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October 7-14, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Belly - Xion

“Immigrant, I'm what happens if Aladdin had some bricks, Jasmine had a pimp, ride a magic carpet with the tints, diamond in the rough, over pressure that I underwent” 🔥🔥🔥 Belly is back with his follow up to last year’s classic mixtape Mumble Rap, with his sophomore studio album IMMIGRANT (his debut on Roc Nation first album in over a decade), as his actual debut was back in 2007 when his double-disc album The Revolution went Gold. With that said the Canadian-Palestinian-Jordanian singer/songwriter/producer has been cooking on the low in this music industry for a minute now, while his most notable collaborations involve signing to the Weeknd’s XO label (under Jay Z’s Roc Nation imprint) which led to the opportunity to write for the one and only Beyonce. Now deep into 2018 the name Belly is no secret to many, and this album should satisfy his loyal fans that have watched him climb the ranks over the years.


Belly - What Does It Mean

“It's gotta mean something (Something), it's gotta mean something (Something)” This is Belly on his Drake R&B flow and it works 🔥🔥🔥


Belly - Street Cathedral

“Half the shit I'm buyin' I don't want for real (I don't even want it), I copped a Ghost so I can haunt the hills (Skrt), I swear sometimes I feel possessed by it, sex and drugs that's the best diet, a millionaire can still be poor as shit, a broke man can still be more than rich, I know that more exist” One of the best cuts off IMMIGRANT is the outro, and therefore I must admit that this project overall is not quite as memorable as his last. Even still I’m looking forward to new music in 2019.


Ella Mai ft Chris Brown - Whatchamallcallit

“It ain't cheating, it's a whatchamacallit (Ooh, ow!), this could be our little secret, a whatchamacallit” The Boo’d Up singer from England by way of Queens has just released her heavily anticipated debut album, carried by her breakthrough success by way of her first two singles that dominated the radio all 2018, and sure enough Ella Mai delivers on what’s one of the best R&B projects of the year bar none. Real quality R&B soul music with a touch of mainstream commercial appeal, Ella Mai is officially one of the rising stars in a genre that’s desperately needs her.


Ella Mai ft H.E.R. - Gut Feeling

“I just have a gut feeling, don't know why I don't know what it was, really, but the more we touch, the more it starts killing me, killing me” Co-produced by Quintin Gulledge & DJ Mustard, the latter of whom Ella Mai is signed to under the label 10 Summers, this is one of many smooth records on the album that is easy on the ears and doesn’t try to do too much, and that’s basically a good way to describe why this album really works.


Ella Mai - Easy

“Love is easy, easy, so don't you make it hard, can't you see me, see me, see me? be easy with my heart” A very sweet love ballad and I’m here for it.


Ella Mai - Naked

“Than somebody, who loves me naked, someone who never asks for love, but knows how to take it, are you that somebody who sees a wall and breaks it? are you ready to fight just to see what's lost behind my flaws? can you love me naked?” 🔥🔥🔥 Honestly my favorite record on the album, this is the new self love anthem indefinitely.


Usher & Zaytoven ft Future - Stay At Home

“'Til you been driving me crazy, 'til you been driving me crazy, who you been texting daily, who you been texting daily” Usher’s back with his first official collaborative album (with producer Zaytoven) and his first album since his criminally overlooked 8th album Hard II Love, yet this Atlanta inspired project is simply not the one. This was the try-hard Usher album nobody wanted and everybody told him to keep, yet in fairness this particular record is one of it’s best moments.


Usher - She Ain’t Tell Ya

“She ain't tell ya I let her push the 'rari, she ain't tell ya I never told her sorry” One of the only other highlights on A, Usher’s collaborative album with Atlanta’s own Zaytoven.



“I was 22 when I first dropped (duece, duece), most influential dude when I first dropped” Quavo told Angie Martinez that he’s the biggest slam dunk in the game, and while that’s hardly true the confidence is what’s made him one of the biggest stars in the game. This one is the intro off his debut album QUAVO HUNCHO, and overall this is the energy that his fans are looking for.


Quavo ft Drake - FLIP THE SWITCH

“I just let the money energize me, *****, you was in your 20s in the '90s, yeah, I just order Phantoms off the website, they ask how I want the shit I say surprise me" Drake laces the CuBeatz & Weezy production.



“Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave" One of the better records off QUAVO HUNCHO, where otherwise if Migos are the best mumble rappers in the world than so be it.


Cardi B - Money

“I was born to flex (Yes), diamonds on my neck, I like boarding jets, I like morning sex (Woo), but nothing in this world that I like more than checks (Money)” Her first solo reason since her debut album Invasion of Privacy, this one is decent yet more of the same.


Bad Bunny ft Drake - MIA

“Porque todos te quieren probar (Ah), lo que no saben es que no te dejas llevar de cualquiera” Puerto Rico’s own Bad Bunny is officially the hottest Latin/Reggaeton act at the moment, complemented here by Spanish Drake who honestly can do no wrong when it comes to any type of commercial music.


Nile Rogers ft Chic, Craig David & Stefflon Don - Sober

“She only loves me when she's sober” Famed musician Nile Rodgers and his band Chic once dominated the music scene in the 1970’s, and now almost forty years later they’re back with help from vocalists Craig David and Stefflon Don whom altogether put forth a very catchy single that should not go overlooked.


THEY. ft Wiz Khalifa - What I Know Now

“Nobody really knows me, I keep it all inside, you still have me thinking I'm crazy I’m sick of feeling lonely, wish I knew then what I know now” Drew Love and Dante Jones are officially two of the best-kept secrets in R&B. This one is off their Fireside EP.


Mariah Carey - With You

“Oh baby, I'm in love, it's true, with you, you, you” Produced by DJ Mustard this is the best of all the new Mariah Carey music.


Maxwell - Shame

“If you follow me, see mysteries up in the stars, like a rocket ship, your clothes, I wanna take them, take off” New Maxwell! This one is set to be released on his upcoming sixth studio album Night.


6LACK ft J Cole - Pretty Little Fears

“Say she from the west side, mmmm, and she seen my best side, mmmm, mmm” Visuals off 6lack’s East Atlanta Love Letter and this was one of many memorable J Cole features for 2018.


French Montana ft Drake - No Stylist

“I got the game in a squeeze who disagree? I wanna see one of y'all run up a B ,yeah two open seats we flying at seven and packed for the beach” On the latest French Montana single Drake continues to do his numbers with relative ease… whereas it’s almost too easy… and I’m sure by now y’all get the idea.

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