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July 24-31

Legacy Track of the Week: J Cole - Jermaine's Interlude

“how the fuck do I look, when I brag to you about some diamond? said all that I could say, now I play with thoughts of retirement” man…. his first verse in 9 months? last one was the second verse on Night Job? I speculated he may retire for a bevy of different reasons I’ll get into later at some point, but i don’t know how you can walk away from something when you know it’s your purpose. Then again he already has given us 3 albums, 3 mixtapes, 3+ ep’s, 2 group projects, about 30 features, 30 more miscellaneous records, and a live album, and I don’t blame him for starving us with new music until we go back to acknowledge his catalogue. Never forget he has timeless records that never even made projects, and in a fly by night industry where music comes and goes, Cole isn’t the type of artist that needs to be a trending topic to do well. Even still we know he has more to give… and I also know if he walks away from the game he could never be replaced.

Mac Miller ft Anderson Paak - Dang!

"Can't concentrate, you're always on my brain, if it's love then why the fuck it come with pain?" Mac does well but Anderson Paak annihilates this on top of exceptional production from Pomo - overall it's a solid contribution from everybody and this is a feel good track that we all should be able to enjoy.

Schoolboy Q ft Anderson Paak - Blank Face

"I should be flyin' home without a care, my baby don’t want no toys, she want me there, I trade the noise for a piece of divine, I savor my coins for a piece of the land" Anderson Paak is just about obliterating every single instrumental he touches at this point, one of the most talented artists in all of music and he flexes again on this record with Schoolboy Q (who simply adds his voice and 12 light bars as the co-pilot to Paak who really is the one who takes this home)

Schoolboy Q ft SZA - Neva Change

"Paranoid, the cop that keep my gear in park, pull me out the car to give me Black Thought, but fuck it, this shit's all kinda player, this shit my mama flavor, this that raised by your granny, pistols and Now & Laters" Now Schoolboy is snappin, this one of the best records I've heard with his name on it as not only his delivery A1 but the content is significant as well. Furthermore crazy production from Lawrence Dopson and DJ Dahi help potentially make this the best record off the Blank Face lp, which is a solid project from Schoolboy all around.

Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Betty Wright - Holy Key

“The land of the wicked, the foundation of Lucifer's spirit, walking zombies and spellcatchers, I pray for forgiveness” Both Kendrick and Sean are at their best in this record, touching on religious themes in regards to their spirituality, by narrating the world’s evils all the while providing some hope and inspiration. Usually I’m rather impartial to when Kendrick changes his voice and delivery to such an extreme, yet this time it really works and whether it’s an acquired taste or not, you can’t dispute that he’s always moving the needle and elevating records with his presence every time.

Future, Rick Ross, YG, Yo Gotti- Fuck Up The Club

“They want too much for the taxes, I got my money in walls, I got all the bitches ***** I got all the sauce” This song is FLAAAAAAAAAAMES, crazy how much I like this song after 1,2 listens I ultimately played it back about another 10 times, this song definitely is good for the vibe and i co sign it heavily. They all snapped but Ross floated on this and Future did his thing on the hook. Good song all around.

Dave East - Couple Reasons I'm Popular

"Still gettin' calls from my custy's, 6 floor *****, I was dusty, I was hittin' from the back doin' my dougie, But not right now, I know you really want a picture *****, not right now" Nas protege snaps on the Drake 'For Free' instrumental, no hook/song structure needed for this, just per usual from East who seems to keep bars on deck and is able to rap well on anything. [Stove Top from a couple weeks back is fire as well]

Pusha T ft Jeremih - Paid

"We know the risk and the payoff, you only live once, so we never take a day off" decent contribution from both artists off The Land soundtrack.

Jidenna - Little Bit More

"She was made for my eyes, we escape at times, and I'ma need the whole night, and a little bit more..." Jidenna may not be a 1 hit wonder after all, as while this probably won't catch on like Classic Man, it's still just as good of a record and will do you right for a summer night in Miami no problem.

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