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#18 Hitman Holla


Bars/Wordplay 8

"In this battle Holla stands for How Often Losers Love Attention, right now you gettin it, he come to a battle with no weapons, Detroit Lions ass ***** how defenseless, how stupid, how senseless." Well documented as his achilles heel Hitman isn’t necessarily known for bars, but at the same time he’s better with his pen than he’s given credit for. It’s likely that it’s just the power of his performance that overshadows his penmanship, in which case Hitman should be objectively placed in the middle ranks with wordplay.

Delivery/Performance 10

"There's a lot of weapons I can spray y'all with, the black gloves rubber grip with the radar chip, the black gloves rubber grip with the radar chip, I come to one of Verb's parties with the AR clip, and shoot soon, and shoot soon, and shoot soon, and shoot soon, and shoot soon as I get in like I'm JR Smith." What many describe as the greatest performance in battle rap, Hitman can certainly rock a crowd and style on an opponent as good as anybody. With flexibility in his movements, a little brother for a bodyguard hypeman, and creative schemes such as the Remix, Hitman has a ton of moves in his trick bag and his performance is accurately regarded as must-see TV. It is true however Hitman doesn’t ever really change up his delivery or cadence, yet at the same time he’s creative enough to be considered a force to be reckoned with.

Originality 10

"You old ass clown just a old ass now let a young ***** shine sit your old ass down." Whether it’s your favorite super-move or not Hitman deserves credit for coming up with the Remix and furthermore his ability to somehow reinvent it , that is so he can bring it back and make it work every time. Hitman is arguably the first rock star to ever perform on a battle rap stage, and for that reason he should be regarded as nothing less than an original.

Versatility/Jokes 8

"I walked in, spotted both of em.. I said ahhh shit... any time now Arsonal should be approaching him... I gave em benefit of the doubt maybe he's too sober, he don't want to fuck up the battle he gon wait until it's over, but when we got outside, this on my moms children, the ***** waved goodbye to every rapper in the building." He is versatile in regards to performance, but considering that he doesn’t switch up his cadence you more or less know what to expect from Hitman every time. He can be relatively humorous with jokes yet that’s not really his wheelhouse either, leaving his overall energy as the dominant quality that Hitman is celebrated for.

Freestyle/Rebuttals 8

"His homeboy keep talking while I'm rapping, not cool, the contract said I can't hit this ***** , not you!" More than likely premeditated but either way this isn't what Hitman's known for to begin with, yet he shouldn't be docked too many points because he stays in his lane and doesn't try to do what he can't.

Impact/Brand 9

"You should be smiling all fucking night, don't frown in my presence, you see who else on this card? we ain't ordinary people I put John around Legends" Hitman definitely has made an impact in battle rap and his slogan Ballgame is one of the sport’s most recognizable, and he’s carried that over to MTV WildnOut fame with Nick Cannon to great success (or relative popularity). The reality is however that people don’t watch MTV nearly as much as they used to, and WildnOut is honestly a poor representation of battle rap in terms of quality altogether. Yet what’s even more unfortunate is that Hitman’s particular gun-bar style doesn’t fit in that format at all, and while Conceited’s punchline skills are cool it’s really Hollow and Clips improvisation skills that would make the greatest impact on the stage. Otherwise Hitman’s Ballgame clothing line to this point has not been as prominent as his name.

Views/Numbers/Multiple Formats 10

"I started from the bottom even zone by zone, and I got to this top spot on my own, you having close battles with Bill Collector? Everything I got paid for so those kind of ***** can't even call my phone, see, I'll wipe the floor with Qleen he a cheap sauce, I like my food cooked in the same breath I'II eat Raw, Jones think he Chilla, what am I? A deep frost, why K snuck in the states, I get him shipped crossed, man these rookies got me pissed off" Hitman definitely does his numbers with 5 battles on URL that have went triple platinum, and countless others over a million as well including one on Guerilla Warfare with Clips which is particularly impressive. He’s battled on all the major formats and his MTV views have gotten him national exposure as well, to the extent that nobody can say Hitman doesn’t have the stats to back up his inflated ego.

No Stumbles/Chokes 8

"Battle with your bottle but I'm a tell you in advance, you throw something in this crowd you gon leave without your hands...*flatline*...." “Leave without your hands” is an iconic phrase in modern day battle rap, if for no other reason than the fact it lasted a long 60 seconds and the way he tried to play it off was terrible. For someone like Hitman to look so bad when his main appeal is all about image makes the choke even that much worse, and to date it’s one of the most embarrassing moments in battle rap history.

Stays Active/Consistency 9

"They call me Hitman read between the fine print, this weapon not on safety it ain't John Lynch, night vision came with a scope, see behind tints, Michael Jackson Motown glove you can't find prints." Hitman definitely stays active enough and for the most part he’s somewhat consistent, despite at times overbooking himself and compromising his brand, such as the Gladiator School and Battle America battles where it seems like he got washed for a paycheck.

Bodybags 8

"Punch you in the middle of my verse, rebuttal that, after him I'm looking for family, where his brother at, auntie uncles where his mother at, hold it in her face while reloading the other gat, toss that, move out the way, and let my brother clap, funeral, closed casket, had to cover that, meanwhile back in the streets, we ain't duckin cats, it's war, it's war, you shoot at us then we buckin back, on this block big ass weapon ain't no tucking that, I shoot it and it go blaow they ducking like what the fuck is that...I'm still in Newark, New Jersey they whispering where that Holla cat, they shoot we firing back yelling out Roger That... BALLGAME!" For the most part Hitman’s competitive but he’s definitely more likely to edge debatables than get a clear body, He does have decisive wins however over O Red, two women in a hotel lobby, and a guy Beanie Sigel extorted, yet considering his dynamic ability he has the potential to get any opponent outta here if they don’t come correct.

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