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September 1-8, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Childish Major ft Johnny Venus & Buddy - Not Numb

“Low-key embarrassed, we talkin' 'bout me and parents/ when I'm writing songs, my pen put you in lyrics/ when we steppin' out, I flaunt you/ classic case of catching feelings, man, it'll haunt you/ ‘cause now I think I want you” Childish x EARTHGANG x Buddy = super 🔥🔥🔥


Childish Major - Necessary Pressure

“Yeah, black Bond, no job havin'/ a block from Hell, how niggas supposed to find Heaven?” Childish Major released his debut album, Dirt Road Diamond, and without a doubt, it’s one of the best surprises of the year.


Childish Major - To My Little Homies

“****** that hate you on your birthday/ deny you on your best day/ whisper all your blessings, screamin' out your mistakes” More bars from the Atlanta native with close affiliations to Spillage Village and Dreamville records.


Childish Major ft Ludacris - No Sweat

“In June, July they get real crazy, with them duke daisies/ goin' lighter on makeup, could finally see what she made of” Luda 🔥🔥🔥


Childish Major - Pull Up Game Crazy

“Like we back in high school and fuckin' on them backroads/ used to have the Camry and a Tammy and some burnt CDs/ Jagged Edge and Pretty Rick get her wetter, it seems/ she be so sweet when we in class, but after school she a freak” Coming-of-age back-in-the-day raps over Jake One production 🔥🔥🔥


Childish Major - Bro

“I ain't promising no fathers I'ma marry they daughters/ and I ain't promising no mamas that I'm better than fathers/ that left too early, pulling up to graduations too late/ that pull up to all the weddings while they cutting the cake/ that decide to say they sorry when they battling fate” Co-produced by Ron Gilmore this is more flame off Dirt Road Diamond, that throughout showcases Childish Major’s talent for introspective relationship raps, more often than not the best kind of raps.


Childish Major ft Tish Hyman - Dream Went Bad

“Flippin' through the dictionary, tryna find a last word/ fuck it, I'ma let you have it since you want it that bad/ no sympathy for them tears, feel like you wanna be sad/ all in the moment/ but if we separate, just know I wait on your call/ and if it never comes through, I'm back to punching these walls” A trip down memory lane about a child missing his father, Childish Major is one of the most complete artists coming out of Atlanta, Georgia.



“Top down (Yeah)/ and I'm floating' through the city, yeah, yeah, yeah” Produced by none other than Childish Major, this is one of the standout tracks on EARTHGANG’s highly anticipated debut album on Dreamville records, Mirrorland, a follow-up to their three previous Dreamville EP’s, Rags, Robots, and Royalty.


EARTHGANG ft T-Pain - Tequila

“Good God, so stressed/ perfect day to drink tequila... guess I'll see you when I see you” Produced by Elite, this hook by Doctor Dot is wild and let us not overlook T-Pain (not T-Plain) on a Dreamville track (eyes)


EARTHGANG ft Kehlani - Trippin

“But you always be trippin', baby/ swear it's always an issue lately/ but you know I'm gon' miss you, baby/ but I can't get through lately” Originally written with the hook intended for Ari Lennox, even without Dreamville’s First Lady this one is a vibe.


EARTHGANG ft Arin Ray - Stuck

“I'm stuck to you/ I'm sorry I can't get loose” Mirrorland is a particular vibe that reminds me of Outkast meets D’angelo meets George Clinton and the Funkadelics.


Miles Davis ft Lalah Hathaway - So Emotional

“My heart tells me, it's safe to believe/ that I can trust what I feel/ because this love is real” Originally recorded and then scrapped in 1985, the album Rubberband was finally released in 2019 (34 years later), and this track with Lalah Hathaway vocals is one of the highlights.


Miles Davis - Carnival Time



Ras Kass ft Gift3d - Street Superstar

“In the foreign or the old school/ sippin' champagne or malt liquor/ playing by our own rules/ surrounded by Cinderella in them glass slippers” Ras Kass released his third credited solo album, Soul on Ice 2, a sequel to his debut album in 1996, and a follow up to ‘98’s Rasassination, and this J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League-produced track is one of the standouts.


Ras Kass ft Everlast - The Long Way

“Midtown, '88, Venice and La Brea/ 17, graffiti writing, fly Rhymesayer” Everlast is alive and well!


Rass Kass ft Snoop Dogg - LL Cool J

“Girl, you know my get down from back younger/ used to mix the grape Kool-Aid and bird thunder” Not sure what ‘bird thunder’ is in reference to, but this is a funky track produced by Felony Muzik and featuring the Snoop D O double G.


Shoreline Mafia ft Curren$y - Chandelier

"Bitch, it's just dough, grind up, get some more/ it ain't hard to tell apart the Wraith in front the corner store/ bought some chips and Powerade, I bought my bitch and fired her off/ scratched off like my tires itching, I'm that *****” A decent cut off the Party Pack, Vol. 2 mixtape, and R.I.P. Mac P Dawg who was a Shoreline Mafia affiliate that was shot and killed the following year.


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