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February 11-18, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Cozz ft GARREN - Bout It

“Actin like you showin love but I doubt it, by these snakes I'm surrounded, and I really feel some type of way about it” Produced by longtime collaborator Meez this one right here is a viiiiiiiiibe, honestly one of the best songs of 2018 thus far and that with no Dreamville bias, this is a certified heater by every criteria imaginable - and if the mainstream sleeps on this one then they’re not really listening - you need to add this to your playlists immediately.


Cozz ft Kendrick Lamar - Hustla’s Story

“Yeah you got your car, yeah you got your gold, your money don't fold but your mama still at home, fam don't want your dirty money, you look clean, but your mother sad, your girl felt neglected, now your daughter got another dad” Cozz comes out swinging on his second studio album Effected (the follow up to his impressive debut Cozz & Effect), with nothing but real raps about real life and with no glorification involved when speaking on the life of hustler, yet instead the cold facts of that existence that honestly make for a more thought-provoking record. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have the hook and bridge sung by none other than the legendary Kendrick Lamar, who delivers with his trademark sound that continues to just not miss, cementing his God MC status in the game one record at a time.


Cozz ft J Cole - Zendaya

“Listen, music my flesh and blood, it's been my only love since ye high, I used to play Jay high and Ye high, thinkin one day I would go from fan to fuckin player, I guess I found a way huh, my ***** Cozz wants Zendaya, a side note, I'm rootin for you, I use these bars and start recruitin for you” Their second collaboration and the chemistry continues to develop into something special, with Cole coming through with both the instrumental plus the always anticipated featured verse, complete with the Zendaya reference that’s sure to have his under 21 audience in a panicked frenzy. Meanwhile, Cozz comes correct as well and pays tribute to his mentor, with quotables like "Back in school I was bumpin Cole daily, now I'm writing rhymes in the notebook that Cole gave me, and bro you so crazy, but all I can do is thank you, you threw your boy a lob and shit I ain't even say to” <<< the essence in it’s purest form...


Cozz - Demons N Distractions

“I got these demons on my mind, all we need is five, to get rid of that shit, come smoke with me and let's get high…” This two-part record is absolutely crazy and I co-sign all 4 minutes and 21 seconds of it, whereas both Meez & Cardiak deliver nothing less than incredible production that Cozz floats on effortlessly as he should, yet honestly, the star of this production has to be the director of this video - who absolutely FLEXED 💪 and added an entirely new dimension to a record that was already 🔥🔥🔥


Cozz - Freaky 45

“I mean you cool and all, but do you have an older sister? I guarantee she ain't gon' be mad about no Twitter, ain't gon' be mad about no Insta', ain't gon' be mad about some picture, that I liked from a year ago, I could be right, I could be wrong” So I could speak from experience and say that he’s definitely wrong, yet I get the point and the concept of the record works, where produced by Dreamville veteran Elite this is definitely one of the many highlights off Effected.


Cozz - Effected

“One minute you got a friend til the end then they try to steal yo motherfuckin' ends (man, this life we in), first you all she need in this life of sin then she try to fuck your friends (man, this life we live)” Produced again by Meez the title track definitely has a 2pac ‘Me & My Girlfriend’ vibe to it and here for it, with many quotables provided by Cozz including the 3rd verse when he creatively reminisces on a childhood friend stealing his Pokemon cards, in which it’s obviously the principle of the matter as to why Cozz puts it on record. Regardless you need to press play on this record and hear these cold-blooded stories for yourself, wherein all seriousness this is honestly one of Cozz’s most complete records to date.


Cozz - My Love

“I'm too good of a *****, that's why I gave up on ball, not cause of skill, I just don't deserve to get crossed” smh BARS this was clever and I respect the penmanship 💯


Cozz - Not A Minute More

"Not sayin you a bitch, but don't be misinfomed, time is money and I missed the cause, man I'm trying to make the list of Forbes, tell me *****, what you livin for?” The outro is bars on top of bars on top of bars but this is once again all about the production from Meez, whom as far as I can tell is now officially one of the best-kept secrets in all of Hip Hop.


Frank Ocean - Moon River

“Moon river, wider than a mile, I'm crossing you in style someday (someday, day), a dream maker (maker, maker) my heartbreaker (you heartbreaker), wherever you're goin, I'm goin that way (the same, the same...)” Frank Ocean covers the 1961 ballad featured in Breakfast At Tiffanys and performed by Audrey Hepburn, and released on Valentine’s Day on his Tumblr account this one definitely did what it was supposed to do. Even still those lawsuits are looking shaky but the voice is still immaculate and that’s proven on this particular record as well.


Ne-Yo - Good Man

“So I just wanna be a good man, good man to you girl, that’s all I want to be…” The title track of his upcoming 7th studio album is produced by DJ Camper and samples D’Angelo’s 'Untitled (How Does It Feel'), and ultimately while this is nowhere near as memorable it also doesn’t disappoint.


Nipsey Hussle - Hustle & Motivate

“Pull up in motorcades, I got a show today, it's all I'm tryna do, hustle and motivate, choppers a throwaway, hustle the Hova way, that's why they follow me, huh? They think I know the way” Over the Hard Knock Life sample Nipsey takes us on a high speed chase through Cali with baby momma Lauren London as his getaway driver, and if you think that sounds exciting just wait until you press play on that Victory Lap album in its entirety, be sure to check out next week’s post for all the highlights.


BlocBoy JB ft Drake - Look Alive

“901 Shelby Drive, look alive, look alive ('live), ***** came up on this side, now they on the other side (word, word, word), oh well fuck em dawg we gon see how hard they ride (huh, fuck em) I get racks to go outside and I split it with the guys” Drake lends his patented flow to this up and coming MC out of Memphis that is now officially a local superstar, in which Drake even shouts out locations of the city perhaps out of respect for his own family ties, keeping in mind that Drake’s father and extended family is from the area as well. Nonetheless, thanks to his own midas touch this one is definitely another certified heater.


Drake - God’s Plan

“God's plan, God's plan, I can't do this on my own” To be honest I don’t really have the energy to dissect the concept of this video and people can think what they want, where truth be told I just can’t help but wonder if he got this idea from his favorite battle rapper Hollow Da Don. All jokes aside if you’re paying attention then you know Drake & Hollow have crossed paths before, and the battle rap audience has long known that there’s been a mutual respect for each other's work. Furthermore Hollow spent all of 2017 traveling around the globe and giving back to communities and families through “positive peer pressure,” and truthfully I can’t help but wonder if one of his biggest fans heard the message loud and clear.


Tory Lanez - Skrt Skrt

“Cuz I like freaking, you like sex on the weekend, me too me too” for the models only 👀👀🔥🔥🔥


Tinashe ft Future - Faded Love

“I can feel every breath on the edge of my neck, cigarettes and cologne, just follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me home” 👀👀👀👀 For Tinashe only…


Chris Brown & Joyner Lucas - Stranger Things

“Order Cheesecake Factory, bubblin', why you mumblin'? What you utter? Stop stutterin', what you spend? Let me double it” In this video C Breezy & Joyner Lucas showcase the flow and take turns not really saying nothing, but all the same, the presentation is clean and for the most part, I’m looking forward to their upcoming collaborative project entitled Angels & Demons.

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