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August 19-26, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Bas ft J Cole - Tribe

“God shuffled the cards, dealt me a hand with impossible odds, put an obstacle course up, look, and I conquered them all” Dreamville’s own Bas has just released his third studio album Milky Way, and although it doesn’t fully reach the heights of his previous Too High To Riot (a certified Dreamville classic), it’s definitely complete with some flows and vibes and, of course, the quintessential J Cole feature, of which their Queens connection hasn’t failed us yet. Per usual this one is also produced by Cole himself with additional production from Atlanta’s own Childish Major, and the music video is of course a vibe in itself.


Bas ft A$AP Ferg - Boca Raton

"I flew out to Boca Raton (Yeah), had to meet my ***** Bas (Uh), he took a break from the road (Yeah), decided to party with Cozz, had to get away from the cold (Right), the Winter was killin’ my vibe, just got off the phone with J. Cole, told him that I'm with the guys! (Wooh)” For those that pay attention A$AP Ferg has established a working relationship with Dreamville for some time now, opening up for J Cole with YG, Jeremih, & Big Sean for the 2014 Forest Hills Drive tour. During that time on the road Ferg likely became connected with the Dreamville family in full, and now we have this collaboration that serves as the first single off Bas’s Milky Way. Overall, it’s a fun record that captures the spirit of Florida sunshine, and personally, I can’t wait to one day get to Boca Raton.


Bas - Barack Obama Special

“I had to move cause neighbors so racist, my new crib fly though (sheesh), lookin' like the 4th of July though (fiends), lookin' like a frosted Gelato” Produced by Dreamville’s own Ron Gilmore this is another highlight off Bas’s latest lp, who likely has met Barack Obama on more than one occasion due to the former President’s affinity for Cole.


Bas - Purge

“I can't, these pups ain't war-ready, getting lost in the city like Doc Gooden, Strawberry” Another highlight off Milky Way… Queens!


Bas - Sanufa

“You know better, you know better…” Produced by J Cole this one is a riiiiiiiide 🔥🔥🔥 this one is stupid 🔥🔥🔥 with additional writing and production credits given to Ron Gilmore with background vocals provided by The Hics, a London based Electronic/Jazz band that has worked with Bas throughout his career. Overall though the story is really about that J Cole production, who particularly in that category keeps getting better with time.


Bas & LION BABE ft Moe Moks, mOma+Guy - Spaceships + Rockets

“We lit, we lit… all these spaceships and rockets (ahhh), got me feelin’ high (ahhh), on my spaceship I'm rockin' (ahhh), fall into the sky (ahhh).. We lit, we lit…” You have to love when your favorite artists introduce you to their favorite artists, as is the case in terms of LION BABE, a NYC based R&B/Neo-Soul/Electronic duo that consists of singer Jillian Hervey & producer Lucas Goodman aka Astro Raw. Rockets was originally LION BABE’s lead single for their 2017 EP Begin, and it’s now been re-worked and retitled for Bas who floats on this instrumental and makes the song even better. On a technical level this is the best Bas verse on the tape.


Empress Of - When I’m With Him

“I feel like I'm the outside looking in, when I'm with him, I don't know how to love now, I pretend, when I'm with him” This English/Spanish infused record is the first single set to be released on Empress Of’s sophomore album entitled Us, an anticipated body of work from the Latin-American singer who’s recently collaborated with DJDS & Khalid.


Damian Marley - Autumn Leaves

“Life is full of ups and downs, the carousels of love, good times, bad times, smiles, and frowns, don’t give up on me” Visual treatment for one of the standout records on Damian Marley’s 2017 album Stony Hill.


Youngboy Never Broke Again ft Kevin Gates & Quando Rondo - I Am Who They Say I Am

“I'm are who you say I am, yeah-eh-eh, shittin' on 'em, I just switched from a Wraith to a Lamb,' yeah-eh-eh” At the moment I can’t co-sign NBA Youngboy and I definitely don’t see Kevin Gates appeal at all, yet over a familiar Ashanti sample this one is decent enough.

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