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December 10-17

Legacy Track of the Week: Jeezy ft J Cole & Kendrick Lamar - American Dream

“Got money to make, blow out the candles then cut up the cake, then I put it on plate, I'm running the game, you running in place, still a youngin' at heart, but mentally, bitch I'm a hunnid'-and-eight, like Pun in the late 90s, my ***** is juggling weight” It’s crazy how one verse can fuck up the game… and honestly Cole does that as well as anybody, where when you think about it a Cole verse is as coveted and desired as much as any artist today - in addition to Kendrick and Drake whom I argue come second and third in this category respectively. Nobody fucks up a rewind button like Cole, and let’s not forget that if he quote it he wrote it and that puts him in another category by itself. All the same on this record Cole is in storytelling mode and once again steals the show, where not even Jeezy’s energy or Kendrick’s creativity could outshine Cole’s natural ability that is truly unmatched by all his contemporaries. One day it would be nice however to hear Cole and Kendrick really go after one another, and when that day comes there’s no doubt music history will be made. Yet until then respect Cole’s legendary status and never ever question his impact again.


N.E.R.D. ft Kendrick Lamar - Don’t Don’t Do It

“They tell you pull over, tell you get out the car, (something says), don't do it, don't don't do it” Inspired by the murder of Keith Lamont Scott by way of police in North Carolina, in addition to all the other countless incidents of police brutality in recent years (and those are only the one’s you hear about), this record produced by Pharrell exemplifies the mistrust the general public has against law enforcement - and based on the history of the universe all of that is for good reason. Separate from it’s political message however the music is also very much on point and Kendrick laces his verse as well, this is definitely a strong record to close out the year.


N.E.R.D. - ESP

“You got energy, but you ain't gonna use it, you got so much time, but you ain't gonna use it, you got so much space, but you ain't gonna use it, you got a great big mind, but you ain't gonna use it” ESP is apparently an abbreviation for extrasensory perception which is a heightened awareness of life outside our five senses, and you don’t even need to be woke to know that this record is nothing but facts only.


N.E.R.D. - Lightning Fire Magic Prayer

“The universal connection to you, where do I begin? mad ethnic, mad ethnic” Another one of the standout cuts off N.E.R.D.’s fifth studio album entitled No One Ever Really Dies, this one is most notable for it’s sample of Retch’s hysterical viral video that continues to be more significant by the day.


Jeezy ft Wizkid & Trey Songz - The Life

“Damn, it's about to be a scene, tonight, when we pull up in them things tonight, yellow golden diamond rings, tonight, we're livin that good life” Trey Songz laces the hook on what’s otherwise one of the many nice highlights off Jeezy’s latest album Pressure.


Jeezy ft Tory Lanez & Rick Ross - Like Them

“I could ride for you baby, fuckin with a ***** like me, know the limit is the sky for you baby, come slide with me, baby” Similar to the above record this is your typical R&B infused record provided this time by Tory Lanez and a rather pedestrian verse from Ross… overall this one is cool yet not necessarily a heater.


Jeezy - Spyder

“Call me Jeezy Young Gotti, 'cause all I beat is odds, sayin that they real when them ***** really fraud, bitch, I came from the bottom, that's right, under the basement, s'posed to leave it in the pot until it's harder than some pavement” Produced by D. Rich the introduction to Pressure is that motivation music that’s exactly what you’d expect from the likes of Jeezy.


Jeezy - This Is It

“The champ here, yeah you ****** gon fall back, funny dressin ass *****, where you sold crack? them alternative facts, that's just a mystery, bought my first 8-ball, the rest was history” Another nice album cut from Jeezy nothing more nothing less.


Jeezy ft Puff Daddy - Bottles Up

“Smokin fire, so, high, para-chute, that, fly, bottles, up hold 'em, high, put ya, rollies, in the, sky” Puff Daddy on the ad libs and this is decent enough if the moment calls for it.


Jeezy - Valet Interlude

“Too many whips sittin in the valet” Honestly it’s hard to quote Jeezy but produced by DjayCas this ‘interlude’ is actually one of the best moments on the tape.


Jeezy - Snow Season

“So you want million dollars, now you got a million reasons, won't stop 'til ya crib lookin' like that Four Seasons” The outro is solid and overall the production makes Pressure an enjoyable listen


Scarface - Concrete Couch (Hot Seat Alternate Version)

“Just waking up, I gotta thank God, fired up a square, that's how my day starts” The Houston legend Scarface is in storytelling mode on this alternate version of another one of his records titled The Hot Seat, which was released on the 2015 album Deeply Rooted, of which years later has now come back to life with the addition of these Lost Files.


Scarface - Live That Life

“Money and greed breed hate and jealousy, one ***** rich the next ***** want it times three” One of the best cuts off the Deeply Rooted: Lost Files project that only solidifies Scarface’s legacy while adding to his already extensive catalogue. Many gems all over this tape.


Scarface - One Day Closer

“Sam was born by the river; Martin, he had a dream, but that don’t mean there will be harmony, Just because the choir sings, fhey say that change gon’ come, so when is change gon’ come? Somebody tell me; somebody tell me…” Scarface is living proof that with age comes wisdom and in some ways he’s even gotten better with time… yet the NRA 2nd amendment bars in the 3rd verse I can do without.


Scarface - Gone (Keepin It Movin Alternate Version)

“If this is love I don't see it, can't make me believe it, you a nice girl, and I'm a hood ***** on some street shit, and yea you know my weakness, sucker for some love type, I come from the slums girl, you come from a good life” Produced by Ben Billions this one is Scarface at his most poetic, and from start to finish the Deeply Rooted: Lost Files project is the essence of Hip Hop in it’s purest form.


Childish Major - Shame

“Shame on me, shame on you, blame on me, blame on you” The artist/producer on the rise by way of Atlanta just released his Woo$ah project, and although it’s an acquired taste I’d say this simplistic breakup record is one of it’s highlights.


Childish Major ft SZA & Isaiah Rashad - Happy Birthday

“You don't even call to say "hi" no more, and yeah I got an attitude, cause everybody showed up except you, everybody show love except you” After a couple listens I’d say the TDE collaborations doesn’t disappoint… however it should be noted that SZA really only lends herself to a few background vocals and her added presence could have amplified the record even more.


Childish Major ft Hero The Band - No Nightmares

“Cause your dreams, dreams right there, and tell that hating ***** ‘no, no, no,’ no nightmares” Truthfully this my favorite record off the Woo$ah tape and by a large margin, where ultimately I was somewhat underwhelmed by the project overall, in spite of the fact that I still think Childish Major is one of the rising stars out of the ATL.


Slim Thug - TWIY

“Police on my dick cause I got 100 cars… we some hood superstars” lmao some more motivation music from another Houston legend, whom to date has the best “Gamecube, Nintendo” rhyme in Hip Hop history


Slim Thug ft Paul Wall - RIP Parking Lot

“Rest in peace to the parking lot, this a quarter mil sitting in my parking spot” TWO Houston legends on the track and this doesn’t motivate you what will?! 🔥🔥🔥💰💰💰🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪🔥🔥


Slim Thug ft Z-Ro & J-Dawg - No Love

“Welcome to Houston, the bottom of the South, if you ain’t from around here you might not make it out” More southern motivation music and this one is super tough 💪💪💪 to be honest all these instrumentals are on point and the producers deserve their credit (although at the moment their unlisted).


Slim Thug ft Big K.R.I.T. - Kingz & Bosses

“If you gon be a boss be a boss, if you gon be a king be a king, if you gon be a bitch stay a bitch, cause ain’t nothing in between” SMH 🔥🔥🔥 that’s a snapple fact 💯


Slim Thug ft Rick Ross & Jack Freeman - Boss Talk

“My old schools is new, only bosses in my crew, I’m a hustler motherfucker, you can’t do what I do” As Slim Thug says himself this is “Southern soul, Cadillac music” at it’s finest.


Slim Thug ft Cam Wallace - Outstanding

“You’re outstanding… girl you knock me out… exciting… it makes me want to shout” Cam Wallace is another Houston resident whose own music career is steadily on the rise with many recent credits to his name… and this time around they remake the Gap Band classic and to very impressive results.


Nipsey Hussle - Rap ******

“V12s in the valley, black on black *****, esse in the valley do my tats *****, white boy in Manhattan pay my tax *****, drive down to the Hamptons to relax *****” More motivation this time all the way from LA to NY 🔥🔥🔥 and this one is set up to be the first single off his new album Victory Lap to be released in February 2018.


Kendrick Lamar ft Zacari - Love

“Feelin like Tyson with it, knock it out twice I'm with it, only for the night I’m kiddin, only for life you're a homie for life, you're a homie for life let’s get it” New visuals off one of the more commercial records off Kendricks latest masterpiece DAMN., making his three album run one of the best in music history.


The Diplomats - Once Upon A Time

“No disrespectin the ladies, word from my team (why), that's the reason Dame smacked Harvey Weinstein (pervert), on the set of Paid In Full, y'all gave him hell about it, some foul shit happened once, Capo, tell em about it” New visuals off the latest Dipset reunion record, which as I’ve stated before isn’t complete until I see JR Writer back in the mix.


Run The Jewels - Call Tricketron

“Beggin' your pardon, Run the Jewels live at the garden, li-li-li-li-li-live from the garden” New visuals off RTJ3 released in late 2016, salute to Run The Jewels for being one of the most creative groups in Hip Hop, this one right here is crazy 🔥🔥🔥

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