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November 4-11, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: J.I.D. ft J Cole - Off Deez

“Pull up on the block, eeny, meeny, miny, moe, you and every ***** that you know is getting popped, fuckin' with a ***** ass sitting in the box, tryna sneak diss then I'm pickin' up the Glock, I squeeze this, they be pickin up the top, Styles, Sheek, Kiss, yeah, I'm pickin’ all the locks, pickin' on a ***** way bigger then I got, bigger than the ***** that was Kindergarten Cop, Terminator shit, I'm a robot, with the chrome .45 that most don't got” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 J Cole with the rapid flow delivery and honestly, it’s versatility like this that exemplifies why he’s second to no one, where just speaking objectively he could easily rap like any of your favorite artists and probably take their style and do it better - and all cool-table-hypebeast talk aside this is why he continues to be one of the three most iconic emcees of the time period. Meanwhile, Dreamville’s own J.I.D. of course holds his own on the first single off his upcoming sophomore album DiCaprio 2, and really the only surprise here is that the production is not Cole himself, yet instead is a 21-year-old producer from St Louis known as ChaseTheMoney.


H.E.R. - Carried Away

“Stare at the window, all by myself, jaded and waiting for some kinda miracle yeah” Produced by T-Minus the first record on H.E.R.’s I Used To Know Her Pt. 2 EP is one of its most memorable.


H.E.R. - I’m Not OK

“I'm not okay, losing my faith, I'm losing my faith, slipping away, you're slipping away, I'm not okay” Even more so than the likes of 6LACK, Sampha, or Lana Del Rey, H.E.R. has the most melancholy vibes in music right now and I appreciate the balance it provides.


H.E.R. ft Bryson Tiller - Could’ve Been

“It could've been right but I was wrong, only think about you when I'm alone” Having toured together last year this is their first duet and I could see more collaborations in the future.


Too $hort ft TI, E40 & Adrian Marcel - How To Be A Player

“So you wanna be a player, like Playboy $hort, I done taught more players than a coach on the court, it started many years ago before I started to rap, this player lifestyle I was born for that” The legendary Short Dog has just released his 17th studio album appropriately entitled The Pimp Tape, and if you’re familiar with his legendary sound you know behind steller production Too $hort doesn’t miss.


Too $hort ft Schoolboy Q & Joyner Lucas - Don’t Shoot

“No tattoo tears but he a hitter, you just a tough motherfucker on Twitter, don't get caught up in the crossfire *****, you throwin' signs up he got his hand on the trigger, you on your phone 'bout to lose your life to a shooter, get killed for some shit that you typed on a computer” This song is flames and honestly the Oakland legend arguably has the best verse on the record, and that’s saying a lot considering the quality of these features. With that said Too $hort has always been underated for his ability to report on all avenues of street life as it relates to The Bay, and honestly he speaks to a code that more people should pay attention to.


Too $hort - The Game Taught Me

“I'll give you some game if you need some, I'll always be a friend if you need one, my momma taught me how to treat a woman, even the biggest player still needs a woman, fresh out the gate when I meet a bitch, I tell her ‘check it out, do you need a pimp?’ My mama taught me how to treat a woman, the game taught me how to treat a bitch” <<< Don’t skip over Track 11 of The Pimp Tape, because this is the gospel right here.


Too $hort ft G Eazy & The Dream - Dimes

“I hope I don't scare you with how I'm living, I'm all around the world with beautiful women, I can't help that, I'm a player, and if you still on my line hit me later” Although not necessarily a certified heater this collaboration needed to happen.


Too $hort ft TI, Richie Rich & Adrian Marcel - How To Be A Player (Reprise)

“My name is Too $hort, I wanna thank you for listening to The Pimp Tape, thirty years in the game baby, real playa” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this track is so flames that they had to bring it back twice, enough said!


Nef The Pharaoh & ShooterGang Kony ft Sage The Gemini - Vice Versa

"I got a jump shot yeah the cleanest one" California’s own just released a 6 track EP along with ShooterGang Kony, and the title track is really the only decent track on the project. You can keep the rest but, honestly, this is really good.


Tru Life ft Future & DJ Clue - Last Night

“Tru-Tru in the blue coupe runnin' choo choo on your new new, dog her out like Blue's Clues, doggystyle like woof woof Rosé in my Fruit Loops” At the moment I can’t confirm but it seems as if Tru Life has finally released his sophomore album more than 17 years after his debut, this time not under Jay Z’s management but instead Future’s Freebandz record label, and unfortunately it seems as if very few people noticed. All the same this single right here is produced by Myles William and this is the energy all Tru Life fans are looking for, honestly this is a good comeback record that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.


Tru Life ft Dave East & Jermaine Elliott - Somebody

“How you think I’m bout to wife you if you with everybody, you ain’t low ****** see you up in every party” The outro is a smooth record that if either misinterpreted (or correctly interpreted) could easily be the new Harvey Weinstein anthem all “problematics” aside. All jokes aside however the fact remains that music and art should really never be censored, and it really only in times like this that I feel compelled to even mention it.


Moneybagg Yo ft J Cole - Say Na

“Memphis connect, temperature check, sick as a bitch, if ****** want smoke, me and that ***** named Moneybagg Yo is a lit cigarette” A light 8 bars for Cole who continues to be one of the most sought after features in the game. For those who had long waited for Cole to collaborate more the year 2018 certainly did not disappoint.


Vince Staples - No Bleedin

“Head on the swivel no bleedin' me” Produced by Kenny Beats this is one of the better records off Vince Staples third album FM!, that honestly like the first two albums are simply not for me.


Vince Staples ft Vonnie, Buddy & Kehlani - Tweakin’

“Off the porch in eleventh grade, calling her weak when my mama prayed, prolly why none of my karma came, just put the Benz in my mama name” Produced again by Kenny Beats along with KallaGraham, the outro is one of the more redeemable tracks on the tape [along with the Tyga interlude that for a moment sounded like it was going places].


Diggy - Jesus Saves

“Y’all thought y'all had me pegged but y’all got it wrong, see I was young baggin shortys and their soccer moms” Apparently Diggy Simmons has just released his long-anticipated sophomore album, and with managed expectations, this is one of the more decent tracks on the tape.


Diggy ft Leven Kali - Text Me

“Mentally, spiritually, subsequently sexually, here’s my number hit me with a text is what you said to me” On the smooth R&B tip is where Diggy Simmons can deliver, not mad at this record at all.


Kris Wu - Hold Me Down

“I need a girl to hold me down, down, down, I really need a girl to hold me down” For those like myself just getting familiar, Kris Wu is a major motion picture blockbuster movie star in China, who last year made his Hollywood debut in the latest installment of Vin Diesel’s xXx film series (Return of Xander Cage), and is also one of their most recognizable recording artists, having collaborated with Jhene Aiko, Rich The Kid & Travis Scott all on his debut studio album Antares that was released this week. In consideration of Kris Wu’s success along with the international sensations known as BTS aka The Bantam Boys, one could surmise that for Chinese/American commercial pop crossover acts it’s only the beginning.


Backstreet Boys - Chances

“What are the chances that we'd end up dancing? Like two in a million, like once in a life” Produced by Ryan Tedder and & Zach Skelton this is a decent effort for the boy band still going 30 years strong.


Ariana Grande - breathin

“You remind me of a time when things weren't so complicated, all I need is to see your face” Another strong release for one of the most recognizable pop icons of this generation. Rather quietly Ariana Grande has passed over A LOT of her peers whether you like her or not. Not quite at a Beyonce level but certainly at a Rihanna level or Nicki Minaj, there’s not anyone more of a VideoMusicAward/TotalRequestLive artist than Ariana Grande, and I for one acknowledge and appreciate it.

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