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#16 The Man Who Knew Too Much (American)

A thriller that’s packed to the brim with suspense, this film is about a distinguished American couple who are in search for their son who’s been kidnapped in Morocco. The script is incredibly tense as it should be, and the cinematography filmed on location in Marrakesh certainly gives the film an authentic feel; considering how our prestigious Americans look like nothing more than a couple of fish out of water. Those fish would be Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day who certainly turn in noteworthy performances if not completely groundbreaking. If nothing else they do capture the angst and pressure that the script calls for, and their roles truly are memorable highlighted by a famous song that calls for peace and harmony during great adversity; because after all, whatever will be will be. Que Sera, Sera was introduced in this film and won the Academy Award for best song, therefore cementing it as an undeniable contribution to the Hitchcock catalogue that the singer/actress Doris Day was able to deliver. However that’s not the only significant music of the film, as the climactic scene follows the unraveling of a deadly plot over the percussion of the London Symphony Orchestra. That scene is the crowning jewel of the film, and puts a finishing touch on an overall very impressive body of work.

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