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September 23-30, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Logic ft Hailee Steinfeld - Ordinary Day

“It was an ordinary day until I saw you crawl around my way, and the night goes, on, and on, and on, and on, On, and on, and on, and on…” Maryland native and soon to be global superstar Logic has just released his fourth studio album YSIV, the first ‘album’ and fourth installment of the Young Sinatra series that turned him into a household name. This one produced by longtime collaborator and in-house producer 6ix is a smooth-windows-down-feel- good-type of record that simply allows Logic to do what Logic does best, and even as a standalone track it’s one of the best in his catalogue.


Logic - The Return

“Fuck a hypebeast, bitch, now who seein' me? Nobody reports the music, this rap TMZ” Facts yet the most notable aspect of this record is it’s apparent J Cole influence, specifically elements of Warm Up J Cole that can be found sprinkled all throughout YSIV, where in this case one particular Cole record is sampled on TWO respective Logic records on this tape - as you can’t help but hear I Get Up’s influence in both The Return and The Glorious Five. Nonetheless Logic is 🔥🔥🔥 and ‘I say a Big verse I’m only biggin’ up my brother,’ therefore I don’t see it as a biting instead I see it as homage, and ultimately I could only wish more young emcees were inspired by the very best as well.


Logic - The Glorious Five

“Now it feel like my life mission is to be the best dad when the time come, for my daughter and my son when the time come, teach em bout they heritage and where they come from, teach em bout they family history and then some” Produced by Michael Crabtree and 6ix this is another one that has J Cole written all over it, an influence that Logic even insinuates with the first adlib and then continues throughout the verses and the chorus, yet somehow inexplicably the credits don’t seem to accurately acknowledge the original. Thus there lies the problem with ‘paying homage’ to lesser known moments of which the majority won’t recognize the influence, and in those cases the ‘I’m only biggin’ up my brother’ explanation shouldn’t really apply. Nonetheless at least Logic himself is an upper echelon emcee who does justice to any style he adopts or borrows, and regardless we all know ‘his own flow is stupid.’


Logic ft Wale & John Lindahl - 100 Miles and Running

“RattPack where you at? (everywhere worldwide!) I know you been waiting for this world to collide, B. O. double B. Y., H. A. L. L., and Folarin, bout to take it back like Doc and Marty inside the DeLorean” Apparently this is the first ever collaboration between DMV artists Logic and Wale, and for all their mixtape work that sounds somewhat surprising yet the quality of this record made it definitely worth the wait. In fact, this one is actually getting that NBA Money 💰💰💰 making Logic the latest emcee to get that bag following J Cole and Kendrick Lamar.


Logic - Street Dreams II

“He bleeding slow, blood dripping from his torso, will he ever get to see his son grow?” Another moment taken directly from J Cole’s 'Can I Live' once again off The Warm Up, clearly the classic mixtape was in rotation during the writing process. Otherwise this is proper storytelling on behalf of Logic, who overall really put together a solid cohesive album.


Logic ft Big Lenbo, Kajo, & Slaydro - The Adventures of Stoney Bob

“And boy I’m liable to put my right hand on the Bible, and tell the world that me and Berner got a strain of the cookie that is so simply just undeniable” For the record Logic really does have marijuana strain in the works with Berner, and that’s major moves right there.


Logic - Legacy

“To be remembered by generations to come, you a fool, you won’t be remembered by your son” More storytelling from Logic and I’m here for it.


Logic ft Jaden Smith - Iconic

“I'm straight from the basement, I made it like a villain I'm hated, word to Jermaine, this shit just ain't been the same” … Word to Jermaine...


Logic - Last Call

“And then uh, I remember Cole did it, when did he do it? He was on Friday Night— Nah, nah, he did it on The Warm Up yo, and when he did the ‘Last Call’ on The Warm Up, I was like ‘damn, I'm tryna do mine’" …. So I’m not convinced that Logic didn’t know EXACTLY what work of Cole’s he was sampling throughout this project (aside from one Come Up reference and the fact that Friday Night Lights is indeed another classic in its own right), yet ultimately this outro record seals the deal, YSIV is Logic in J Cole mixtape mode and honestly it’s some of the best Logic we’ve heard to date. In fairness however let’s remember that Kanye actually did the 'Last Call' record first, so in that respect in terms of inspiration it’s all fair game.


GoldLink ft Miguel - Got Friends

“She said… all of my bitches got friends, yeah” New visuals live from the DMV.


Lil Wayne ft XXXTENTACION - Don’t Cry

“But if heaven’s as good as advertised, I want a triple extension on my motherfuckin' afterlife, rest in paradise” Lil Wayne apparently didn’t know who XXX was and XXX didn’t know he’d ever be on this album, yet thanks to six degrees of separation the vocals were produced by 23N and then sent to Wayne’s connect in Ben Billions, and eventually the end result was the first track off the much delayed and long anticipated Carter V. Ultimately it came together nice and this track does more than just satisfy the hypebeasts.


Lil Wayne ft Nicki Minaj - Dark Side of the Moon

“Said I'll be waiting, I'll be waiting for you, on the dark side of the moon” Written and produced by Jonah Christian and Bloque this one is relatively catchy and has the potential to stay in your head for days. Ultimately a solid album cut for the strength of its production and chorus, highlighted by Nicki Minaj who’s able to showcase her versatility and range.


Lil Wayne ft Kendrick Lamar - Mona Lisa

“Ah, every day she wake up with a different color makeup, and a promise he gone take her to the movie and the mall, chillin' with the Laker, on the floor fourth quarter four minute on the clock Black Mamba with the ball” Produced by Angel “Onhel” Aponte and Infamous this collaboration is thought to have been recorded sometime in 2014, and ultimately if you love Kendrick and you love Wayne then this record will not disappoint. [If either are an acquired taste however… then this one might not be for you.]


Lil Wayne ft Reginae Carter - Famous

“Rich and famous, it's better to be rich and famous, message to my lawyer: 'don't let me make these bitches famous,' you know entertainers, sex, drugs and entertainment get so instantaneous, simultaneous, miscellaneous, party long and hard, and pray death is quick and painless” The first collaboration between Lil Wayne and his daughter is surprisingly one of highlights on the tape.


Lil Wayne ft Snoop Dogg - Dope ******

"Yeah, I grew up around dope ****** and cold killers, and most ****** was both, *****, two sport ******, I was no different from those ******, but I was chose *****” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Wayne smokes this record produced by R.I.O. & Camo that samples Dr. Dre’s classic Xxplosive, that of course was on the Chronic 2001 that featured the legendary Snoop Dogg, who complements Weezy F Baby well making this a very decent New Orleans/Long Beach California collaboration.


Lil Wayne ft Ashanti & Mack Maine - Start This Shit Off Right

“Smiled at my first kilo like a proud father, smiled at my first judge like I'll be out tomorrow, keep the Glock on 'em, All Eyez On Me, I had a Pac moment, this a Mannie Fresh beat and I go Pac on it” Produced by the legendary Mannie Fresh this is their first collaboration since the original Carter and apparently is one of the few records left over from the original Carter V. That version featured his baby momma Christina Milian, but that was years ago and you already know how Weezy F Baby please say the Baby keeps things moving.


Lil Wayne - Let It All Work Out

“When I seen Chilli at the Floyd fight, I almost asked her to creep with me, but I was young,and I held my tongue, but with that tongue I just keep spitting, so it all worked out” To close out the album Wayne is in introspective mode and moving forward this is the Wayne we need to hear more from. This is more like the Carter II Wayne who at that time was the greatest Hip Hop artist in the world.


Marc Anthony ft Will Smith & Bad Bunny - Esta Rico

“Hola, yes, it's the Prince, in an unmarked car with the tints, Marc Anthony with the new anthem, yeah I know it’s a lil' intense” This entire record is a flex even without the visuals that’s takes it over the top.


NAO ft SiR - Make It Out Alive

“Fall too deep, too deep to get outta here, too deep, too deep to get outta here, house burnt down, burnt down to the fucking ground, I don't even care now if I make it out” For those like myself just getting familiar, NAO is a singer from London who’s releasing her sophomore album Saturn this October, and even for it’s peculiar vocal pitch this is one of the breakthrough records of 2018.


Leon Bridges - If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)

“Live from the funk, it's hotter than Texas, right from the jump, you got my attention” It seems as if they’re going to make a music video for every record on Good Thing, and to his credit Leon Bridges and his team at Columbia Records have sold tf out this album, with multiple television placements that are doing a great job in cementing Bridges mainstream appeal. Also to their credit, the choreography and production is done well.


Weezer - Africa

“It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you, there's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do, I bless the rains down in Africa, gonna take some time to do the things we never have” A cover of the Toto classic that’s been sampled and interpolated many times over, this is a good teaser for Weezer’s Black Album set to be released in 2019.


The Prodigy - Light Up The Sky

“Light up the sky, illuminate” I know you all remember The Prodigy… the British Electronic band that dominated the 1990’s during the last great era of all varieties of Rock & Roll, well sure enough, they’re back to remind you that nobody does the perfect movie trailer instrumental like they do <<< this will have your Kerasotes Theatre jumping in no time.

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