


Xavier Omar, Sango ft Wale & Van Jess - Just Get Here

“She said, ‘Babe, are you busy? Do you mind comin' over to visit? I mean, like, could you be here in a minute? I'm missin' you more than I usually do’” This album has melodies for days and Wale is perfect for this 🔥🔥🔥


Xavier Omar, Sango - Say It

“I just wanna say what I wanna say/ will you hear what I say if I ever say it?” More vibes off Moments Spent Loving You, one of the best R&B albums of 2019 hands down.


Xavier Omar, Sango - The Risk

“I play a losin' game/ seen so many people never be the same/ and I don't really wanna go through the pain/ for God's sake, I've had enough” From intro to outro Xavier Omar and Sango caught one of the best of the year.


38 Spesh ft Rj Payne & Che Noir - New York State of Mind

“Lost Boys but I was never Peter Pan/ Joey Crack my cocaine is Joey Pelligrino tan” 38 Spesh and company over the classic DJ Premier instrumental, off the 1994 mixtape.


38 Spesh ft Fred the Godson & Rain910 - Mass Appeal

“They say I’m in a popular space/ I won’t stop until I’m driving a Wraith/ I know the block is in place/ shoot her via text message I just copy and paste” RIP Fred the Godson 🙏 over another DJ Premier classic.


38 Spesh ft Benny the Butcher and Conway - Never Seen a Man Cry

“Streets still callin' me, that silverware talk to me, and tell me it can make my family wealthy as the Carnegie's/ city has some work for me, my aunt had a job for me/ I told bruh to tell unc' I wasn't home if he called for me” New York hip-hop is alive and well.


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