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April 22-29, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Janelle Monae ft Zoe Kravitz - Screwed

“And I, I, I hear the sirens calling, and the bombs are falling in the streets we're all, screwed!” Produced by Nate ‘Rocket’ Wonder this record is full of sexual adrenaline and is damn near out of this world, as Janelle Monae went to another stratosphere on her latest album Dirty Computer, which is accompanied by its own 'emotion picture' that is one of the more exciting projects to be released this year. This track specifically happens to feature notable artist Zoe Kravitz and samples the legendary Prince, whose own unique sound seems to have inspired Monae substantially.


Janelle Monae - Crazy, Classic, Life

“We don't need another ruler, all of my friends are kings (Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh), I'm not America's nightmare, I'm the American dream (Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh), just let me live my life” Janelle Monae is back with surprisingly only her third studio album and perhaps to no surprise it’s actually her best, although you could have fooled me considering that I usually assume Hollywood megastardom to produce average underwhelming results. It’s true in fact Janelle Monae has crossed over into various new markets since her film career has taken off through the critical acclaim of both Moonlight and Hidden Figures, yet her day one fans will be happy to know that she hasn’t compromised any of her rare artistic merits at all, and instead has only elevated her appeal within her most ambitious project to date - a movie soundtrack of her own kind that is box office in every way.


Janelle Monae - Make Me Feel

“That's just the way you make me feel (that's just the way you make me feel), that's just the way you make me feel (that's just the way you make me feel), so good, so good, so fuckin real, (so good, so good, so fuckin real), that's just the way you make me feel” Now this one is Prince in every way and it’s actually been rumored that Prince had worked on this record (or otherwise this album) before he passed away two years ago, and while sonically that would explain a lot that also wouldn’t be a surprise as he actually appeared on her sophomore album The Electric Lady.


Janelle Monae - I Like That

“And I like that, I don’t really give a fuck if I was just the only one, who likes that” Produced by Organized Noize of Dungeon Family fame (of which Janelle Monae got her original start in music), this is another one of the highlights off Dirty Computer that is likely to do its numbers across the board.


Janelle Monae - Americans

“I like my woman in the kitchen, I teach my children superstitions…” The outro is another uptempo record produced by Nate ‘Rocket’ Wonder and it’s filled with historical and political satire that pushes the needle just as it should. In a climate where music comes and goes this album will likely stay in rotation.


The Internet - Roll (Burbank Funk)

“Listen to your heart, listen to your heart, what's it saying?” The Internet is back with their first single since 2015’s critically acclaimed Ego Death, and this one has Steve Lacy on lead vocals and it’s all about that guitar and the bass line.


Miguel ft J Cole & Salaam Remi - Come Through And Chill

“I'm progressing I just heard my songs is poppin out in Macedonia, and even Serbia, I don't mean to burden ya, if you got a man since then I understand, last thing I wanna do is get you jammed, ‘specially if he's a fan, he'll prolly never wanna hear my shit again” The visuals were finally released for Cole & Miguel’s latest collaboration and it does what it’s supposed to do.


SZA ft Kendrick Lamar - Doves in the Wind

“You overcompensate too much for the pussy, you like to throw all kinda shade for the pussy, see that's what pussy ****** do” New visuals for a record off SZA’s critically acclaimed Ctrl, and this video is nothing short of comical.


Youngboy Never Broke Again - Diamond Teeth Samurai

"***** you got that yayo? (well cook somethin *****) *****, you let them Ks go? (well bust somethin *****) Oh you duckin them laws? (you better run from them *****) oh you playin with that raw? (well look here, front some *****), the block is hot, the block is hot, ha-ha, the block is hot, the block is hot, ha-ha” Cash Money and Birdman’s latest recruit covers the Lil Wayne classic for one of the best records off Until Death Call My Name, and besides the good production from DJ Swift I can’t help but think about how ruthless and cutthroat Birdman really is. This one is cool but I’m sure Wayne hates this record because more than likely he’s not even eating off it… and for that matter neither will NBA Youngboy....


Youngboy Never Broke Again - Solar Eclipse

“I hope you love me as much as I love you, I ain't mean to break your heart, but baby, that's what thugs do, nothing in the world, baby I wouldn't do for you, if I die right now it's so much that I would lose” Can’t say I’m a fan but this one has been well received by his audience.


Youngboy Never Broke Again - Villain

“I heard 'em say that they want smoke with us, ain't got no name, what you sayin? I run with cold blooded killers (blooded killers)” Produced by Schife & Ben Billions this one’s probably the best cut off the new album but you can keep the rest.

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