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#21 To Catch A Thief

A romantic thriller starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, the ‘cat burglar’ Hitchcock film is beautiful in its look yet rather dull in its script. In fact despite an all star cast it is the cinematography that is the true superstar of the film, as the south of France had never looked more delightful until Hitchcock got his hands on it. The story revolves around a retired jewel thief who is out to clear his name since a ‘copycat’ has been terrorizing the French Riviera, but of course nobody would believe that it isn’t him. The real culprit is played by the spunky and fearless Jesse Royce Landis who was casted perfectly for her role opposite the more elegant and distinguished Ms. Kelly. A fun fact between the two is that Kelly was actually a year younger than Landis despite being given the more mature role in comparison to the ‘teenager’. There is chemistry between Grant and both leading ladies while another nice touch is the addition of John Williams, playing the reliable confidant somewhat reminiscent of his classic performance in Dial M For Murder. With a legitimate twist well crafted into the storyline this is a decent Hitchcock film that thrives on it’s beauty simply because it knows better.

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