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Major Key (8/10)

While it may seem strange that the SnapChat King has had the highest anticipated project of the summer, DJ Khaled’s compilation album is thankfully more than just internet noise, and it actually has a lot of great music on it up and down. Yet as much of a mystery that Khaled really is there’s no reason to get into any in depth back story on his artistry, and therefore like we always do at LegacyArtsMedia let’s get right into the content track by track.

Jay Z & Future - I Got The Keys

“My swag different, that bag different, my wife Beyonce, I brag different, my baby Blu, I dream in colors…” These are the days of the pinch hitter Jay, pop up every summer and hit us with 30 light bars and then take the Phantom to the Hamptons to watch his net worth grow. Rap’s greatest businessman still can rap a lil bit too, with his classic delivery that he’s still got in his bag after all these years, and enough of those moments where you repeat those bars in your head whether you say it’s fire or not. Future with a forgettable hook here, I’m not mad but don’t praise this one, it’s Jay showing up on this track that saves it’s life.

Drake - For Free

“Fuck for free, I know you working day and night to get a college degree, bet nobody that you been with even know you a freak, right, you know you only do that for me, right” This one is almost too commercial for me and I never say shit like that. I like the raps though and the production is money as well, I’m not mad at this at all. Played it back many times and this is Drake really rapping (about what he raps about) and so if you like Drake this is a good record right here.

Nas- Nas Album Done

“To all my Ghost supporters, go support us, like a local black owned grocery store” Great news for anyone who loves hip hop, Nas album is done and that revelation is really what makes this song significant, even though let’s not overlook the two fire verses and a wavy hook that makes it clear Nas sword is still sharp - and I’d anticipate that he’s been cooking these last two years and he's got another one… [quick side note, his last 5 albums are Life Is Good, Untitled, Hip Hop Is Dead, Street’s Disciple, and God’s Son - that’s a better resume right there than 95% of any rapper under the age of 35 - yet I’ve seen trolls on the internet disrespecting Nas and on this site we know that those people hate their mother - so we hope they find peace despite the fact that they likely have no soul.

Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Betty Wright - Holy Key

“The land of the wicked, the foundation of Lucifer's spirit, walking zombies and spellcatchers, I pray for forgiveness” Both Kendrick and Sean are at their best in this record, touching on religious themes in regards to their spirituality, by narrating the world’s evils all the while providing some hope and inspiration. Usually I’m rather impartial to when Kendrick changes his voice and delivery to such an extreme, yet this time it really works and whether it’s an acquired taste or not, you can’t dispute that he’s always moving the needle and elevating records with his presence every time.

J Cole - Jermaines Interlude

“Smokin' weed to get by again, no, actually I'm lyin’, cause smokin' it got me smilin’, and rhyming like I rhyme, way back when I would play the violin, thought that shit wasn't cool, momma sorry, I just stopped tryin' it, paid for your house, In hopes there'd be no more reason for cryin’, That shows you how stupid I am, cause ***** is out here dying, from police that flash the siren, and pull up and just start firin’, ***** murkin' each other, in murky water I try and swim, how the fuck do I look, when I brag to you about some diamond? said all that I could say, now I play with thoughts of retirement” man…. his first verse in 9 months? last one was the second verse on Night Job? I speculated he may retire for a bevy of different reasons I’ll get into later at some point (see tweet above), but i don’t know how you can walk away from something when you know it’s your purpose. Then again he already has given us 3 albums, 3 mixtapes, 3+ ep’s, 2 group projects, about 30 features, 30 more miscellaneous records, and a live album, and I don’t blame him for starving us with new music until we go back to acknowledge his catalogue. Never forget he has timeless records that never even made projects, and in a fly by night industry where music comes and goes, Cole isn’t the type of artist that needs to be a trending topic to do well. Even still we know he has more to give… and I also know if he walks away from the game he could never be replaced.

Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future, Rick Ross - Do You Mind

“I'm just tryna get to know ya, get a little closer, maybe post up, do you mind? do you mind? do you mind?” This song might not a be major key but it definitely is low-key fire, with an arrangement of good features that usually would feel like too many chefs in the kitchen, yet this time it comes together quite nicely over the Lover & Friends sample - which is destined to be sure thing every time. [quick side note - even if they’re both using the same subject matter - ross just sounds better than future - he's just a better overall MC - just my humble opinion]

Kodak Black, Jeezy, French Montana - Pick These Hoes Apart

“I'm just a regular ***** from the bottom, I hope you ain't one of them hoes that like to gossip, first I eat it then I beat it just like Michael, yeah, I rap but I consider myself an idol….” A wavy record I suppose, not sure if it’s for the strip club or the trap or both, but either way if you like these kind of records this one will definitely suffice - nonetheless if you’re tired of these records and feel that they’ve oversaturated the genre to the point of defaming the art form - then this one gets a QUICK SKIP with no looking back.

Future, Rick Ross, YG, Yo Gotti- Fuck Up The Club

“They want too much for the taxes, I got my money in walls, I got all the bitches ***** I got all the sauce” This song is FLAAAAAAAAAAMES, crazy how much I like this song after 1,2 listens I ultimately played it back about another 10 times, this song definitely is good for the vibe and i co sign it heavily. They all snapped but Ross floated on this and Future did his thing on the hook. Good song all around.

Big Sean, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz - Work For It

"Damn I think about to leave the one I'm with, start a new relationship, with you..." Production on this album is allllll good. Sean puts down one of his best verses in recent time with an Usher flow followed by his own flow which flows into the hook… and it’s just a smooth track all around. Gucci’s sound works here as well and if you like 2 Chainz (as we all moderately should) then he did his numbers as well.

Jadakiss, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes & Kent Jones - Don’t Ever Play Yourself

“Fuck fallin back, I need all of that, I need my name in the Cocaine almanac, a real dope boy put me in the Hall of Smack, we went to job interviews they ain’t call us back” - “First things first don’t you ever play yourself” and do not lie and pretend they aren’t spittin on this, whether you want to say they fell off or not, they didn’t show that here - fire 16’s from 2 (Fab & Jada) of the best NY spitters that are holding the city down correctly. Good verse from Joe and I could do without the verse from Busta but actually it’s kinda alright, and that verse from Kent Jones just put the world on notice - i’m locked in.

Travis Scott & Lil Wayne - Tourist

“Wayne's world, party time, excellent, she might be a tourist and terrorist, a Hells Angels actin like she’s Heaven sent, Lord, we can go sight seein' and all that, she can be wifey and all that, She’s the tourist, I’m the tour guide, cause he just bullshit, I hit bullseye” This one of the best verses from Wayne I’ve heard in a minute, and if he actually raps like this on his upcoming album he has all the potential in the world for a comeback. Travis Scott's verse is humorous as well and this is the ultimate Twitter/DM/Flyout record.

Meghan Trainor, Wiz Khalifa, Wale - Forgive Me Father

“They look up to you so don’t slack on it, it’s a blessing you know that you’re talented” I’m not serious but Wiz has some nerve showing up on all these types of records with Meghan Trainor and Katy Perry and such, but I can’t knock the hustle because that type of company can make you triple platinum, yet in this case this is just a cool decent record that basically gives the album sone nice closure.

Mavado - Progress

"Man fi go through life without no stress, be friends wid some people that’s hopeless, cause dem a nuh nuh progress” Not sure if it’s a bonus record or this is the real closure, either way this is one of the best songs on an album that keeps on hitting. I can ride out to this no problem and I’m glad this came out in the summer. Like Khaled says he got another one, and I can never question his status in the game any longer, even if I still have no idea what he does.

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