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#6 Calicoe


Bars/Wordplay 9

"I had a problem with Dot Mobb before, I told Rex let's just let bygones be bygones, no we got into it, so we just let bygones be bygones, which means we at war, so I just buy guns and buy guns, they goin both ways, I'm letting my guns be bi-guns" One of the most underrated MCs in battle rap, although he’s probably rated appropriately when it comes to the word play. Calicoe has always been respected for speaking to what he knows, that shoebox money lifestyle, and he paints a picture so vivid that you know he really lived it. While he’s perhaps the antithesis of Lux with his approach, it’s not as if he doesn’t come correct with his pen every time, and sometimes his personals cut so deep that he’s able to make his opponents (and their cheerleaders) act emotional...

Delivery/Performance 10

"For some reason them Harlem ***** get slack, for talking all that crazy shit in their slick raps, and they talk all this money shit like they get stacks, like packin the mac in the back of the ac, man that shit wack, why the fuck would i ride with the mac in the back of the ac, IN DETROIT WE RIDE WITH IT ON OUR LAP." THIS is where Calicoe is the most underrated, with incredible power in his delivery that has made a few of his opponents wish they were someplace else. A good example of this is when he battled K Shine (and the rest of Dot Mobb) and despite all their theatrics Calicoe’s demeanor never waivered, instead he stood his ground by himself with an overall presence as if he had the strength of 5 men, a critical moment in his career that separated himself in regards to performance. Another more recent moment was his all-up-in-you-AND-your-6-foot-5-bodyguards-space delivery vs Pat Stay during an away game (Pat had more fans in that audience), where he really did outclass another legend which once again put himself on another stratosphere as far as this category is concerned.

Originality 9

"They say Calicoe about to dumb out, only reason I took this battle because it's in Jersey and Suge thought I wouldn't come out, and I'm an asshole, the type of ***** that gotta prove something, I'm in the middle of Jersey you want me gone then move something " Only not his best quality because there’s so many others that have the same content, even if Cal comes off as more “believable.” Ultimately no matter if it’s perception or reality one fact can't be debated, Calicoe is 1 of 1000 battle rappers that talk that street shit, he just happens to be the best one.

Versatility/Jokes 9

"But you 6'6'' and never played a sport in your life, you think that we can't tell, you from Canada you couldn't make it the CFL, not even the NHL, oh he'd rather just run his DSLs but the chopper like a hockey stick for him and his whole Nazi clique, he tried to blend in with the crowd, while I cock my shit, you a 6'6'' white boy you can not be missed, keep on talking tough I'm a rock your shit, you probably think you got a chance cause you been at home studying Rocky 6" Cal is versatile enough within his framework,even if he's not likely to go left field with anything. However his flexibility in his performance allows him to get different reactions, in other words he’s versatile enough to make his opponent feel wack and his audience feel a wide range of emotions.

Freestyle/Rebuttals 10

(The O-Red improv comedy sketch)... and (basically anytime he's pressed in a battle and it just makes him get that much more disrespectful), Either way here's another category where Cal may be a lil underrated, yet that’s only because he doesn’t showcase this enough. Although they’re more likely to be simple straightforward rebuttals that are far from complex, in his case they’re more to the point and they get the job done. He also has demonstrated his ability to freestyle rather impressively (mind you outside the battle with B Magic), which again is a skill that the vast majority of rappers in general could never do. For that reason Calicoe is a low 10 in this category but a 10 all the same, as he clearly has the skills to spit that heat with no rehearsal.

Impact/Brand 9

"After a ***** battle me I make em feel wack, because there's a different between metaphors and real rap, LANDSLIDE!!!" Probably the best slogan yet in harmony with his underrated status, Calicoe as a brand deserves better. In some ways in fact he reminds me of The Game, from the standpoint that he raps about the same shit everyone else does except in his case he’s actually better and more believable, while somehow his lesser contemporaries get more shine from the fans and the media. Nonetheless Calicoe is still a household name in battle rap, and while he could market himself better to even be a bigger draw in the sport, he still has a reputation where you better come correct if you stand in front of him.

Views/Numbers/Multiple Formats 10

"I don't even know why you in my country I don't believe in immigration, I see them ***** on my comments, I see all them ***** hating... Pat why you ain't get disrespectful yet, you got all these ***** waiting.... HIS FIRST TIME IN AMERICA, I MADE HIM FEEL WACK, CAUSE THERE'S A DIFFERENT BETWEEN METAPHORS AND REAL RAP, LANDSLIDE..." Cal gets views, with 4 million 3 million and 2 million all up and down his resume. In fact on YouTube he has 8 battles over the 1 million mark on a variety of different formats, with 2 more on the cusp of reaching a million which would put his total at 10. He’s done it at URL, UW, and KOTD, and it would be hard to ask for anything more.

No Stumbles/Chokes 9

Although not immune to stumbling you’d be hard pressed to see Cal with a complete choke, far different than Lux completely forgetting his rhymes against him, providing a firm example of what’s indeed the difference between a stumble and a choke. Calicoe also should lose a point however for backing out of a recent battle with Ill Will, proclaiming that he simply wasn’t ready for that action, not a clean look for an MC of his stature by any means.

Stays Active/Consistency 9

"Ice was homie, he went across your shit cause he don't play that, Math was homie, he went across Mook's shit cause he don't play that, ask your homie (Louie XIV), when you apologize he made you say that" In some ways Calicoe is active enough, however he put most of his work in years ago while more recently his name is seldom seen on battle cards, which considering his talent inevitably takes steam away from the events. In theory it makes sense for Cal to be strategic at this point in his career, however similar to Hollow and Mook it would be advantageous for the sport to see Calicoe on stage more often.

Bodybags 10

"Smack security tight I hope the staff save you, only reason Mook signed to a cash label, cause they felt sorry about them 12 staples" Although somewhat having become the image for what it means to get bodybaged in recent years (the Lux battle was blown out of proportion but it’s still a body), Calicoe has bodys to his name as well, even if they resemble debatables more until he ultimately distances himself before it’s over (Pat, Shine). Yet one bodybag to his name doesn’t get talked about enough, which was when Calicoe absolutely annihilated Hitman Holla in front of Snoop Dogg at Gladiator School, with bootleg footage still up on the net that is the absolute definition of a body.

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