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June 17-24, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Jay Rock ft J Cole - OSOM

"Promethazine in a baby bottle, meditating on daily dollars, lately problems, stem from my bitch cause she know I still fuck with my baby mama, so there be drama" Cole continues his streak of memorable features and, honestly, that's always been one of the best versions of Cole, perhaps right even next to mixtape Cole or even perhaps miscellaneous Cole. Then again, this verse is very reminiscent of the content found on his latest album KOD, taken to another level with the music video that leaves us to wonder if we're ever going to see more of acting Cole, a medium that one would suggest he'd excel in considering the depths of his artistry. All the same, it would be wrong not to mention that Jay Rock also holds his own and then some, that along with Sir on background vocals officially cements this as a Top 5 TDE/Dreamville moment to date.


Freeway - Intro

“I was going to school wearing clothes from my Father, had to post up with the stickers that a stigmata? If you don't hustle where I live, then you don't get nada” The essence of State Property is alive and well and Freeway is back with his 6th official studio album (not including classic mixtapes like The Roc Boys or The Stimulus Package) and right out the gate it’s clear he’s not playing around. Then again he’s always been consistent and it’s been great to see the longevity, where now under the Roc Nation imprint he seems poised to build on his legacy for many years to come.


Freeway ft Lil Wayne - Blood Pressure

“Hollygrove, that’s 17, no L-I-E, I’m L-I-T, I’m the Y-M-E, K-I-N-G, B-L-O-O-D-I-N-G, I’m O-U-T-H-E-R-E with my G-O-O-N-Z-Z-Z, we T-O-O-D-E-E-P, I gave a bitch 3 wishes, she wanted me, me, me” Lil Wayne torches this record and I’m glad he didn’t give Philly Freezer any throwaway verse, instead this record’s full of adrenaline and thus far one of the sleeper songs of the summer.


Freeway ft Jadakiss - The Nation

“You on some flea shit, I’m on some G shit, bitch ***** don’t make me remix your instrumental” For the record Jadakiss shows up but Freeway very debatably has the better verse on his own tape as he should. All the same, they both do their numbers and this is another win for hip- hop.


Freeway ft Faith Evans - Blessed

“2000 came home and got focused, I got with Beans, Beans took me up to Hova, went from slinging them hard rocks to Roc A Wear, dropped 900 Hustler now we outta here, went from paddy wagons to Madison Square, Jay brought out Michael Jackson you had to be there” For some reason the Roc A Fella trips down memory lane are always the best when looking back on any crew in Hip Hop, with likely only Bad Boy and Death Row being comparable in impact and legacy. Otherwise, it’s hard not to notice Jadakiss and Faith Evans on back-to-back tracks due to their new relationship rumors… and truth be told life is crazy but I don’t know what to make of that.


Freeway - Legacy

“I’m just trying to build my legacy… picture greatness when you look at me… would you check, check out my melody… I’m just trying to build my legacy” Honestly this should be the official theme song of LegacyArtsMedia as it speaks to the soul of what this publication is all about, yet in respects to Freeway it should be noted that this second verse is nothing but flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥that "know the town" rhyme pattern makes for one of the best verses of the year.


Freeway - All Falls Down

“My akhi told me don't forget that God with you, my momma told me don't forget that God with you, Mohammed told me I see God in you, so don't forget that God with you, God bless you” Freeway’s signature flow is on full display throughout the album, and all hyperbole aside Think Free showcases some of the best emcee skills heard in recent months and that’s including everybody (Nas, Kanye, Drake included)


Freeway - Life On The Line

“I remember the first day you said you loved me, I kissed you and hugged you and said I love you back, but lately you been acting like you don’t know me, but lately you’ve been acting like you don’t know me, you was my one and only so respect I think you owe me that” Not the first love story dedicated to Hip Hop but as subtle as this one is it’s also perfect, as complemented by Freeway’s delivery this record flows like water, also making it the last of a 7 track run (tracks 1-7 listed above) that’s damn near flawless. If Freeway had made Think Free a 7 track EP with these records it would have blown Daytona and company out of the water.


Jay Rock - The Bloodiest

“The devil thought he had me, I was on back burners, moonwalking fast, y'all respect my journey” The opening track off Jay Rock’s 3rd studio album speaks to both his strength and resilience, with content that seems to either allude to his former lifestyle or his almost fatal motorcycle accident in 2016. Regardless the tone of the track is rather straightforward with production provided by Jake One, Allen Ritter, and Boi-1da, an all-star lineup that is able to capture the very essence of Rock’s appeal.


Jay Rock - Broke +-

“Now Harriet Tubman say she freed a thousand slaves, could've freed a thousand more if they was aware of the chains” An interesting perspective that throughout history has always been a miscredited quote from Ms. Tubman herself, who for the record is far more deserving of being celebrated on the $20 bill than the slave owners themselves. On another note this D.K. The Punisher production brings out some of the best penmanship from Rock on the album, including a Marlon Jackson reference in terms of ‘just trying to get his spin right’.


Jay Rock ft Kendrick Lamar - Wow Freestyle

“I ain't ballin on the hard top, I told y'all to call Top, now my number call blocked, I don't miss I call shot, hold up, yeah cap on and I got racks on (and I got racks on), and I produced that diesel I could put Shaq on” Produced by Hit-Boy this is one of the best moments off Redemption in which these two labelmates trade verses and bars within each of their own impeccable flows.


Jay Rock - Win

"Win, win, win, win, win, fuck everything else, win, win, win, win” A month ago I wasn’t feeling this record but after seeing Rock open up the BET Awards with Jamie Foxx and the horns behind him I’m officially sold, this record is pure motivation and is exactly what it should be. For the record, the Redemption album also showcases the King's Dead single released earlier this year, and overall it’s a very good album to add to the TDE archives.


Freddie Gibbs - Weight

“Pushin weight, flippin paper plates, In love with the paper, took my money on a date” Freddie Gibbs is back with his fourth studio album entitled Freddie, in which the album cover appropriately and humorously pays tribute to the classic from Teddy Pendergrass, which is even more well played if you remember his album art controversy from last year. Unfortunately, however, the album overall is an uninspired listen, as opposed to this opening track the rest falls way short of his talent and ability. Where was the Freddie Gibbs that smoked his Phonte feature earlier this year??? I’m not sure but he’s nowhere on this album.


Westside Gunn ft B.E.N.N.Y. The Butcher & Conway - Brutus

“My plug indecisive, same work, different prices, yeah, Baby Benz logo on the windshield wipers, and I got two possession charges for a pistol license, weed trappers running out they building when I get to Dyckman” Westside Gunn just released his sophomore album Supreme Blientele, a play off the Ghostface classic that is definitely cut from that cloth with it’s own peculiar twist, emphasized by the World Wide Wrestling themes that play a prominent role from start to finish. Then again I suppose that’s in some ways the essence of the Wu-Tang Clan after all, and if you love that style of Hip Hop then this is definitely for you, especially this Pete Rock produced track that features longtime collaborators that make the record complete.


Westside Gunn - Amhurst Station

“Money don't make you Flygod, God is the greatest and y'all still broke, this is Griselda” Produced by fellow Buffalo native Daringer this is one of the best instrumentals on the tape, and for that reason one of its more enjoyable listens.


Westside Gunn ft CRIMEAPPLE - Spanish Jesus

“Where the fuck was you when everything was looking frightening? (Huh?), I only had a bottom bitch who'd never burned the rices, now my ambition is indifference to any prices, while maintaining recognition that my time is priceless” Here goes some Hackensack, New Jersey rap history that you won’t be able to find anywhere else on the Internet. Around 2010 I got invited to an open mic down at Rutgers University to support an aspiring emcee by the name of Vasco, and together with a mutual friend the three of us took a ride down the NJ Turnpike and I watched this kid annihilate the stage despite an embarrassingly low turnout (like five, ten people max), and from that moment I knew that talent and success in the music industry were hardly one in the same. On the ride back we debated J Cole vs Jay Electronica (basically at that point the Warm Up vs Exhibit C), and aside from his strange ideology on not being complementary to other real spitters (under the ruse that the likes of Cole was his competition), the young emcee’s effortless delivery was something that I couldn’t ignore. Therefore I asked my roommates at the time if they remembered someone named Vasco back at Hackensack High School, and they recalled someone by the name of SK King (?) who used to catch wreck at the lunch tables, and my intuition tells me that’s the same spitter who now goes by the name CRIMEAPPLE and is quickly becoming an underground sensation. has him quoted saying “he started rapping two years ago” and even a quick YouTube search would determine that’s not even remotely true, as instead he’s been on his GRIND for over a decade and to resonate with his day one fans he should embrace that struggle. Nonetheless, his official entrance to the game came from Statik Selektah only a year ago on Shady XM radio, and since then he’s worked with Harry Fraud and Big Ghost LTD (a real fraud but that’s a different story) and is rapidly becoming a household name who deserves all the recognition.


Teyana Taylor ft Kanye West - Hurry

“Keep your eyes all on this fatty, if you like what you see take your hands and grab it, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry” One of the more memorable moments off Teyana Taylor’s K.T.S.E. (Keep That Same Energy), another 7 (or 8) track EP that’s overall listen is completely forgettable. This is lightyears below her debut album VII released almost four years ago, and almost half a decade later this is the best material she’s got? Considering her talent that’s unlikely and implausible but there goes MAGA Kanye in the way once again, and honestly Pusha T’s role in GOOD Music has also been nothing but Internet hype and unashamed contradictions. For the record if you’re a Yes Man for Kanye you have a serious lack of credibility, and at its foundation that seems to be the problem with the GOOD Music label altogether.


Teyana Taylor - Never Would Have Made It

“You are the highlight of my life, you are the sunshine in my night, oh how, oh how, oh, how do I, ever repay you” A sample of Marvin Sapp’s record of the same name this is definitely one of the best records off K.T.S.E., making it 2 decent records out of 8 which gives it a .25 percentile (about the same percentage of quality records on Ye, Nasir, and KIDS SEE GHOSTS). True to form Teyana Taylor herself has even gone as far as to publicly condemn the project in its current form, as supposedly this was not the album that was supposed to be released at all - as Kanye continues his path towards destruction in every way.


Kamasi Washington - The Space Travelers Lullaby

[Instrumental] Kamasi Washington is back with his sixth studio album as a lead musician entitled Heaven and Earth, and by his own words this record speaks to the world’s everlasting struggle and underlying potential.


Kamasi Washington - Journey

“Life and love, and peace in my heart, hallelujah, joy springs” To say that this record lives up to its name is an understatement, Kamasi Washington continues to do major damage with his tenor saxophone.


Paul McCartney - Come On To Me

“I saw you flash a smile, that seemed to me to say, you wanted so much more than casual conversation” Produced by Greg Kurstin this is the first of two promo singles for McCartney’s upcoming 17th solo studio album scheduled to be released in September, and almost 7 decades into the game his run has been nothing short of unprecedented. Egypt Station is set to contain 16 tracks with all but one produced by the Los Angeles based Kurstin, and as expected has garnered heavy anticipation across the globe.


Paul McCartney - I Don’t Know

“I've got so many lessons to learn, what am I doing wrong? I don't know” Another lead single off Egypt Station seems to employ a ton of self reflection and is reminiscent of the vintage sounds he’s best remembered for, not that he’s not still making history to this day.


Nine Inch Nails - Play The Goddamned Part

[Instrumental] The legendary rock band just released their ninth studio album entitled Bad Witch, and on their 30th anniversary, this instrumental defines their legacy perfectly.


Nine Inch Nails - God Break Down the Door

“God break down the door, God break down the door, you won't find the answers here, not the ones you came looking for” The first single off Bad Witch is said to be inspired by David Bowie’s Blackstar album in addition to founding member Trent Reznor’s own work on the widely acclaimed Lost Highway soundtrack, and if you need your hardcore Rock & Roll fix then press play on the best Cleveland, Ohio band still going strong.


A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie ft Tory Lanez - Best Friend

“We used to be best friends til we started sexin, what's next girl cause it's up to you, can we still be best friends after what just happened, it's a bad thing but it feels so good” Aside from the Way Too Fly record that was profiled last month, this is one of the better records off A Boogie’s International Artist album that is otherwise a very underwhelming effort.


Rae Sremmurd - Guatemala

"We can get away-ay, maybe to Guatemala (Guatemala), got me goin deep, got me all in freshwater (freshwater)" This wasn't one of my favorites off Swaecation, and for that matter SR3MM, yet ultimately it's catchy enough and the visuals are clean.

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