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October 21-28, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Rapsody ft J Cole - Sajourner

“Scared that I'm too disconnected from the kids' perspective, the world ain't got no patience for some shit that's introspective, so where in the fuck that leave me? Irrelevant I guess, went from Heaven-sent to hella bent, intelligent but stressed, damn” J Cole over 9th Wonder production!!!! Finally!!!! Plus it’s the very first Cole & Rapsody collaboration!!! North Carolina stand up!!! And this one does not disappoint, honestly of all the great J Cole features this year this just might be his very best, complete with a sultry Come Up/Warm Up/Truly Yours type of hook that let’s you know this track came from the soul. This is the J Cole that resonated with us from the beginning, this is the essence of what makes his artistry so beautiful, where meanwhile these Carolina collaborations had been a long time coming.


Styles P - War N Peace

“Shouldn't listen to the Ghost if you was never insane, never the same once you learn to weather the pain, may you be never indicted, never arraigned, can't appreciate the sun if it never would rain” Styles P has just officially released his 10th solo studio album (and second of the last few months following G-Host) and as far I’m concerned he just keeps on getting better with time… The Ghost… enough said.


Styles P - Time Machine

“I been thinkin’ 'bout the future, I been thinkin’ ’bout the past, and I always been the champ and I ain't never need a belt, yeah you sleeping with a partner but you dreaming all alone, so, I'm a firm believer in believing in yourself” Introspective Styles might still be undefeated out here…as I can’t see an argument as to how not.


Styles P - Marie Antoinette

“Wanna meet up with the Reaper? I'll introduce you to him, set me on a blind date once, I hit Medusa for 'em, wise man can see that a peasant has a king in 'em, dance with the devil but never for you to sing with 'em, run with a demon but never for you to cling to 'em, see the angle, all of the angels ain't got wings to 'em” Smh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Styles might have the crown in the ‘angels and demons’ rap category as well… while again I’m just speaking facts.


Styles P - Self Made

“Tried to tell these niggas that I made my design, I'm a one-of-one you was made on the line, ever cross me that's a blade in your spine, I'ma die a legend you gon' fade with the time” DIME BAG is 10 tracks of nothing but Styles doing what he does best, and for his 10th solo album he delivers like he always does.


Tory Lanez ft Chris Brown & 2 Chainz - Duck my Ex

“In here, toasted up, I'ma take a single pic and I'ma post it up, oh yeah, single for the night and the night looking young, she throw it to me right, anytime you make it jump, jump” Tory Lanez has released his third studio album following his sophomore that came out earlier this year (talk about full volume), and honestly this it’s about 15 different versions of the same song, the same uptempo molly perc’d out tempo that I usually refrain from - yet a few times around it’s actually worth a listen. C Breezy is in fact on this album more than once, and this Smash David produced record (complete with the always on time 2 Chainz verse) at least serves its purpose if nothing more.


Tory Lanez ft Chris Brown & Lil Baby - FLEXiBle

“I just want to be the one you textin' (textin'), I just got paid, so I'm out here flexin' (Flexin'), girl it ain't a thing, bring your best friend (Best friend), do the damn thing, we'll be out here flexin' (flexin')” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this is the best version of the same song that’s on this album 15 different ways, and honestly this one is scorching hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I recently drove to Florida from New Jersey and I played this 100 times going 100 mph 🔥🔥🔥


Tory Lanez ft PnB Rock & Trey Songz - S.w.I.n.G

“Every time you swing my way (Time you swing my), I be on that thing all day (I be on that thing all)” This is all about the Trey Songz vocals and nothing more, where meanwhile that’s not saying too much about this LoVE mE NOw album. Ultimately Tory Lanez has a couple good moments but it seems as if he’s still looking for his signature sound, and in terms of lasting impact maybe he should look to go back to this - (aside the fact that even that was a cover).


Takeoff - Last Memory

“Woke up this morning, can't remember nothing, two bitches just flew in from London (two bitches)” Is Takeoff the best member of the Migos on the low??? Honestly, I haven’t looked into it…


Normani x Calvin Harris - Checklist

“Don’t lie, don't lie, you tryna keep me like a checklist , slow whine, slow whine, body cold like a necklace” Normani of Fifth Harmony (I had to do my Googles) has teamed up with famed Scottish producer Calvin Harris, and by no surprise this track has a good tempo to it.


Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign - These Days

“If I act a little different these days, things a little different these days, feel a little different these days, same old *****, same old *****, I just move a little different these days” So I’m just finding out about this super duper R&B duo known as MihTy, that is of course the combined talents of R&B’s latest trailblazers Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign, and honestly while I’m a fan of both I’m not surprised that this collaborative project was a flop. Ultimately this “Hitmaka” production is decent enough, yet overall the two singers fail to produce any real quality music.


MadeinTYO - Retro 88

“1988, retro hypebeast (Uh-huh), bitch I'm high as fuck, man I can’t even roll my weed (Skrt skrt)” After some real impressive mixtapes and EP’s over the last two years, MadeinTYO has now officially released his debut studio album appropriately entitled Sincerely, Tokyo, yet this track is simply notable for it’s instrumental provided by K. Swisha, that if they knew better the hypebeasts would go crazy for.


Madeintyo ft Roy Woods - Whats Gwannin

“Now's the time to be honest, baby, now tell me what's gwannin', lady, what's gwannin'? now is the time to be honest” This one is a smooth and melodic and one of the highlights of Sincerely, Tokyo, that otherwise plays like a somewhat uninspired listen. Truth be told this was a step back from his last release.


Madeintyo ft Gunna - Figure It Out

“You still on yo' mama couch, you tryna figure it out (Get up)” Produced again by K. Swisha along with additional production from ITHINKWEGOTIT, this is all about that energy 💪


Madeintyo ft Tinashe - Savannah Sunset

“What you don't know won't hurt you, baby, lie to me, I deserve it, what you don't, don't, know” The outro features the one and only Tinashe, yet overall with high expectations this album was a major disappointment.


Troy Ave - The Come Up

“If you ain't getting money, you ain't gonna feel it” Troy Ave is gonna stunt whether you love em or hate em, and I’m not mad at this first release off his upcoming album More Money More Problems.


Jay Rock ft Kendrick Lamar - Wow Freestyle

"I ain't ballin' on the hard top, I told y'all to call Top, now my number call blocked, I don't miss, I call shots, hol' up, yeah, cap on and I got racks on (and I got racks on), and I produced that diesel, I could put Shaq on” Visuals for one of the highlights off Jay Rock’s latest album Redemption.


Pitbull - Quiero Saber

“Quiero saber (Tell me babe), cuándo te volveré a ver (I wanna know)” Pitbull recruits Latin Pop singer Royce Saber to recreate Lil Jon’s classic Lovers and Friends, complete with a new verse from Ludacris making this adaptation a massive success.


Lady Gaga ft Bradley Cooper - I’ll Never Love Again

“Don't want to feel another touch, don't wanna start another fire, don't wanna know another kiss, no other name falling off my lips” Lady Gaga was destined to do major numbers for her role in A Star Is Born, the major motion picture that’s sure to be nominated for every major category including its soundtrack, led by this ballad that is sure to satisfy all her millions of fans.

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