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June 3-10, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Ne-Yo ft Curtis “Sauce” Wilson - POUR ME UP

“I'm tipsy singing, oh, woah, oh, cause you don't know my life, and I'm within my right, man I'm faded singing, oh, woah, oh, don't talk about it just pour me up” Arguably the sleeper song of the summer can be found on Ne-Yo’s seventh studio album, produced by Maejor (formerly known as Bei Maejor aka Maejor Ali) and all the way hidden at track 18 is this infectious tune that reminds you of the dance floor and all those nights you never forget, this record is the vibe I’m chasing all summer long.



“The sun shine bright out here (shine), shawty jeans fit tight out here, and I be high as kite out here, smoke good all day, all night out here” Co-written by PARTYNEXTDOOR this record is another one of the highlights off Good Man, Ne-Yo’s third album for Motown that’s one of the best R&B albums to come out this year. On a personal note I’m trying to redefine my life based on the general vibe of this record, as all I envision is the most beautiful women under the most beautiful sunset on a perfect night in Venice Beach.


Ne-Yo ft Romeo Santos - NIGHT’S LIKE THESE

“Oh, nights like these, I live for nights like these” Speaking of those type of nights Ne-Yo continues the good vibes on this English/Spanish record that for some reason reminds me of both Bergenline Avenue and my cruise last summer to the Caribbean, yet you could have fooled me because on first few listens I thought that was a lady singing Spanish in the second verse, similar to what was achieved on the Raphael Saadiq classic with Rocio Mendoza (a timeless record that is always worth mentioning). However that’s not the case as this one actually features the Bronx native and Bachata and Latin Pop superstar in Romeo Santos, who does a very commendable job on what’s a romantic yet somewhat awkward duet.



“Summertime and it feels so good” If you haven’t noticed the ‘vibes’ of this album have been about nothing more than hot weather and positivity, or at least that’s true of it’s best moments that could honestly give even the likes of Chris Brown a run for his money, and if we’re being honest then in terms of music that’s really always been the case.


Ne-Yo - OVER U

“Until I do... I need a reason to be over you” Produced by Stargate this is another infectious tune on what’s an overall solid album from one of the undeniable Kings of contemporary R&B… <<< and for the record we need more of that.


Chris Brown - Hope You Do

“When my mind's fucked up, I just don't care at all, I just hope you pick up, when it's two or three” Even with the Donnell Jones sample this song is mid and was one of the many throwaways on Chris Brown’s 2017 release Heartbreak on a Full Moon (which at 45 records long had about 12 records of fire in it’s own respect), yet close to a year later CB decides to drop these visuals where above everything the choreography shines the most.


Jeremih ft Ty Dolla $ign - The Light

"Let's have sex, but not without the foreplay (okay, cool), but not without the first date (okay, cool), but not before I have to wonder if you let me hit if I walk you to your doorway" For the record I don’t understand the appeal of the Joe Budden podcast at all, where in spite of being a Hall of Fame emcee in his own respect he’s both biased and contradictory and is only accompanied by yes men who are cool enough but ultimately unable to account for Joe’s wild insecurity. And even then that would be fine for a podcast but to over hype it’s value as real analysis would be too absurd to believe, that is before remembering that honestly that’s just about as 2018 as it gets. Nonetheless I say all that to say that this particular record was premiered on the podcast under the assumption that it was produced by Young Berg aka Hitmaka, who I’ve long speculated was overstating his involvement in these said productions and ultimately Rob Markman’s comments on Genius seem to indicate that he feels the same way. All the same this is basically a more-of-the-same type of record from these artists, one that’s slated to be on their collaborative project set to be released real soon.


Tory Lanez ft Ozuna - Pa Mi

“Lo siento, mamacita, esta noche yo te quiero pa' mí” Apparently Tory Lanez can speak and sing fluently in Spanish, and that by itself is admirable enough. Interestingly enough this Spanish record is one of many, as it’s set to be released on his upcoming all Latin project entitled El Agua.


THEY. - Pops

“Finally on my own, see me on the road, been a minute since I visit, hate to see you getting old” Released on Father’s Day this is another great record from the Los Angeles based R&B duo that seems ready for mainstream success. Regardless singers Dante Jones and Drew Love have already reached some critical acclaim and have a number of sleepers worth checking for already.


Prince - Mary Don’t You Weep

“Oh Mary, Martha, don't you moan, I got a bad, bad feeling, baby, he ain't coming home” The first record released off Prince’s upcoming first posthumous album entitled Piana & A Microphone 1983, is an improvisational cover of an old ‘Negro spiritual’ record that predates before the American Civil War, and has been covered by dozens of artists including The Swan Silvertones, Bing Crosby, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Bruce Springsteen to name a few. Thus true to form Prince recreates the melody and makes it his own, showcased in all its glory in this studio recording from the height of his career (a year after 1999 and a year before Purple Rain), and this particular record is set to also be played during the end credits of Spike Lee’s upcoming release BlacKkKlansman.


KIDS SEE GHOSTS ft Pusha T - Feel The Love

“I am not to be compared to you rappers, Eazy-Duz-It *****” Pusha delivers a mid verse for the only real ‘verse’ on the ‘album,’ where otherwise Cudi & Kanye harmonize the same refrain over and over and this song really needed all TEN producers??? All hypebeasts aside this is just about as mid as it gets.



“I was off the chain, I was often drained, I was off the meds, I was called insane, what a awesome thing, engulfed in shame, I want all the rain, I want all the pain, I want all the smoke, I want all the blame, cardio audio, let me jog your brain” Now this is more like it as Kanye definitely does his numbers on this verse, and ultimately Cudi delivers as well on what’s easily one of the standout tracks of this compilation.


KIDS SEE GHOSTS - Cudi Montage

“Everybody want world peace, til your niece get shot in the dome-piece, then you go and buy your own piece, hoping it'll help you find your own peace” Kanye in his bag once again as the outro is one of the highlights of KIDS SEE GHOSTS overall, which otherwise plays like an experimentive jam session that like all the rest of the 7 track EP’s sounds rushed and underdeveloped.


Jorja Smith - Lost & Found

“Why do we all fall down, and apart of the lost and found?” The first single off the long anticipated debut album of British sensation Jorja Smith is both soulful and melodic, where produced by fellow British songwriter Charlie J. Perry this title track showcases the vintage appeal that has the 21 year old singer all over the pop charts already. Of course, romantic ties and collaborations with Drake doesn’t hurt, yet ultimately it’s clear that Jorja’s talents stand on their own and will likely keep her a household name for many years to come.


Jorja Smith - Teenage Fantasy

“When I was told by my father, if I look into the future, do I really see this boy, that I think I've fallen for?” Written when Jorja Smith was only 16 years old with accompanying artwork of her own mother, this is another record produced and co-written by Charlie J. Perry and is another one of the highlights off Lost & Found.


Jorja Smith - February 3rd

“There's a life outside I didn't know, tied up, falling down to an empty soul, and lord knows that this love has taken toll, I've given all of my love to this broken home” A lot of poetry in Jorja’s lyrics and this promo single once more showcases the appeal of such a marketable young star in the music industry, yet ultimately I’m still waiting on some long-awaited visuals


Jorja Smith - On Your Own

"So take it all, on your own tonight" Originally performed at Coachella this is another one of the standouts on her debut album, that truthfully overall left some to be desired though not before demonstrating such undeniable potential.

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