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March 18-25, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Royce Da 5’9’’ ft J Cole - Boblo Boat

“That’s for another chapter, that’s for another story, to God be the glory, I made it out unscathed and now I sunbathe with my son in Tanzanian sunrays, thinking bout them days” Cole saves his best bars for the final four (in March no less) and this right here is nothing but madness... honestly though this isn’t even in my Top 50 Cole verses so the hypebeasts need to relax and let the music breathe for a minute, yet even still this unexpected collaboration is definitely enough to get excited about for good reason. For those wondering the Boblo Boat is a reference to the transportation provided to the Boblo Island Amusement Park in Ontario from Detroit, Michigan, and as random as that may seem it’s those type of references that puts artists like Cole & Royce in a special category. Also salute to Royce for allowing Cole to make his directorial debut, hopefully this is the first of many future endeavors.


DJ Esco ft Nas & Future - Walk Thru

“Summer time, S560 all I need, twin turbo charged Benz, don't pull me over when I speed, with my hood Miss America, other pretty women on her body in the area, everybody be sweatin her, a bartender lookin better than a pole stripper, My ex said ‘how this bitch take my whole *****?’" An Esco meets Esco collaboration and this is way better than probably anyone expected, as unlike the March Madness remix this is actually the essence of Nas in his purest form, complete with not one not two but three descriptive verses that tell a story like only he could. Although there are other candidates I’m willing to anoint Nas as the greatest storytelling MC of all time, and records like this suggest that the end of his legendary career is nowhere in sight.


N.E.R.D. ft Rihanna & Drake - Lemon

“I get it how I live it, I live it how I get it, y'all don't really get it, I pull up in a lemon, blocks get to spinnin, Money 3D printin’” Drake comes through and laces the remix for what was the only good moment of the NBA All Star Game, and that was mainly for the dancer because she was in her trick bag that night. Overall this is a catchy tune that exemplifies the appeal of N.E.R.D. and the impact that they continue to make on pop culture to this day.


Wale - Staying Power

“Rap dudes, I'm Zab Judah, hook, cross, jab, jab through em” Wale coasts on this track even if he’s not really saying nothing… this is the best Wale we’ve heard in a minute.


Flatbush Zombies ft Dia - U&I

“Yeah, I'm patiently waiting, but I don't really give a fuck if we ain't in your rotation, I put the heart up on this bitch and can't nobody take it, Brooklyn ***** we take it, Flatbush baby gon make it” Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, & Erick Arc Elliott make up The Flatbush Zombies, and best believe they are about to make some major noise in 2018.


Rich Homie Quan - Long Enough

“I was in the game, I wasn't never watchin from the crowd, in eleventh grade, yeah I had my locker smellin loud, summer of twelfth grade, round the time I made my first child, you see a lot of pain when you shake my hand look at my eyes” As crazy as this sounds Rich Homie Quan just released his official debut solo album on Motown Records… times are definitely changing… nonetheless Rich as in Spirit is decent enough and this is one of the highlights.


Rich Homie Quan - Changed

“I ain't never had shit, I wear my watch when I go to sleep, I put a lil' money in my smile, that the reason I show my teeth” Produced by Cassius Jay aka Trap Sinatra this is another nice moment where it’s evident why the former Rich Gang member has sustained his appeal.


Rich Homie Quan - 4rm Me 2 U

“But I couldn't let my momma struggle, so I got me a job, but she ain't know my job require a gun cause I rob” Elsewhere on this track Quan says verbatim in the hook that “he feels just like a slave owner” and that’s as 🚮it gets but otherwise the instrumental is decent and ultimately one of the highlights off the tape.


Rich Homie Quan ft Rick Ross - Think About It

“Reservations at Chops, Lamborghinis no tops, menages for lunch, Ferraris out front” Ross!!! The album needed more features like this throughout.


Snoop Dogg ft Uncle Chucc, The Zion Messengers, K-Ci - Love For God

“I love you for the cloudy days, yeah for the stars you send my way” Snoop Dogg just released his 16th studio album and it’s a gospel album… salute to an icon his legacy continues…


Snoop Dogg - Always Got Something To Say

“Make me wanna run away, pack my bags and get away, on my knees at night I pray, that we will live another day” To be honest Bible of Love comes in at 32 tracks long and since the lord doesn’t like false testimony I could only give you the real… this album plays at about thirty records too long but at the same time I respect the vision and all the artists involved in the project. Lord forgive me.

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